Kohler Corbelle – Full Toilet Review

I’m a sucker for a skirted toilet, there’s no doubt about that. So, naturally I made a point to seek out the Corbelle and do a review on it!

The ToiletsMan went to a Kohler showroom to get a feel for this model, and we weren’t disappointed. It’s one of the few toilets that actually looks just as good, if not better in real life compared to in the product pictures.

Kohler Corbelle

Classy and skirted.

What People are Saying

As it turns out, I’m not the only one that enjoys a skirted toilet. Much of what I’ve seen other people saying online has been about the look and design of the toilet. No surprise there. Mostly comments about the skirt itself and the classic handle.

Additionally, there were several comments about how easy the toilet it to install. This is great to know, as installation can be somewhat of a headache.

What We Like About the Kohler Corbelle

The Corbelle is a great example of a toilet that has the best of the “normal” things, and has it all combined in one toilet. For example:

  • 2.125 inch trapway
  • ReadyLock installation
  • Revolution 360 flush technology
  • 1.28 GPF
  • 17 inch seat height
  • and on and on…

None of these things are rare, or would be considered out of the ordinary to be included in a good toilet model, but the Corbelle has better-than-average of all these items when compared to other models.

The Dimensions

The measurements of the Corbelle are pretty standard, with the exception of the Comfort Height seat, which many other toilets don’t have.

  • Rough-in: 12 inches
  • Trapway: 2.125 inches
  • Height: 31.5 inches
  • Depth: 29.375 inches
  • Width: 16.375 inches
  • Seat height: 17 inches
  • Flush: 1.28 GPF


Kohler has thought about the DIY installation with many of their toilet models. They know this is a common need, and have designed many of their toilets to reflect that need.

With the Corbelle, the installation is easier than normal because of the skirt. The bulk of the installation work is just putting the pieces together. The wax ring, flanges, trapway, etc all needs to be fitted together first, then the toilet placed over the trap itself. Kohler’s ReadyLock system takes a lot of the guess work out of installation. See for yourself in the video below:

ReadyLock toilet installation video

Flush Strength

The Revolution 360 flushing capability help make the Corbelle a star at waste removal. Additionally, this works in tandem with the glazed trapway to allow waste to pass through a smooth environment and not get stuck.

There isn’t a dual flush version of the Corbelle. However, the single flush is already low, coming in at 1.28 GPF. This makes it WaterSense certified according to EPA standards.

The Corbelle has a perfect MaP score of 1000, and it’s easy to see why when you put all these things together.

Trapway Size

The bigger the trapway or the discharge passageway in the toilet, the easier it is for waste to clear the bowl. Trapway sizes are often 2-inches in diameter, but the Corbelle has is slightly larger at 2.125 inches. It may not seem like a big difference, but it is. It could be the difference between having to use a plunger or not!


In keeping with the theme of “extra” the Corbelle is an ADA-approved toilet. This distinguishment is reserved for toilets that have a seat height between 17-19 inches. The rim of the bowl on the Corbelle comes to 16.5 inches, so most any seat would push this measurement to the necessary 17 inches.

Unless there are very young kids in the house, this is a feature that most anyone would enjoy. It’s much easier to use a toilet that’s 17 inches, vs a standard height of 15 inches.

Design and Construction

I know I’ve mentioned the skirt several times already, so instead I’ll just say: the overall design. But seriously, the design of the toilet has been really transformed by just the skirt and the chrome handle.

The downward-facing chrome handle is a nice touch, and has been used on several Kohler toilets to give them a touch of classiness in the design. This handle version can be seen giving a aesthetics boost to the Tresham and Kathryn models as well.

If I’m being overly critical, however, I will also say that a skirted toilet loses a little bit of its luster if it isn’t a one piece. In my opinion, the biggest appeal to a skirted toilet is the minimal and elegant feel by hiding the trapway. Part of this “feel” is lost when that smooth skirted design is broken up by a tank that isn’t flush with the bowl portion of the toilet (the one-piece Memoirs toilet is a good example of this).

Bells and Whistles

I can’t stress this enough: the Corbelle is a great example of a toilet that has the best of the “normal” things. There isn’t a single big thing that stands out as a gamechanger, or novelty. Instead, it’s all the best, normal things that make the Corbelle a heavy-hitter. From the ReadyLock function, to the Revolution 360 flushing technology. Add everything up and you have a strong toilet that can handle most any job.

The Kohler Corbelle “Toilets In The Wild” (learn about “In The Wild” photos here). This photo was taken in a showroom.

“In The Wild”

Kohler Corbelle

Where the Kohler Corbelle Toilet Could Be Improved

From a technical point of view, there has only been once semi-consistent issue with the Corbelle. Apparently many people have mentioned that there is a dripping sound that consistent. If true, that would certainly be something that would be worth weighing in your purchasing decision, but it’s also something that can be easily fixed.

Perhaps another area of improvement would be to create a model version that’s a one-piece. My personal preference is to always have both versions, but that’s not always practical.

The ToiletsMan Verdict

Unsurprisingly, we would absolutely recommend this toilet when you’re on the prowl for another toilet.

While the price is slightly above average, the value is very obvious. You’re getting great technology, a comfortable experience, and an elegant design for less than $600. That combination isn’t always available in the same toilet, but it is with the Corbelle.

Happy hunting!

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