Best Toilet Brands in the Market You should Trust

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First of all, you need to get acquainted with the best USA toilet brands. This list will ease the burden of finding a trusted toilet Company and you will find just what you are looking for. This list will answer all your questions on which Toilet Brand you should pick before buying one. The below listed bathroom fixtures companies have flushing toilets which can be fitted in any restroom.

Some of the toilets of these brands are expensive but you can still found toilets at an affordable price from these companies.

Top 7 Reputable Toilet Brands

1. American Standard

When Standard Sanitary Manufacturing and American Radiator merged in 1929 it became one of the top companies for lavatory manufacturing in the United States. It offers a large selection and they possess the latest advancements installed. For instance, they offer Townsend Champion Elongated toilet that is “plunge free” it never clogs. And, well another bonus is that they are easy to install and even easier to clean.

They provide water-conserving toilets that would never lower the performance quality. Your readability is guaranteed with their industry-leading warranties.

As the leading plumbing manufacturer in North America, American Standard produces stylish, high performing toilets. Their products and services cover both commercial and residential customers.

In 2013 LIXIl Corporation purchased American Standard, a global firm for building products. In 2015 American Standard falls under the LIXIL Water Technology unit.

The LIXIL Water Technology unit is the largest leader in the world for sanitary ware. It doesn’t operate only in the USA but it operates in 50 countries and manages 50 facilities for production.


While American Standard is one of the first in the USA, TOTO is one of the first manufacturers for toilets in Japan. It has spread all around the world including the USA. It offers high-end toilets worldwide. This is because of even their lowest price toilet.

Why it is one of the best toilet manufacturers?

Because the toilets they produce almost never clog and they don’t need a lot of repairing. In addition, they are very quiet when it refills.

What are the features of TOTO toilets?

You can choose from the toilet flushing system like dual max, E-max, tornado flush, power gravity, g-max, etc. the flush rate, different height, trapway type, and style. Also, they provide the toilets which are ADA compliant.

They also manufacture the toilet seats that also fit many other brands.

As you can see, TOTO really looks out for their customers and it is defiantly one great company that you should consider when searching for a durable, stylish and high-quality toilet.

It is the perfect option for homes that have lower water pressure. You won’t be calling a plumbing company to take care of any toilet issues because the great flushing system cleans the toilet perfectly. You will forget about repair and maintaining the toilet.

3. Kohler

Kohler was founded by John Michel Kohler in 1873 based in Wisconsin USA. This company has a high reputation for plumbing products and especially in toilets. However, the same company produces more than just plumbing products, they also are focused on generators, engines, tiles, cabinetry, and furniture.

It is the only company that produces iron cast bathtubs and also hand painted toilets and sinks.

Their new product line is known as Kohler Konnect that uses the smart connection with the bathroom products like shower valves, toilets, showerheads, mirrors, and bathtubs.

They have Wi-Fi capabilities and also voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home and supported by the Kohler Konnect app. Their platform is powered by the Microsoft Azure Platform.

In fact, since 1873, they have been improving the gracious living by the sanitary toilet with better flushing power, using vitreous china for better design and a lot more.

In addition, don’t forget about the seat. If you plan to replace the toilet or and get a new one make sure you get a new seat too. Especially if the toilet is 2 piece toilet like Kohler well worth. This type of toilet usually comes without a seat.

4. Saniflo

Saniflo was established in 1958. Their goal was to design toilet and other bathrooms, laundry and kitchen equipment that can be installed in any home without making higher remodeling done.

It come with pumps that are a very common part of homes that get the waste removed under the drainage line.

A Saniflo toilet is different from the regular ones. First of all, it macerates, it breaks up the water with a blade. The other feature is the flush power, the ability to flush the waste in its general waste system and not in the drainage.

So, if you want to get a toilet installed quickly, actually if you want to remodel your whole bathroom quickly, but you are not into removing flooring or walls then Saniflo is perfect. Plus it is the best brand if you want to install temporarily toilet.

5. Niagara

The story of this company started in a home garage, when Bill Cutler, the founder took the first step to grow a multi-million dollar company.

Even before water savings become popular this man had his head deep in worrying about wasting the only 1% drinkable water that the planet offers, especially in a flush.

It was so unreasonable to him that something like showerheads can waste so much water. His curiosity grew into building the best water saving showerheads.  In 1977 he developed his first Niagara product, showerhead.

Niagara are known for saving water, 0.8 gallons per flush, is definitely ultra-high-efficient toilet flush. Not just that. Even though their flush capacity is low the performance and the flushing power and durability of the toilet are high.

Their idea was pretty simple, create a toilet with a flush that doesn’t use a significant amount of water and yet deliver a quiet and powerful performance. The Stealth Technology patent guarantees noise-canceling tank and vacuum-assist to pull the water so that all the waste is cleaned.

You can easily choose different toilet bowl shapes and different size. This means there is a toilet available for any bathroom design.

However, if you still want to buy a toilet with amazing flush go for a standard and older company with more experience that offers a wide range of toilets; with water saving capability you will need to check Kohler.

6. Woodbridge

Woodbridge is a company based in California, it manufacturers bathroom and kitchen products for 13 years now. Most of the products have a lifetime warranty or 1-5 years.

But how is it possible to offer the best toilets with the lowest price?

Yes, I know that $350+ might not seem cheap, check price, but for the quality and features that the toilets have, it is pretty cheap. Most of them are one-piece toilets with an elongated shape.

They lead with their pricing because they ship directly from the warehouse to your home. So, they invest most of their money earned to focus on toilet manufacturing, transportation and less for their profit.

They offer different bowl design, a unique tank, and incredible flushing system and flushing power.

7. Delta Faucet

This company lives by three rules: innovations come from the human instinct, finding magic in the simplest solutions and transforming how people feel each day.

Not only toilets but also all of their products are also created with breathtaking designs and durability that will last a lifetime.

While most of the toilets flush capacity of 1.28 gpf, with fast fill and with different bowl shapes. I would say that American Standard and Delta toilet have similar features. But still, Delta has its own features that give this brand an advantage.

They have 3 special toilet designs that caught even my attention:

  • Nigh Light Seat
  • SmartFit tank with Toilet Bowl Connection
  • Preventing leaks with great Later design

Delta Faucet is definitely one of the best 7 toilet brands on the market.

Knowing what are the best toilet brands in the USA makes it easier to shorten your list when choosing the best lavatory for your bathroom.

Buying a Lavatory, or any other product from a company that is not widespread for its quality is always a risk. Why risking and spending double the money for your restroom when you can focus on only 7 lavatory companies to choose from.

In my opinion, I would stick to American Standard, Niagra and Kohler.

While if you are in a hurry or don’t want to do a lot of remodeling Saniflo is the best option for your restroom.

And still, if you can’t your perfect toilet there are Delta Faucet, Woodbridge and TOTO.

While American standard is a far more standard in design and function (still high quality), Kohler is better with the design. So if you want a better design you will need to skip the American Standard. I hope, I have answered your query about Whar are best toilet brands in the market.

What brand of toilet is the simplest to install?

KOHLER K-3987-96 Wellworth – Simple and fast installation. Following the simple instructions, you will be able to install it in 30 minutes. The foolproof and fast installation will guarantee you no-leak installation. You will only need to use a socket wrench without the need to bolt holes.

American Standard 2886218.021 – American Standard Brand is definitely one of the easiest brands to install. It takes 15 minutes to install and lighter compared to the other brands. The plastic wrench that is included is very practical. However, the seat is not included.

So, I would go for an American Standard or Kohler. Easier installation, good design and great features for a lower price.

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