Top Kohler Best-Selling Toilets of 2022

Last updated: 3/22/2022

Kohler is one of the leading and affordable toilet brands, right up there with Toto and American Standard. Getting a high-quality toilet is very important. There are several brands on the market today, which can make finding the best toilet to suit your particular needs a little confusing. That’s why we’ve done the work for you.

Kohler is known for producing revolutionary and high-quality toilets. With Kohler, you will get a modern yet elegant design, high efficiency, more power, and more durability. All of these factors add up to make a top-quality toilet brand. If you want a toilet with a reasonable price and excellent features, then Kohler toilets are a solid buy.

With so many great features, it can be quite difficult to choose the best Kohler toilet. We have listed the top Kohler toilets for you that are budget-friendly and super-efficient.

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The Best Kohler Toilets – Reviews 2022

In this list of Kohler toilet reviews, we have reviewed each product based on its special features and weighed the pros and cons of each model. Finally, we included a quick guide that will help you to find the perfect toilet for you and your family.

We’ll be covering the following toilets:

  1. Santa Rosa
  2. Cimarron
  3. Highline
  4. Wellworth
  5. Memoirs
  6. Veil

Kohler Santa Rosa 3810

An all-around winner with a unique design.

Toilet TypeWater UsageDimensions (in.)MaterialSeat HeightWeight
One-piece, Elongated1.28 GPF27¾ x 18¾ x 28⅙Vitreous china16½ inches102 lbs

If you want a toilet with a luxurious and elegant look at a reasonable price, then the Kohler Santa Rosa toilet is a great choice. This one-piece toilet comes with an elongated bowl and a Comfort Height seat, which means it is ADA compliant.

This toilet only uses 1.28 gallons per flush, making it EPA WaterSense certified. It has a fully glazed trapway that prevents clogging and ensures the toilet is properly cleaned with a single flush.

This toilet is made from vitreous china, which not only gives it a glossy and elegant appearance but also prevents the waste from sticking. It also prevents the growth of any stains and odor-causing bacteria.

Similar to other top-tier Kohler toilets, the Santa Rosa’s flushing system uses AquaPiston technology, which boosts the water to shoot into the bowl. This makes the toilet super clean by clearing a large amount of waste at once.

We did a full test and write-up on a separate post. Read up more on the Santa Rosa with our review here.

The Kohler Santa Rosa “Toilets In The Wild” (learn about “In The Wild” photos here). This photo was taken in a restaurant bathroom.

“In The Wild”

Kohler Santa Rosa

Kohler Santa Rosa 3810 pictured at top

Kohler Cimarron 3619

All the bells and whistles you could want.

Toilet TypeWater UsageDimensions (in.)MaterialSeat HeightWeight
One-piece, Elongated1.28 GPF29⅝ x 19 x 28⅝Vitreous china16½ inches113 lbs

There are many variations of this toilet, but even the base model is an incredible toilet. The 3619 model is no exception to this. In fact, the Cimarron line of toilets are one of the best rated on the entire website. This is, of course, because it meets the criteria of “awesomeness” in most of our factors that we measure, but also because there are so many variations! There’s round, elongated, one-piece, two-piece, skirted, etc, and the Cimarron excels in each of these versions. It’s a hard toilet not to like.

The Kohler Cimarron is a two-piece toilet that has a great height. For those who face problems in using the toilet, the makers of the Cimarron line decided to increase the height to the top of the seat to 16.5 inches!

The Kohler Cimarron is a water-efficient toilet that only uses 1.28 gallons of water per flush, making it WaterSense certified.

By using a combination of AquaPiston technology, a canister flush valve, and a concealed trapway, this toilet provides a powerful yet quiet punch while flushing. This helps in preventing the clogs and keeping the toilet clean.

This elegant-looking toilet is made from vitreous china and comes in multiple colors, giving it a look that will match most any bathroom. The Cimarron fits most of the criteria for homeowners, which is why it’s one of the most popular toilets on the market. However, this particular model is a bit more expensive than most other toilet models.

One-piece toilets are generally more expensive, but as we mentioned, this model has several bells and whistles that bump up the price.

We did a full test and review write-up on a separate post. Read up more on the Cimarron with our review here.

