Kohler Highline vs. Kohler Cimarron — A Full Comparison

You’ve researched the Kohler Highline and Kohler Cimarron, you like both of them, and now you’re having a hard time choosing one. This is common when two products are outstanding.

These two products have effective flushing systems as well as chic, contemporary designs that make them every user’s choice. But, which model is the best? One has to be, right?

To help you streamline your choice, we will provide you with a comparative guide on the features of these two amazing toilets. By the end of this read, you should have a clear idea of which to choose.

The Kohler Highline Snapshot 

The specific model we’ll be looking at is the Kohler Highline K3990-0. It’s one of Kohler’s best two-piece toilet models. It is engineered with a powerful single flush gravity system and an enclosed trapway that creates a strong siphon during flushing. With an effective flush mechanism and a sleek, portable design, this unit makes for an impressive two-piece toilet. Its Comfort Height feature uses a sitting system designed to provide users with the highest level of comfort possible.

The Kohler Cimarron Snapshot

The specific model of this Kohler Cimarron we’ll look at is the K-3619-96. It is a one-piece toilet model that delivers a fast and powerful flush. Due to a combination of AquaPiston technology, a canister flush valve, and a concealed trapway, this toilet possesses more cleaning power than the average toilet model. Designed carefully and with intention, this toilet combines style and function in the best way possible. It offers both aesthetics and convenience with its sleek, portable design and 17.5-inch ADA-compliant height.

Kohler Highline vs. Kohler Cimarron Comparison

Kohler Highline K-3990-0Kohler Cimarron K-3619-96
Toilet TypeTwo-piece, ElongatedOne-piece, Elongated
Flush TypeClass-five Gravity Flush, Canister FlushClass-five Gravity Flush, AquaPiston Flush, Canister Flush
Water Usage1.28 GPF1.28 GPF
MaterialVitreous ChinaVitreous China
Height17 inches17.5 inches
Weight93 pounds112 pounds
PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

Comparisons List

Let’s go over the features of the Kohler Highline and Kohler Cimarron toilet models. A thorough look into the similarities and differences will help you find which model is best for you.

Flushing Technology

This is the most important aspect of every toilet. While other features like design, material, and price do matter, the flush mechanism matters more since it determines how well the toilet works. It is also essential that a toilet uses a small amount of water during flushing. You don’t want an outrageous water bill, do you?

The Kohler Highline uses the Class Five flushing system that releases water into the bowl with greater force than a standard gravity-fed flush. This powerful flush system is aided by a large canister valve that sweeps water around the bowl to ensure every angle gets completely clean. 

The Kohler Cimarron uses the Class Five flushing system, too, but it has better flushing technology. It is engineered with AquaPiston technology, a patented flush engine that powers a fast and efficient flush. The unit also uses a canister flush mechanism that sweeps water around the bowl for a total flush.

Both of these models are single flush toilets. The heavy and thorough torrent with which the flush is delivered ensures all waste is removed from the bowl. All of this is done with a water pressure of 1.28 GPF. Unlike toilets that use 1.68 GPF, this unit conserves water and increases efficiency at the same time.

Material and Durability

If any toilet is made to last an eternity, it is one made with vitreous china. Kohler toilets are made with vitreous china, which makes them durable, non-porous, and easy to maintain. As long as you don’t use abrasive cleaners like a wire brush, you can rest assured that your toilet will stay intact for a long time.

Another feature we love about the Kohler Highline and Cimarron models is the fully glazed trapway. Unlike unglazed trapways that create friction, glazed trapways allow for a smoother exit of water and waste, reducing any risk of clogs. Considering how troublesome clogs can be, this is a significant advantage.

Even the trip levers of the units are made with intention. The polished chrome ensures that the surface is protected, and the lever stays shiny for as long as the product lives.


Both the Kohler Highline and Kohler Cimarron are easy to clean. They use canister flushes that facilitate the complete cleaning of the entire bowl at a flush. This ensures that there is no buildup of dirt, making the bowl very easy to clean. However, the Kohler Cimarron model is much more convenient to clean. Generally, one-piece toilets are super easy to maintain because of the lack of gaps and corners in their designs. Two-piece toilets, on the other hand, are designed with small nooks and crannies that can accumulate a buildup of dirt.

Design and Color

The Kohler Highline toilet has an elongated bowl. The elongated design is sleek and compact, making it an excellent option for bathrooms with style. The portable nature also provides more space and comfort. The Kohler Cimarron is also designed in a classic elongated shape. The versatility of the two designs makes them well-fitted for a wide range of bathroom decors.

Another design feature these two toilet models have in common is the positioning of the trip lever. They both use a left-hand lever flush that is easily reachable from the toilet seat.

The Kohler Highline and Cimarron toilets are produced in various colors. The Kohler Highline comes in white, black, biscuit, and almond colors. The Kohler Cimarron offers more colors — six colors, in all. You can find the unit in white, black, biscuit, dune, sandbar, and grey colors.


The two toilet models are floor-mounted, and their installation process is straightforward and can easily be done at home with a few instructions. The Kohler Highline is engineered with a 3-bolt installation and three pre-installed tank bolts to make the job easier and save time. The Cimarron model comes with installation bolts and caps for smooth installation, too. It comes with a foolproof installation system that reduces the risk of any leaking that usually occurs during installation.

While the two toilets are easy to install, we can say that the 93-pound weight of the Kohler Highline offers much more ease than the 112-pound Kohler Cimarron. Its lighter weight makes it easier for the average person to carry, even up a long flight of stairs.


Kohler understands that comfort is very important when using a toilet. The Kohler Highline and Cimarron models meet the ADA height standard of 17 to 19 inches. The Cimarron model has a 17.5-inch floor to bowl rim height, including the seat. This bowl height makes the unit comfortable to use by a wide range of people. Even people that experience discomfort in their knee, back, hip, and bowels find it easy to use this Comfort Height toilet.

The Kohler Highline model is also designed for comfort and ease of use. Standing at 17 inches off the floor from the top of the toilet seat, it has a Chair Height system that puts less strain on the body while sitting or standing.


Typically, one-piece toilets cost more than two-piece toilets even when they’re from the same brand. As expected, the Kohler Cimarron toilet is more expensive than the Highline model. The price difference is quite stark, but that’s because the quality of the unit is very high. The Cimarron model comes with many features and advantages for users, so if you have a huge budget, the high performance is worth the price tag.


We absolutely love warranties! Products that come with warranties are the best as you can be assured that any repairs or damages will be handled by the company. The Kohler Highline and Cimarron toilets both come with a one-year warranty.

Bells and Whistles

One extra frill we observed in the Kohler Cimarron model is the included seat. Many toilets don’t come with a seat — even the Kohler Highline doesn’t. This included seat saves you the extra costs of buying a separate seat. Also, as if just including a seat was not enough, Kohler chose to add one with a Quiet-Close and Grip-Tight function. Toilet seats with these innovative functions cost between $60 to $80 on the market, but you practically get one for free if you purchase this unit.

Our Recommendation

Considering the flush technologies and features, we can tell you that the Kohler Cimarron is far superior to the Kohler Highline. It does cost more, but it offers the best value for your money. You get a highly functional and well-designed unit that is guaranteed to last for years. 

However, if you have a constrained budget or prefer a two-piece model, the Kohler Highline model passes for a good quality toilet. It will deliver the flushing power you need and also complement your bathroom’s look.

That’s all you need to know about the Kohler Highline and the Kohler Cimarron. We hope that by now you can easily decide the model that suits your needs. What’s the need for the delay? Purchase your favorite toilet now and begin to enjoy the host of fantastic features that come with it.

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