Glacier Bay vs. American Standard Toilets

Selecting a new toilet for your home can be a daunting task. There are a lot of available options to choose from, and all the industry-leading toilets seem to have some significant differentiator that makes them amazing. 

Considering price, durability, and all of the features of the Glacier Bay and American Standard toilets, our researchers thoroughly analyzed what you should know before making a decision between the two. We looked at reviews, sites of the manufacturers, and in some cases, “tested” out the toilets ourselves!

Both toilets are major leading brands in the industry. With remarkable designs, flushing technologies, great accessories, and a host of other mind-blowing innovations, both are good fits for your needs.

This in-depth review of both toilets will give you a comprehensive comparison of their features, price, warranty, and durability so that you can choose the best toilet for you.

Glacier Bay vs. American Standard Toilets Features Comparison

Material and Durability

Everyone wants a lasting, robust, and reliable toilet that they won’t have to worry about replacing annually. Both Glacier Bay and American Standard brands have proven to be durable, with remarkable ceramic and porcelain finishes that can last for several years. A toilet’s durability is determined not only by its material but also by how long it can last under… pressure. When it comes to those two things, these two brands are on top of the game.

The Glacier Bay toilets are made of ceramic and vitreous china. When it comes to the finish, many use Sanagloss which makes the surface smooth and dirt-free. The gloss prevents the need to use chemicals to clean the toilet. Stain resistance and easy cleaning are the major reasons why many manufacturers use Sanagloss for their finish. This finish helps keep your toilet clean and retain its sparkle without the use of harsh chemicals.

Glacier Bay toilets last longer without the thorough cleaning and scrubbing that most toilets need due to the accumulation of dirt and grime. As with the price point, which we’ll mention later, the material make-up of Glacier Bay toilets pushes it to be a front-runner in this category.

American Standard offers enamel-coated porcelain with an EverClean finish that makes it durable and lasts for many years. It is highly resistant to clogs due to the high flushing power, so it can last for several years. The efficient flushing system helps keep waste out of the toilet and prevents stain and odor-causing bacteria from accumulating in the bowl.

Flushing Technology

You surely don’t want to see any leftovers in the toilet bowl after flushing, which is why these brands have innovated their flushing game over the years. 

Glacier Bay toilets come with a powerful flushing system that has been proven to be effective through several tests. It features patented hydraulic technology that relies on the sudden release of a large volume of water from the tank. You don’t have to worry about your waste getting clogged. 

Additionally, it also reduces water costs since you use less water for flushing. Most Glacier Bay toilets come with a dual flush system with adjustable settings that enhance performance. 

The American Standard toilet has the VorMax Collection, which utilizes the cleanest flushing system ever. The VorMax Flush technology is very effective and flushes waste into the drain within seconds! Even the hidden parts that seem unreachable when cleaning are scrubbed spotless by the powerful water jet. This system is the best you can get and highly reduces odors and stains.


Keeping your toilet stainless and odorless may seem like a Herculean task, and you also don’t want a toilet that is an eyesore. Your toilet’s finish highly influences this factor.

Glacier Bay toilets come with Sanagloss, which makes them smooth and prevents the accumulation of waste and dirt. You only need to clean with a mild detergent to maintain a shiny look. This finish also prevents splatters, smearing of the bowl, and clogs in the drain. Many Glacier Bay models come in one-piece models. However, even the models that come in two pieces are up to the same quality. The model you choose really just depends on what you want. 

When it comes to cleaning, American Standard toilets are exceptional. With fully equipped Vormax Flush and hydraulic technology, getting rid of waste is made easy as it is flushed into the drain within seconds — even reducing the cost of water. Most models of the American Standard toilets come in one piece, such as the American Standard Town Square S Elongated, which removes all waste with one powerful flush.

Toilet and Bowl Types

Comfortability matters a lot when choosing the best toilet for your home, and for this reason, it’s essential to select a matching toilet seat that will provide the most comfort.

American Standard comes in several varieties designed for comfort. The bidet toilet seats offer the best in hygiene. With the tap of a button, the nozzle pops out, and you can clean up before wiping with tissue paper. If you want that soothing, clean effect after using the toilet, bidet toilet bowls are usually your best choice.

Glacier Bay toilets often come in one-piece models, making it easier to clean them and relieving stress about maintenance. Elongated and round-fronted bowl designs are standard. Round bowls occupy less space and are less expensive than elongated bowls.

Design and Colors

Choosing a colorful toilet seat isn’t a bad idea at all, and it may help add beauty to your bathroom. American Standard toilets offer toilet seats in a wide range of designs and colors, which come in appealing shades of burgundy, navy blue, and medium pink, among others. This is a creative way to make your bathroom pop!

Glacier Bays flaunts designs that are aesthetically appealing. They often boast fancier toilet handles and knobs. They also offer a premium flushing experience. In certain cases, the knobs can be used to control features such as heating, self-cleaning and warm drying bidet bowls, which are well included in the designs.

Price Difference

The price range differs between the two toilets. You’re undoubtedly getting the value for your money, whichever one you choose. American Standard Toilets cost between $150 to as high as $600, depending on the model.

Glacier Bay toilets aren’t too costly either. You won’t have to completely empty your pockets as you can get the Glacier Bay N2316 for as low as $125, a dual flush toilet with an elongated bowl. Both brands are budget-friendly, but you will want to check which one provides your specific preferences.


