TOTO Drake II Toilet Review

TOTO is known for producing innovative and highly efficient toilets, and the TOTO Drake II is no exception.

With its powerful flushing technology, the Drake II is one of the most popular toilet models in the market due to its effortless, yet highly functional design.

This toilet design is also one of the more economical choices from the TOTO brand which makes the TOTO Drake II one of the best- selling toilets in the market.

With its efficient cleaning system and ergonomic design, plumbers and professionals have recommended this two-piece toilet to be one of the best in the league.


  1. Universal Height: Being ADA certified, its universal height feature makes the toilet very convenient for people of all ages, including the elderly and the physically disabled.
  2. Double Cyclone Flushing System: This two-piece toilet features a double cyclone flushing system where the water makes a centrifugal 360-degree swirling motion and clears all the contents in the toilet bowl very effortlessly.
  3. Eco friendly: The Drake II toilet saves up to 20% water due to its 1.28 gpf powerful flush.
  4. 1-year limited guarantee: This TOTO product provides a 1-year limited guarantee with every purchase.
  5. Elongated bowl shape: The elongated bowl design makes this toilet very comfortable to sit on.


  1. Cleaning: As it is a two-piece toilet, there will be gaps between the tank and bowl which can be a little difficult to clean.
  2. Single flush: It isn’t a dual flush toilet so it will consume the same amount of water for every heavy waste and light waste flush.
  3. A little noisy: Some users have noticed that this toilet is a little noisy in comparison to dual-flush toilets.
  4. Expensive: It is one of the least expensive toilets among the TOTO toilet series, but still priced higher than basic single-flush toilets. Quality doesn’t come cheap!

What’s in the Box?

This product version includes the toilet tank to bowl gasket and toilet bolt caps with the left-hand chrome trip lever. The wax ring, water supply lines, toilet mounting bolts and toilet seat are not included with the product and must be bought separately for installation. It comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

Key Features and their Performance

Excellent Engineering Design

The Drake II is a two-piece toilet with an elongated bowl and a universal height feature. It also has a high-profile tank with dimensions measuring 28.8 x 16.5 x 29.4 inches which takes up less space than many toilets with an elongated bowl design. The toilet is ADA compliant due to its universal height feature and meets the EPA WaterSense guidelines as well. It has a standard 12-inch rough-in and has proved to be extremely durable continuously. 

This two-piece is made of sturdy vitreous china and comes in a variety of color selections which include cotton white, ebony, Sedona beige, Bone and colonial white. The toilet also has a choice for lockable lids to prevent any problems in the flushing mechanism.

Is it Water Efficient?

The Drake II features a 1.28 gpf powerful flush that conserves a lot of water in comparison to common toilets that use 1.6 gpf flushes which is the standard set by the government. This highly efficient toilet provides up to 20% in water savings.

It also meets EPA WaterSense standards as well. The only drawback with its single flush is that it consumes the same amount of water with every heavy waste or light waste flush. However, many don’t consider this a significant efficiency drawback, as the 1.6 gpf is already low for a toilet.

Does it has Power Flush?

toilet in large bathroom

Toto toilets never disappoint in providing the best flushing technologies with every product, and the Drake II is no exception. With its Double Cyclone flushing mechanism, this toilet clears all the waste in the toilet bowl with a single flush. This toilet has a very efficient flushing mechanism as the water enters the toilet bowl through the angled nozzles. 

It also includes a 2 1/8 inches wide trap-way that makes sure that the waste passes through the drain pipes smoothly without clogging. The powerful flushing mechanism lacks the ability of dual flushing, and has a somewhat loud flush noise. 

Is the Drake II Easy to Clean?

The Drake II performs to its level best by providing little to no clogging complaints or skid marks. It has a large 3-inch flush valve rather than a 2-inch industry standard which enables more powerful and quick flushes. This model includes the CEFIONTECT or SanaGloss feature from TOTO which is a layer of smooth glaze that prevents bacteria and particles from sticking to the ceramic of the toilet bowl and tank. But, as it is a two-piece toilet, there are some nooks and crannies between the bowl and tank which leaves space for dirt to settle in. This makes cleaning a little difficult. 

Is it Difficult to Install?

The installation of this toilet is incredibly easy as opposed to other complicated toilet models in the market. You need just a little bit of research and some handy tools for the installation process. It has a standard 12-inch rough-in that can easily be installed in enough bathroom space. Since it is a two-piece toilet, the Drake II isn’t very heavy so, it can be moved easily to the toilet location in parts. You’ll need to buy the toilet seat, wax ring and water supply lines for the installation. All you need is the instruction manual and you’re all set!

How much Drake 2 Cost?

The Toto Drake II isn’t as cheap as other standard two-piece toilets in the market, but still not considered expensive in general. Even so, this toilet design is a more economical choice compared to the toilets of other famous brands. This two-piece toilet provides a powerful flushing mechanism, water efficiency, and high-quality maintenance which proves it to be one of the leading toilets to invest in. Because of all these factors, it can range between $400-$500 depending on the bells and whistles you opt to include.

Advance Features

The Drake II features the Tornado Flush technology by TOTO. This feature provides a hole-free rim design with dual nozzles that produces a centrifugal 360-degree swirling action that helps in clearing the waste content in the toilet bowl more effectively.

It also includes the CEFIONTECT or SanaGloss finish which is a layer of very smooth glaze that prevents bacteria, mold and microbes from growing on the ceramic.

Toto Drake II toilet against wall


There are some limitations to this toilet like the loud noise and the lack of a dual flush. However, if it fits within your budget, the TOTO Drake II is the best two-piece toilet to invest in for your home. With its advanced features, color, and style options, it meets our expectations with its exceptional performance. All at a very reasonable price point.

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