Saniflo Toilet Reviews – Full Comparisons

While not a newcomer in the toilet industry, Saniflo is quickly becoming one of the leading brands, particularly for macerating electrical toilets. These toilets work well in existing and newly redesigned bathrooms that may require too much work on the plumbing system to make traditional toilets work flawlessly.

By using their macerating chambers to almost disintegrate waste, Saniflo’s upflush toilets can dispose of effluent and greywater in virtually any direction, which allows for leeway in terms of positioning.

Saniflo Toilet Comparisons

We reviewed the top four picks and have shared our recommendation should you need more help deciding. We’ll focus on the following popular toilet models:

  1. Saniflo SaniAccess2
  2. Saniflo SaniAccess3
  3. Saniflo SaniBest Pro
  4. Saniflo SaniCompact


A water-saving pro.

Designed to comfortably operate in a half-bathroom, at 15 feet under the sewer line, the ½ HP SaniAccess2 is a powerhouse when it comes to upflush macerator toilets. The model is a combination of porcelain, plastic, and metal.

While the bowl and macerator chamber are porcelain, other components of the system are made from various other materials. Still, the toilet is durable, and the material profile helps lower the overall weight.

This unit comes with the toilet included, which allows for a quick and simple installation. Along with pumping effluent up to 15 feet vertically, the SaniAccess2 system can do so at up to 150 feet horizontally – impressive given its 1/2 HP.

Like many models in the Saniflo lineup, the SaniAccess2 unit consumes very little water thanks to its superior efficiency in breaking down waste. The standard operating cycle doesn’t last more than 12 seconds under optimal flow conditions.

It can be a money-saver in half-bathrooms but also in full bathroom applications.

Despite its decibel rating, the SaniAccess2 might be slightly noisier than many of its counterparts.

What’s really great is its water-saving capabilities. The slightly stronger pump gives the SaniAccess2 enough oomph to upflush higher and further while maintaining a water consumption on par with that of the company’s compact models.

Saniflo SaniAccess2 with pump pictured

Pros and Cons of the SaniAccess2

  • Only 1.0 GPF
  • WaterSense certified and ADA compliant
  • Fits in tight spaces
  • Somewhat inconvenient cleaning


A water-saving pro.

SaniAccess3 macerating toilet

The SaniAccess3, albeit pricier and larger than its predecessor, it’s a very powerful unit. It does a great job of breaking down waste and easily flushes 15 feet vertically and 150 feet horizontally.

On top of that, the SaniAccess3 model can connect to multiple bathroom fixtures, thus improving the waste and greywater disposal across the board. In addition, the expertly designed non-return valve prevents backflow at the discharge elbow, and the compatibility with a two-way air vent system makes this unit compliant with plumbing codes.

One of its defining design features is the two easy-access service panels. This makes accessing the electrical panel a breeze while also making the cleaning process more convenient. No other models in this list have a service panel dedicated to the macerating bowl.

Compared to other units, this one does consume a bit more water. However, it’s designed for heavy usage bathrooms, and the higher water consumption can be a good thing – it may prevent clogging in the long run and increase the time between scheduled cleaning and maintenance.

Real SaniAccess3 customer quote: “Lots of options, especially when you’re in a tough spot.” – Sharon Totherow, homeowner

Saniflo SaniAccess3 with pump pictured

Pros and Cons of the SaniAccess3

  • Multiple fixture connections
  • Two access panels
  • Reliable pump and motor
  • Higher than average water consumption

SaniBest Pro

Hit me with your best shot.

The SaniBest Pro toilet comes with a 1 HP pump and grinder blades that rotate at a maximum of 3,600 RPM. The pump makes the disposal system both water-efficient and powerful. To put it mildly, it can take almost anything you’re going to throw at it.

Ideal for various full bathroom applications, the SaniBest Pro can be installed 25 feet below the sewer line. Additionally, it can easily eject waste up to 150 feet horizontally without making too much noise or using a lot of power.

Another interesting design features is its compatibility with other bathroom sanitary fixtures. For example, greywater from showers, washing machines, and other sources can feed into the unit’s base.