Buying a faulty product can be disappointing, and some companies won’t even collect a returned product. But thankfully, there is a return and warranty policy for both American Standard and Glacier Bay toilets.

American Standard provides a 5 to 10-year warranty on their products. It works so that buyers register their products online after purchase, and the company takes responsibility if any lapses occur before the time frame. More details on the warranty are available on their website

Glacier Bay toilets have a limited lifetime warranty for all products purchased with quality customer service in case of any defects in materials.


Setting up your toilet by yourself depends on the model. Some require technical know-how, so you may need a plumber to install it for you. Others come with installation guides and manuals you can follow for DIY procedures on installing the toilet seats, tanks, and drains. The parts are easy to assemble, and you can watch YouTube videos for instructions. The American Standard channel has several explanatory videos on any issue about the installation and maintenance of your toilet. Alternatively, you can hire a plumber to install your toilet if it’s a bit too much to deal with yourself.

Advance Feature Comparison

Glacier Bay

  1. Dual Flushing: Many Glacier Bay toilets come equipped with dual flushing technology. This gives Glacier Bay a bit of a step up when it comes to being eco-friendly while flushing away waste.
  2. Beautifully designed: If aesthetics are a big part of your decision, you can’t go wrong with Glacier Bay. They are some of the most unique, functional, and budget-friendly toilets on the market.

American Standard

  1. The VorMax Flush Technology: This jet-cleaning technology is tough to beat when it comes to comparing functionality with other toilets. This system helps reduce excess waste, stain, and odor in the bathroom.
  2. EverClean: American Standard has a powerful glaze on the toilet’s surface which prevents stain-causing germs and microbes to settle.

Top Picks for Glacier Bay Toilets

Most Unique Design: Glacier Bay n2420

This high-efficiency toilet comes with an elongated bowl, saving space and equally catering to your comfort. The Sanagloss finish helps to keep it dirt and stain-free. With minimal washing, the toilet stays clean without the use of chemicals. The flushing technology is superb as a push-button helps activate the flush.

It is a dual flush toilet, and the water that is dispensed will depend on the type of waste you want to flush. The gallons per flush (GPF) is between 1.1- 1.6. The Glacier Bay n2420 comes in a variety of designs that users can choose from. Prices range from $200- $300 on most sites. This is an excellent pick if you want luxury without breaking the bank.

Best Value for Money: Glacier Bay N2316 

This model comes in a round bowl design and has an efficient high-flush technology that ensures minimal water use. The unit’s GPF is 1.1 for liquid flush, and solid waste is flushed within seconds at 1.6 GPF. Built for ease of use and durability, it comes with a high-tech bidet seat that washes you, reducing your risk of germ exposure. Users can choose from a range of designs and colors like black, biscuit, bone, and plain white. Price ranges between $89 and $150.

Top Picks for American Standard Toilets

Top Pick: American Standard Champion One-Piece Toilet

American Standard 2034314.020...
359 Reviews
American Standard 2034314.020...
  • CLOG-FREE RELIABILITY: Large 4-in. flush valve for optimal power
  • EASY TO KEEP CLEAN: One-piece toilet has less seams and crevices
  • EVERCLEAN SURFACE: Inhibits stain and odor-causing buildup

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Retire the plunger to the closet because this exceptional toilet is clog-free! This toilet offers outstanding performance in its flushing technology. It will interest anyone who wants stress-free cleaning.

With the American Standard innovative VorMax Flush Technology, which flushes better than most other toilets, a powerful jet of water is released, cleaning all hidden spots that are hard to reach. A cleaner toilet bowl is ensured, and it leaves no splatters or marks behind. This helps to minimize water use. This is the best toilet if you’re looking for a unit that does not clog as the powerful flushing system leaves nothing in the drain. The GPF of this toilet is 1.6.

Easiest to Install:  American Standard H2Option 

American Standard 606CA002.020...
475 Reviews
American Standard 606CA002.020...
  • DUAL FLUSH FOR WATER SAVINGS: Choose conserving 0.92 gpf/3.5Lpf or a full 1.28gpf/4.8Lpf, both offering the power to effectively clear the bowl
  • DEPENDABLE PUSH-BUTTON OPERATION: Chrome actuator located on the lid makes it easy to choose the appropriate flush
  • IMPRESSIVE PERFORMANCE: Offers a powerful flush and water savings, in addition to the highest MaP (Maximum Performance) score of 1,000 grams, and WaterSense certification

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The prominent features of this toilet, as the name implies, are the full flush and water-saving options it offers. It has a dual flush system and helps conserve water. It is WaterSense certified, and the full flush is 1.28 GPF, while the conserving flush uses 0.92 GPF.

You will find it easy to install this toilet on your own. The toilet comes with preassembled parts, so it’s much easier to install the H2Option than it is with many other models.

Glacier Bay vs. American Standard: Which Should You Choose?

After a comprehensive comparison between the two toilets based on their designs, price, flushing systems, and durability, the American Standard is usually superior to Glacier Bay. With a wide range of technologies, including the VorMax Technology and bidet seats, it is a great choice. 

That said, you generally can’t go wrong with the Glacier Bay. It is also budget-friendly, strong, and offers excellent quality and good returns on warranty.

We hope this detailed guide has helped you decide the right brand between Glacier Bay and the American Standard.

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