Toto Entrada – Full Toilet Review

Toto is known for its high-end toilets. But while many people have complained of their expensive offerings in the past, the brand now has a considerably low-priced unit. So if you’re looking for a quality two-piece toilet that won’t cost you a lot, you should consider getting the Toto Entrada CST244EF#01.

The Toto Entrada embodies a powerful flush system in a two-piece unit. It also boasts a sleek design, ADA-compliant height, and many other features that make it a solid choice. But don’t just take our word for it. Keep reading as we show you why we think this toilet might be an excellent choice for you.

Toto Entrada

What the Reviews Are Saying

Judging by the number of great reviews we found online, Toto clearly did a great job with the Entrada model. The part of this toilet that users like the most is its compact profile. Many also love the cotton white color. According to a user, this color is a much-needed break from the “designer colors” that have stormed the market lately.

The positive reactions towards this toilet model run the gamut. For some, it’s the great flush, while for others, it’s the great value. Regardless of the differences in the aspect that satisfies each user, a large percentage agree that the Entrada toilet is a good buy.

What We Like About The Toto Entrada

With the wide variety of toilet models and version variations that Toto has, it is quite daunting to pick out the distinctive features of the Toto Entrada. But with a careful look, we were able to single out its significant differences from other toilets as well as the common qualities every toilet embodies. First and most importantly, we look at the functionality. How efficient is it in doing its job? A toilet that doesn’t completely get rid of waste is not one worth considering in our books. If it can’t do that, why review it?!

Asides from the functionality, another feature we look at is the height and the construction. This helps interested users determine if it will be the right fit for them in terms of comfort. We also go over the bowl shape, the weight (if warranted), the price, and any additional features of the model that might interest a user. We’ve also included potential downsides of the unit to help you make a more informed decision.

The Dimensions

When it comes to the dimensions of this model, the only standout factor is the weight. Compared to many other toilets that commonly weigh up to 100 pounds or more, 76 pounds is very light in weight, thus making the unit easy to install. Here are the complete numbers:

  • Rough-in: 12 inches
  • Bowl rim height: 16⅛ inches
  • Trapway: 2⅛ inches
  • Depth: 28⅝ inches
  • Width: 15¼ inches
  • Height: 30 inches
  • Weight: 76 pounds


Like we mentioned before, this Toto model is super light in weight compared to many other toilet models. This makes it simple to install. Assuming you’re looking to install it on the ground floor, or even up a couple flights of stairs, you shouldn’t have much difficulty moving it alone. 

Another factor that makes this unit easy to install is the inclusion of accessories. The package comes with all the accessories required to assemble the bowl and tank. However, as is the case with most toilets, you’ll still need to purchase are the anchor bolts and wax ring you’ll use to mount it. A manual also comes with the unit to guide you through the installation. With this unit, there is no need to spend extra money on toilet installation unless you really want to. You can do it yourself without any hassle.

Flush Strength and Trapway Size

What truly makes a toilet is the strength of its flushing system. The TOTO Entrada model does not lack in this aspect. It uses a gravity flushing system that features an extra-large siphon jet to help remove waste. The E-max system aids the gravity-assisted system and facilitates complete cleaning of the bowl. Whether it is liquid or solid waste, all you have to do is press the handle once.

What makes it possible for this unit to provide a powerful flush with minimal use of water is its wide 3 inches flush valve. Together with the 2⅛ inches trap way, it works to ensure that even the biggest of waste is removed completely. With impressive numbers like these, it’s no surprise that the Entrada has a MaP score of 1000.


The Toto Entrada toilet is a Universal Height toilet. This means that Toto is taking into account the average height needed/preferred by users in most households. It also mean that it meets the ADA requirement of 17 to 18 inches from the floor to the top of the seat. Toilets like these are designed to give more comfort to a broad range of people.