The Kohler Cimarron “Toilets In The Wild” (learn about “In The Wild” photos here). This photo was taken in a hotel bathroom.

“In The Wild”

Kohler Cimarron

Kohler Cimarron 3619-96 pictured at top

Kohler Highline 3999

A powerful flush at a reasonable price.

Toilet TypeWater UsageDimensions (in.)MaterialSeat HeightWeight
Two-piece, Elongated1.28 GPF29¾ x 18 x 31¼Vitreous china16½ inches93 lbs

The Kohler Highline K3990-0 is one of Kohler’s best two-piece toilet models. Similar to the Cimarron, it comes with a variety of options and customizations to choose from. This increases the likelihood that your model will work well in your specific situation. With an effective flush mechanism and a sleek, portable design, this unit makes for an impressive two-piece toilet.

For any contractors or business owners, this is also a popular toilet used in commercial settings as well. This is largely because the toilet is reliable and budget-friendly.

It is engineered with the Class Five flushing system that releases water into the bowl with great force. This powerful flush system is aided by a large canister valve that sweeps water around the bowl to ensure every angle gets completely clean.

With its powerful flushing system, it keeps gunk from collecting on the walls of the pipe. The only downside of this flushing system is that it makes a somewhat loud flushing noise.

The Highline toilet also uses a water pressure of 1.28 GPF. While this pressure isn’t as powerful as that of older 1.6 GPF toilets, it is enough to provide the powerful flush you need.

This model is Comfort Height and designed to provide users with the highest level of comfort possible. It is also engineered with a 3-bolt installation and three pre-installed tank bolts to save time and make installation easier.

We did a full test and review write-up on a separate post. Read up more on the Highline with our review here.

The Kohler Highline “Toilets In The Wild” (learn about “In The Wild” photos here). This photo was taken in a showroom.

“In The Wild”

Kohler Highline

Kohler Highline K-3999 pictured at top

Kohler Wellworth 3577

Small and compact, no frills.

Toilet TypeWater UsageDimensions (in.)MaterialSeat HeightWeight
Two-piece, Elongated1.28 GPF30 x 18 x 29¼Vitreous china14½ inches86.3 lbs

The Kohler Wellworth is a midrange two-piece toilet that can fit perfectly in a smaller bathroom. This toilet is a little smaller than standard, but it is comfortable to sit on for most people. On a similar point, you should note that this toilet doesn’t meet ADA requirements of height, as the seat is only 14.5 inches tall. This may make it more difficult for elderly and disabled individuals to use this model.

The Kohler Wellworth flushes very well since it has a Class Five flushing system. This is a powerful flushing feature that makes your bowl super clean in just a few seconds. This technology helps you save up to 20% more water without affecting the performance.

It also includes a canister system flush valve similar to the Cimarron’s that features a 360-degree spray of water to clean the bowl. This system becomes more efficient with strong siphonic action and a trapway that is 2 1/8 inches, which is larger than the standard 2-inch trapway.

We did a full test and review write-up on a separate post. Read up more on the Wellworth with our review here.

The Kohler Wellworth “Toilets In The Wild” (learn about “In The Wild” photos here). This photo was taken in a showroom.

“In The Wild”

Kohler Wellworth

Kohler Wellworth K-3998 pictured at top

Kohler Memoirs 3817

Classy and slick.

Toilet TypeWater UsageDimensions (in.)MaterialSeat HeightWeight
Two-piece, Elongated1.28 GPF30.375 x 18.875 x 31.06Vitreous china16½ inches105 lbs

Another two-piece toilet from Kohler that looks amazing is the K-3817 Memoirs Stately toilet. This is a two-piece toilet with an elongated bowl. It comes with a Kohler height feature which means it has a similar height to a chair, making the sitting and standing process easier for everyone.

With the ideal shape of bowl, the ideal height, and a chrome trip lever, it is ADA compliant. Its water consumption is only 1.28 gallons, which saves a great amount of water. This feature makes the toilet WaterSense certified and allows for potential rebates on water bills.

The Memoirs Stately uses AquaPiston canister technology that cleans the toilet thoroughly with a single flush. This technology uses a strong siphonic system that increases the pressure and cleans the toilet while using less water.

