Icera Toilet Reviews – Full Comparisons

People often think that the efficiency of a toilet is gauged by the amount of water it uses. The more the water, the better the flush, right? Well, Icera has proved that that theory couldn’t be more wrong. While the brand is not one of the most popular ones, they make some of the best toilet models in California and the United States in general.

Toilets with the Eco Quattro flushing system use 1.28 gallons of water per flush. As high-efficiency toilets, they remove waste by using water velocity instead of water volume. And due to this low amount of water they consume, they contribute to water savings and reduce water bills.

This system boasts an extra large 3 inch flush valve, rim jets, a large glazed trapway, and direct fed water jets.

What is an Eco Quattro Toilet?

After years of continuous innovation in toilet design and technology, Icera introduced the toilet models with the Quattro flushing system. These toilets were engineered to use 1.28 gallons of water per flush when the industry standard was about 3.5 GPF. Even after over 15 years, the technology is still top-notch, as many standard toilets today use 1.6 GPF.  

Despite the low consumption of water, these toilets deliver high-performance flushing. This gives it an edge over many toilet models on the market. Imagine enjoying a complete flush knowing you’re not worsening the shortage of water supply nationwide or contributing to any environmental threat! What a guilt-free advantage!

Icera Toilet Comparison

As you can see, the Eco Quattro technology is hard to beat. Icera has done a great job at combining various technologies in their toilets. They have a number of models built for outstanding performances. For a better understanding of the individual models, here is a detailed review of the best offerings.

In this comparison piece, we’ll be looking at 8 total toilets:

  1. Cadence
  2. Julian
  3. Muse II
  4. Vista II
  5. Riose
  6. Malibu II
  7. Cadence II
  8. Palermo II

Icera Cadence

Surprisingly compact, but still wonderfully functional.

Icera Cadence one-piece toilet 6270
Toilet TypeWater UsageDimensions (in)MaterialHeightWeight
One-piece, Elongated1.28 GPF27½ x 16 x 29½Vitreous China16½ inches120 lbs

The Icera Cadence C-6270 carries out high-performance flushing with its inbuilt Eco Quattro flushing system that lets it deliver powerful flushing without compromising on water conservation. While the bowl is elongated, this one-piece toilet manages to be so compact that it takes up even less space than most round bowl toilets. And of course, its height of 16 ½ inches makes it really easy to use.

Made of vitreous china, this toilet is crafted into a sleek design with well-defined lines and smooth contours that helps it blend into any bathroom decor. The simple, high-end design of this model makes a solid proof that Icera makes highly efficient toilets in beautiful bodies.

Icera Cadence C-6270 pictured

Pros and Cons of the Cadence

  • Comes in both White Gloss, and Balsa color variations.
  • Sleek and minimal design, and can still fit in many smaller bathrooms comfortably.
  • The quiet flush mechanism and quiet-close seat help you do your business without disturbing the rest of the house.
  • It is WaterSense certified.
  • One of the more expensive toilets on the list.

Icera Julian

Great at removing debris, and even comes with a seat already. What more do you need?

Toilet TypeWater UsageDimensions (in)MaterialSeat HeightWeight
One-piece, Elongated1.28 GPF29½ x 17½ x 29⅛Vitreous China16½ inches100 lbs

This toilet combines aesthetics and comfort without leaving efficiency behind. Its classic elegance is not unnoticeable; neither is its flushing power. With a style that blends well into different bathroom environments, the Julian model offers exceptional performance.

Featuring Icera’s Eco Quattro flushing technology, the 1.28GPF facilitates total flushing with little water. While most toilets on the market stay at 350 grams of the MaP flush test, this unit clears over 1000 grams!

The flushing performance of this unit combined with its oversized 2⅛ inches trapway makes clogging all but impossible. It is indeed a good buy. When you buy it, you don’t have to worry about getting an extra seat. It comes with one, and not just any seat — a premium silent close seat.

Icera Julian C-2320 pictured

Pros and Cons of the Julian

  • Due to the absence of gaps between the tanks and bowl, the Julian will be much easier to clean.
  • It comes with a limited lifetime warranty so that costs of damages are handled by the company.
  • Comes with a premium soft-close seat.
  • As a one-piece toilet at 110 lbs, the installation process may be difficult (and perhaps costly).