When you add the toilet seat with the 16-⅛ inches height of this toilet, you can have a comfortable bathroom experience. It is ideal for older people and people with disabilities. Users who have issues with their bowels will feel a considerably reduced level of discomfort as their seat position is elevated.

Construction Simplicity

Toto really did a solid job with the design of this model. Its modern appearance and great style cannot easily be overlooked. The smooth lines give it an air of sophistication that properly accents toilets, while the minimalist look of the tank makes a bathroom look bigger. There is also the chrome trip lever that looks shiny and beautiful in its place. 

One other thing we love about the construction of this model is the material used. It is made of vitreous china that will last for many years. In addition to durability, the material also adds to the looks of the bathroom. Thanks to the sleek white finish, the unit looks elegant and blends into any aesthetics.

Super-low Noise

One of the features we love about the Entrada is its quiet operation. Despite how it removes waste entirely in a single flush, water is moved around the bowl in a low turbulence that results in very little noise. This way, you can freely flush without waking your neighbors.

Bowl Shape

In our opinion, toilets with an elongated bowl are the all-around best option for most households. For one, they usually have a larger area to catch waste and dispose of them. This helps them flush more efficiently. Secondly, they provide more comfort than round toilets. While elongated toilets are known to take up more space, this Entrada model manages to take up less space than the traditional elongated toilets. Yet, it is as comfortable as comfort height elongated toilets come.

This toilet unit is designed to transfer waste from the bowl into the wide 2-⅛ inches trap way when the flush is activated. Then, the waste is swept away with the pressure that comes with the flush. This process is made even smoother with the shape of the bowl interior that allows solids to slide out into the trapway smoothly.

All that said, if a round toilet is preferred, you can still get the Entrada as a round version as well. You’ll want the Toto Entrada CST243EF.

Water Consumption

The Toto Entrada toilet is also extremely efficient. It uses 1.28 gallons per flush, and with that, the entire bowl can be cleaned. Do you wonder how this toilet manages to flush efficiently when older toilets that use three to seven gallons of water per flush still clog? That’s because the E-Max flushing system works together with the large valve and extra-large trapway to move water around the bowl with enough force to clean the bowl at once.

When it comes to water consumption, this model is a great option. Just imagine how much you can save on water utility bills in a year!

Bells and Whistles

The Toto Entrada comes with some extra features that set it apart from many other models. One is its easy-to-clean nature. While the pressure that comes with the powerful flush does an excellent job of eliminating solids, the sleek finish of the bowl ensures no stain or mark is left in the bowl. For each flush, every waste and stain is removed so that there is no buildup. When there is no buildup, you are left with minimal routine cleaning.

Another extra advantage that comes with this model is that it is eco-friendly. Aside from the fact that it helps cut down water use, it also prevents many other negative environmental impacts.

We also noticed another benefit in the tank’s refill time. The tank holds about 3 gallons of water, but less than half of that amount is used in a flush. This means that you can flush back to back if the need arises, even though we doubt that you’ll run into that scenario.


When it comes to price, the Toto Entrada belongs to the class of the affordable. The unit retails between $250 and $340, depending on where you make the purchase and other options (round, color, etc). Considering the flush strength, quality material, sleek design, and overall value it offers, this is a great deal. Click here to check the latest price.

Where The Toto Entrada Could Be Improved

There is no product without its downsides. For the Toto Entrada, its weakness seems to be the lever. Some users have complained of a wobbly lever, while others complained that the lever of their unit started getting stuck in one position after a while.

The unit also doesn’t come with a seat. This is standard practice among sellers, but make sure you prepare in advance to order one separately. With the reasonable price of the toilet, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Final Word

With all the features it boasts of, it’s not hard to see that the Toto Entrada is a high-efficiency toilet that gives value. From flush strength to water efficiency to a delicate design, the model is everything a homeowner could look for in a toilet. So if you want an efficient toilet at a reasonable price, you don’t have to experiment much with other options — you are on the right path.

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