Different Types of Toilets – A Quick Consumer Guide

Toilets have gone through many transformations over several centuries, and the industry is still modernizing and changing. There are tall toilets, short toilets, white toilets, black toilets, smart toilets, corner toilets, and the list goes on. It’s the most used facility in our homes and needs to be comfortable and right for our bathroom. These are the different kinds of toilets that you should know about before buying one.

What Are the 4 Different Types of Toilets?

Here, we have listed the most popular toilet types which will help you to know which toilet will be perfect for your bathroom. Let’s start!

1.  Two-Piece Toilets

white two piece toilet

Two-piece toilets come with a separate tank and bowl that are later attached together with bolts during installation. Installation of two-piece toilets is tricky due to their weight and size, and while cleaning a two-piece toilet seems easy, it can be more difficult than cleaning a one-piece. 

Two-piece toilets come in Comfort Height, which makes it easier for everyone, especially older people, to sit on them comfortably. It has a taller seat compared to the one-piece toilet. Since they are being used for a long time, they do not cost much as well.

Repairing them is quite easy and inexpensive. You can easily replace or fix individual parts of this type of toilet, which you can’t do with one-piece toilets.

  • Comes in separate parts, so transportation is easy.
  • The toilet tank and toilet bowl can be replaced individually.
  • Generally more affordable.
  • More options for height, style, and rough-in.
  • Difficult to clean the area where the tank joins the bowl.
  • The area in between joining parts can attract dirt, grime, and bacteria.
  • More likely to leak water from the tank when the rubber seal begins to damage.
  • Installation can consume more time.

2.  One-Piece Toilet

white one piece toilet

On a one-piece toilet, the tank and the bowl come as one individual structure. These have a sleek, stylish design and are easier to clean compared to two-piece toilets. Installation is also easy in comparison to a two-piece, but due to their weight, they may be tough to install.

Both one and two-piece toilet types have the same flushing systems and, therefore, use the same amount of water. Since one-piece toilets have fewer narrow openings, they are easier to clean, prevent dirt from settling in the crevices, and prevent the growth of bacteria. 

One-piece toilets are generally more expensive but are also more durable compared to the two-piece toilet. They have a compact design and are closer to the ground — perfect for smaller bathrooms. 

  • Great aesthetics. Becomes a great choice for modern houses due to a more sleek and elegant design.
  • Easier to clean and attracts less dirt & bacterial growth. Less need for maintenance.
  • Good for small bathrooms due to compact size.
  • More durability.
  • Low risk of water leakage problems.
  • Installation is easy due to less individual parts.
  • Cannot replace the tank and bowl separately. If the porcelain cracks then you need to replace the whole toilet with a new one.
  • Transportation and installation can be difficult due to its heavy and bulky nature.
  • More expensive in comparison to a two-piece toilet.
  • Has fewer rough-in options.

3.  Wall-Mounted Toilet


In wall-mounted toilets, the tanks are hidden inside the wall, so the bowl and the flush are the only visible parts. They are a great choice if you have less space in the bathroom. 

You can install these wall-hung toilets according to the appropriate height for you. Plus, due to the elevated design, the toilet does not touch the floor, making it easier to keep the area around it clean.

Wall-mounted toilets give your bathroom a modern and superior look. Unlike conventional toilets, you can place them anywhere you like in your bathroom near a proper water supply. These toilets provide more flexibility when you are upgrading your bathroom compared to a one-piece or two-piece model.

Of course, the sleek design comes with a cost. Wall-mounted toilets are more expensive and need more repairs than traditional toilets. Installing this type of toilet can be quite difficult. A wall-mounted toilet needs special mounts to prevent the wall from pulling out. You need to hire professional plumbers for the installation and repairs, which may cost you somewhere between $150 to $300.

  • Space saver, so a great choice for small bathrooms.
  • Easy and less cleaning.
  • Adjustable height.
  • Have great aesthetics and gives a modern look to your bathroom.
  • Hard to install.
  • Needs proper wall support. The wall should be strong enough to handle the weight of the toilet.
  • Hard to repair as the tank is hidden behind the wall and requires professional help.
  • More expensive than any other standard toilet.
  • Bolts may get loose over time.

4.  Smart Toilets

white smart toilet

A smart toilet is an advanced toilet that has many built-in features, giving you more comfort and ease of use. Not only are these types of toilets cool and really techy, but they will make your life a bit easier. 

Smart toilets are super cool toilets that are capable of many things, from playing music to flushing with just a touch. Of course, these super techy and comfortable toilets come at a great cost. They are very expensive compared to any standard toilet.

These toilets come with a lot of features that attract every buyer. Below are the most popular features:

  • Futuristic Flushing Process: You can flush without even touching the toilet. Intelligent toilets have sensors that activate the flushing mechanism. These sensors know when you have moved from the seat, or you can just wave your hand to flush in front of the sensor. If you have that one type of family member who always forgets to flush, then this type of toilet is perfect for you. This will also keep you and your toilet germ-free. The flushing system in the smart toilet also saves water. With the help of sensors, it only uses the right amount of water required after the use of the toilet. 
  • Seat Warmers: These toilets can warm the seat according to your preference. You won’t feel cold while sitting on the toilet seat, which would make using the toilet really easy and comfortable in cold weather.
  • Automatic Closing and Opening of Lid: On this type of toilet, the lid opens and closes by itself, so you don’t have to touch anything, leaving your hands clean and free of germs. 
  • Nightlight: If you want to pee at night, then intelligent toilets offer you ambient light in a dark environment. The light automatically comes on when you get near the toilet at night. 
  • Spray Adjustment: It also consists of an electronic bidet that allows you to adjust the spray pressure & water temperature.

Some Other Features of Smart Toilets Are Mentioned Below:

  • Air dryer
  • Self deodorizers
  • Remote Control 
  • Dual flush system 
  • Music system
  • Emergency flush during power outages
  • They are space-saving as they are small as compared to another standard toilet.
  • More hygienic due to touch-free nature.
  • Less usage of water, as they use the right amount of water during a flush.
  • Self-cleaning process.
  • Save money on using toilet paper
  • Expensive.
  • They use electricity, so they are not at all budget-friendly.
  • Requires more maintenance.
  • Repairing can be difficult and expensive at the same time.
  • Using them can be hard, especially for old people and kids because they might take more time to learn it’s processing.


These are some of the most popular toilet types. We all know that a lot of thinking is done while relaxing on the toilet. Therefore, a toilet should be comfortable for you and should complement your bathroom. Jokes aside, you should now be able to choose definitively which type of toilet best suits you and your family.

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