Icera Muse II

Feature-full and a sleek, updated design.

Toilet TypeWater UsageDimensions (in.)MaterialSeat HeightWeight
One-piece, Elongated1.28 GPF27½ x 15½ x 29⅜Vitreous China16½ inches112 lbs

Icera is known for producing toilets that come with simple elegance, and the Icera Muse II doesn’t fall short of that. The sophisticated elongated design is matched with high-quality and durable Vitreous china that promises durability. Unlike many toilets that require separate purchases of seats, this unit comes with a comfortable soft-close seat that has a quick release feature for easy removal during cleaning. 

The Icera Muse II provides exceptional performance with a high-quality flushing system that is built to impress. Its gravity flush and EPA water sense technique work together to facilitate an effective flush with only 1.28 gallons of water. It also has a fully glazed internal trapway that helps pass the waste properly, thus preventing clogging.

Icera Muse II C-6690 pictured

Pros and Cons of the Muse II

  • This model includes a handle with a polished chrome finish.
  • This updated model includes several additions: a side mount lever, Rimless Wash, and MicroGlaze-the stain resistant toilet glaze.
  • It’s a bit on the expensive side.

Icera Vista II

Easily maintained toilet, with a clean skirted design.

Toilet TypeWater UsageDimensions (in.)MaterialSeat HeightWeight
One-piece, Elongated1.28 GPF27½ x 15 x 28 ⅛Vitreous China16½ inches110 lbs

Icera’s Vista II is a gravity flush masterpiece that utilizes the brand’s Eco Quattro flushing technology to get rid of waste efficiently. At a flush command, the tank floods the bowl with 1.28 gallons of water, sweeping around the bowl with full force to ensure total removal of waste. The water pressure is also strong enough to scrub the bowl so that there are no residual stains. And with the 2⅛ inch trapway that prevents clogging, the toilet is certainly easy to clean and maintain.

Like other products on this list, this unit blends well with every bathroom decor, from modern to transitional. Even though the bowl is elongated, it manages to be fairly compact. This way, it is not restricted to large bathrooms. As long as you have a 30-inch nook in your bathroom, it works.

Icera Vista II C-2620 pictured

Pros and Cons of the Vista II

  • The rimless wash feature helps the toilet stay clean and hygienic.
  • Can fit into smaller, compact spaces even though it’s an elongated bowl.
  • With so much new technology having gone into this model, the price point is understandably higher.

Icera Riose

Suitable for basically any type of bathroom, and also boasts a powerful flush.

Toilet TypeWater UsageDimensions (in.)MaterialSeat HeightWeight
One-piece, Elongated1.28 GPF28¾ x 17½ x 28Vitreous China16½ inches105 lbs

Sharing some similar qualities as the Julian model, the Riose C-6200 toilet offers exceptional performance, comfort, and a beautiful exterior in one package. Using Icera’s Eco Quattro flushing mechanism, the flush this toilet provides is efficient and yet water-preserving. With an oversized 2⅛ inch trapway, you can rest assured that your toilet will not get clogged.

One of the most exceptional features of this model is its quiet flush mechanism. It beats us how it clears over 1000 grams of waste with no noise! Combined with a silent close seat, the whole block doesn’t have to be disturbed by your bathroom business, especially at night.

Icera Riose C-6200 pictured

Pros and Cons of the Riose

  • The combined use of a siphon jet and fully glazed trapway ensures a smooth flush without leaving stains and debris behind.
  • This model is available in both Gloss White, and Balsa colors.
  • The package comes with all the accessories you need for a DIY installation. All you need are basic home tools.
  • We noticed multiple complaints of the seat itself being loose and moving back and forth.

Icera Malibu II

A compact, space-saving toilet that stills has all the bells and whistles.

Icera Malibu II Two-Piece Toilet in Bathroom
Toilet TypeWater UsageDimensions (in.)MaterialSeat HeightWeight
Two-piece, Elongated1.28 GPF27½ x 16 x 30 ⅞Vitreous China16½ inches110 lbs

There are plenty of positives to find in this updated model’s spec sheet. The biggest deal is that it is 30-50% more efficient than most toilets on the market. Its combination of Icera’s Eco Quattro flushing technology and Rimless wash made sure of that. So when we tell you that this unit is capable of clearing over 1000 grams of solid waste with 1.28 grams of water, you better believe that.