The cistern of this toilet comes with an Insuliner tank lining. This reduces the condensation in the tank during times of high humidity. The power of the flushing system is not at all affected by the fact that it uses less water. The 2 1/8-inch glazed trapway helps complete flushing at the start, which increases the effectiveness.

We did a full test and review write-up on a separate post. Read up more on the Memoirs with our review here.

The Kohler Memoirs “Toilets In The Wild” (learn about “In The Wild” photos here). This photo was taken in a showroom.

“In The Wild”

Kohler Memoirs Stately

Kohler Memoirs 3817 pictured at top

Kohler Veil 5401

The Cadillac of toilets.

Toilet TypeWater UsageDimensions (in.)MaterialSeat HeightWeight
One-piece, Elongated.08 / 1.19 GPF26⅛ x 17¼ x 21Porcelain17 inches86 lbs

As part of the 2022 updated version of this post, we’re happy to include the Veil smart toilet. To put it plainly, the Kohler Veil is an epic toilet.

I’m not really sure where to begin. In addition to all the “normal” items like a Quiet Close seat and being a Comfort Height toilet, it has insanely awesome perks as well. Some of these include:

  • An automatic deodorization system
  • LED lighting that serves as a nightlight
  • Emergency flush setting so that you can still use the toilet during power outages
  • Adjustable bidet features like spray shape, temperature, position, pulsating and oscillation functions, and more.
  • Heated seat
  • Remote control to control wall display
  • Self cleaning function

Even though the Veil would qualify as a luxury toilet (with a price to match), the customers that have purchased this model have been overwhelmingly pleased with their decision.

From what we’ve seen in our in-person visits to look at the Veil, it’s the definition of sleek and minimal. In my opinion, there is no cleaner, sleeker, smoother looking toilet on the market right now (although the Kohler Karing is close). But I digress…

Most of what people have been pleased about have been just how comfortable the toilet is. Not just from a feel and cleanliness perspective, but how it fits into their bathroom. Many feel that it makes their bathroom. I can completely understand why.

From a functionality point of view, the Veil gets top marks as well. It’s a dual-flush toilet, which isn’t uncommon, but this model is also pump-assisted. Many times with dual flush toilets you won’t even be able to get all the liquid waste down because there’s so little water. However, even with the 0.08 flush, the pump-assisted function will work wonders with getting all the waste taken care of without additional flushes.

Installation is reported to be easier than I would have thought. Many homeowners were able to get the Veil installed on their own, which is often not the case for smart toilets.

The Kohler Veil “Toilets In The Wild” (learn about “In The Wild” photos here). This photo was taken in a showroom.

“In The Wild”

Kohler Veil Smart Toilet

Kohler Veil K-5401-PA-0 pictured at top


How much does a Kohler toilet cost?

Kohler toilets come in different price ranges depending on the style. Typical floor-mounted Kohler toilets will cost you anywhere from $250 – $600. Specialty toilets like wall-mounted and intelligent toilets toilets can cost between $900 – $4500.

Which Kohler toilet is the most popular overall?

The short answer is the Santa Rosa. It has, by far, the most positive reviews of any Kohler toilet out there. It is consistently the most popular, best selling toilet on any site that you can buy it on. Including Kohler’s own site.

All that said, the Wellworth and the Highline get honorable mentions for also being good sellers.

The ToiletsMan Verdict

So, where does this leave us? By analyzing the many features of each toilet, testing many of these toilets, and speaking to actual owners, we have finally found the winner. Actually, two winners…

For great performance, good design, and a reasonable price, we choose the KOHLER SANTA ROSA (full review here). It is affordable, which makes it stand out from others, and perfectly fits in every bathroom, from modern to classic, due to its sleek and strong design. The super-efficient flushing system makes it more in demand among the customers. It is very easy to maintain, and its installation is also simple. 

But, for the absolute best toilet that Kohler has to offer, we would choose the Veil. The reason we’re choosing two toilets here, is because the price point of the Veil is simply out of reach for most consumers. It’s an expensive toilet, but it falls short in none of the categories we looked at. It has all the functionality, AND all the bells and whistles. You can’t get much better that the KOHLER VEIL.