Naturally, such an installation is often more complex and may require additional customization to fit the plumbing scheme. But it still makes the SaniBest Pro a versatile modern electrical toilet that can increase the disposal efficiency of all bathroom fixtures.

In fact, the Sanibest Pro is great for remodels like a granny/garage/basement unit. The difference between the SaniAccess series and the Sanibest Pro is the grinder on the inside, while the SaniAccess’ have a macerator. This model has a grinder blade which can handle more than just toilet paper and human waste. It can handle tampons, sanitary pads, condoms and other sanitary products. That makes it ideal for a full bathroom in a kids play area, or an AirBnB situation.

Furthermore, unlike other Saniflo lineup models, this unit features a vent connection compliant with plumbing codes. Conveniently designed, the SaniBest Pro model also boasts a service panel that makes it easier to access the electrical components.

On paper, the SaniBest Pro toilet system offers a bit of both worlds – sufficient power in a regularly sized package.

Real SaniBest Pro quote: “The fact that the product takes a one-inch discharge line makes it a pretty basic rough-in,” he says, “That’s probably my favorite feature of the Sanibest Pro.” – Joe Hall, Master Plumber

Saniflo SaniBest Pro with pump pictured

Pros and Cons of the SaniBest Pro

  • Powerful 1-HP pump
  • Easy-access electrical panel
  • Accepts connections with other fixtures
  • Low water consumption
  • Can be louder than other models


Minimum water, minimum space.

Sanicompact toilet in half bath

The SaniCompact model is one of the most popular Saniflo toilets on the market. Due to its compact build, it can fit in virtually any bathroom much easier than traditional toilets. It works particularly well in half bathrooms, garage conversions, and under stairways.

Its electrical flushing mechanism performs admirably and increases the water efficiency of the toilet. However, the electrical mechanism also means that the SaniCompact is dependent on having a nearby power outlet. This may not be a standard electrical configuration in most homes.

One of the reasons it boasts a smaller frame is integrating the pump and electrical grid underneath the toilet’s base. While it solves placement and fitting issues, it makes the model’s engineering and plumbing slightly more complex. Plumbers can easily install it, but the average homeowner might encounter problems with a DIY installation.

Combining technologies like the macerating pump and an electrical timed flushing mechanism enables the Saniflo SaniCompact to use minimum water. In addition, using the toilet is easy enough, given the dual-flush button.

Another advantage of using the SaniCompact in half-bathroom installations is the rotating discharge elbow designed to fit any configuration. Powerful enough to flush the effluent vertically up to 9 feet and horizontally for 120 feet, with a gravity fall, the SaniCompact is a superior choice to most modern toilets – especially when floor space is an issue.

But it’s worth pointing out that maintenance can be somewhat difficult given the complex design.

Real SaniCompact quote: “I haven’t had any problems, and we use the SaniCompact almost daily to make sure it’s operational. My guests love having it.” – Dino Gregorich, homeowner

Saniflo SaniCompact pictured

Pros and Cons of the SaniCompact

  • Great for small spaces
  • Powerful upflush system
  • Highly efficient
  • Difficult to manage in solo installations
  • Harder to clean and inspect

Final Thoughts and Recommendation

Saniflo’s lineup of toilets can modernize any bathroom, big or small. In addition, it allows for vast plumbing customization options due to easily working without gravitational assistance.

If you don’t mind the extra bit of noise or the potential need for an additional bathroom outlet, it’s not a big hassle to install one of these units. The only possible downside is that Saniflo macerating units are designed to work with Saniflo toilets. Therefore, the replacement job might be pricier if you don’t have one.

With that said, these models might be similar, but they’re certainly not all equal. So while you can find a Saniflo toilet ideal to solve a unique set of problems, why not choose an option that can work well in any environment?

Out top pick is the Saniflo SaniAccess2 model for several reasons. First, it’s more compact than its larger and more powerful counterpart yet offers the same 15 feet vertical expulsion and 150 feet horizontal soil stack compatibility. Furthermore, while it lacks extra fixture connections, it still allows for a bathtub-and-sink combo to dispose of greywater.

It also makes a strong case due to only using around one gallon per flush within the same 10 to 12-second standard operation.

In addition, the noise level is acceptable, and the easy-access panel for the electrical system should make both maintenance and installation a lot easier.

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