If you’re wondering what the rimless wash feature means, just picture large twin jets at the back of the toilet bowl with an open rim. These jets prevent the collection of grime under the bowl, hence facilitating powerful cleaning and better hygiene.

With all the efficiency it packs, this model is not lost on design. It is crafted into a sleek and compact profile that enhances the look of any bathroom regardless of individual style.

Icera Malibu II C-3250 pictured

Pros and Cons of the Malibu II

  • This model has a 100% factory testing performance.
  • A premium, “silent close” toilet seat is included.
  • The unit has a chemical-resistant flapper that virtually eliminates the risk of tank leaks.
  • Slightly more expensive than some of the other Icera models.

Icera Cadence II

Easy cleaning, skirted, yet extremely powerful and efficient.

Icera Cadence II Two Piece Toilet in Bathroom
Toilet TypeWater UsageDimensions (in.)MaterialSeat HeightWeight
Two-piece, Elongated1.28 GPF28 x 16 x 31½Vitreous China16½ inches110 lbs

With an impressive performance and notable water efficiency, the Cadence II is one of the best of Icera’s two-piece offerings. This toilet packs up to 50% more efficiency than most standard toilets and is engineered to facilitate powerful flush and total cleaning. Its 2⅛ inch trapway is larger than industry standard and, as such, does a more effective job when it comes to the prevention of clogging.

Asides from its effectiveness, this two-piece Cadence unit is a beauty on its own. Embodied in a sleek profile with graceful curves, it is sophisticated and serves a solid accentual purpose in any bathroom style.

Icera Cadence II C-3170 pictured

Pros and Cons of the Cadence II

  • The unit can easily be installed over existing floorboards in the case of remodeling.
  • Its quiet flush mechanism and silent close toilet facilitate quiet use.
  • The skirted trapway makes for exceptionally easy cleaning.
  • The compact elongated bowl will be slightly small than standard elongated toilets.

Icera Palermo II

Built for silence and efficiency.

Toilet TypeWater UsageDimensions (in.)MaterialSeat HeightWeight
Two-piece, Elongated1.28 GPF28 x 17⅜ x 31¾Vitreous China16½ inches90 lbs

A good toilet should be able to clear solid waste without using too much water, and that’s what Icera’s model is mainly about. While it offers a unique and sophisticated design, the aesthetics don’t tamper with the job. This high-efficiency toilet is really capable of flushing up to 1000 grams of waste.

A big headache that comes with toilets, in general, is clogging. But with a toilet that has a large 2⅛ inch trapway that is glazed to pass waste smoothly, you can go on with your day knowing that you won’t ever have to stress over unclogging your toilet. You don’t even have to stress over installing it in the first place. It comes with an installation guide and accessories to make a DIY installation easy.

Icera Palermo II C-2250 pictured

Pros and Cons of the Palermo

  • 9 x 7 inches surface area prevents water spills during use.
  • It includes a toilet seat and cover with slow-hinges that aid silent use.
  • Installation is easier as you can move the bowl and tank separately.
  • It is WaterSense certified.
  • It might be harder to clean due to the residue of dirt that is usually between the tank and bowl.
  • As a two-piece toilet, it is slightly more likely to break and leak.


Our Top Picks

Icera Cadence One-Piece

Icera Malibu II Two-Piece

All the above models provide excellent service, yes, but one has to be the best, right? Considering the specifications and the pros and cons, we would say the Icera Cadence C-6270 is our number one choice. This unit ticks all the boxes in our rating criteria, providing what we think is a perfect combination of function, innovative design, and comfort. It also manages to meet WaterSense standards while achieving a stronger flush than most toilets on the MaP scale.

If you want maximum advantages from your toilet, you sure will get it from the Cadence model. However, if you prefer the idea of a two-piece model or you’re looking to spend less, we recommend the Malibu II C-3250.01. It also passes our criteria test and will do an excellent job of ensuring your toilet is always clean after use. Just trigger the flush trip lever, and all the waste will clear up.

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      Hope that helps!

  1. Do you know if the Cadence II or the Malibu II (both 2 piece toilets) can accommodate a Blaux Cleanse non-electric bidet?

    • Hi Irene! Unfortunately I’m not sure about this. If you contact Icera I’m sure they can help you though, they’re customer service is pretty good.


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