Toilet Installation – How Much Does It Cost

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Are you planning to install a new toilet in your home? Before you do this, it is good to know the estimated costs so that you should be ready to incur. This will allow you to set a suitable budget according to the type of toilet you would like to install. In this guide, we have explained some of the important things you should put into consideration when setting a budget for a new toilet.

You will learn the costs of installing the different types of toilets, labors costs among other important things. This one is a comprehensive guide and we hope that you will take advantage of the information we have shared. Let us start with the different types of toilets and their differences.

Toilet Installation Costs

Labor Toilets are not hard to install but the pipe should be in good condition. During installation, you will be required to set a new wax ring around the pipe and then place the toilet. You should ensure that you have connected it well to the water supply. The whole process may take 1-2 hours at a rate of $45-$65 per hour.

This means that the installation cost would be between $45-$130 or $90-$100 on average. However, you need to note that these costs do not cater to the valves and the supply lines. If you will require to install a new waste pipe, the installation costs will be higher.

You should follow the following steps during installation.

  • Turn the water off
  • Drain the existing toilet and then disconnect
  • Replace the wax ring seal
  • Inspect the flange for wear or damage
  • Set and connect the new toilet

However, you need to be very careful because the following problems may occur during installation though these problems can be prevented by hiring a professional plumber.

  • Unexpected leaks
  • The toilet may wobble if the flange has a crack
  • Poor caulking may cause leakage
  • You may be unable to replace a flush valve

Waste Pipe Installation – In some instances, the waste pipe of an existing toilet may have some problems which means that you have to replace it. In other instances, you may require to relocate the waste pipe in a new location. As a result, the installation costs may be a bit high. Installation takes 6-8 hours at a cost of $45-$65 per hour. The pipe costs $150 which means that you will need a total cost of $420-$670.

Toilet Installation Cost In USA

The costs of installing a toilet normally depend on the cost of the toilet plus the labor cost. The first thing you should do is to determine the type of toilet you would like to have. To make your work easier, you need to check the style, bowl shape, flushing capabilities and height of the toilet before buying.

The other thing is the costs you will require to pay a plumber and amount of time you require to get the job done. Ensure that the plumber you have chosen meets the following requirements if you want to get value for your money.

  • Must have a license
  • Should be working in a business that has been operating for at least 10 years
  • Should have experience in installing toilets and doing repairs
  • Agrees to sign a contract with terms
  • Offers a warranty of at least 1 year

Most plumbers normally charge per hour but the price varies in different cities in USA as explained below.

Florida– The total costs of installing a toilet in Florida ranges from $300-$800. Installing a toilet requires 2-4 hours and a professional plumber can charge you up to $500 for those hours.

New York – The cost of installing a toilet in New York varies from $600-$900. This means that the average costs should be $750.

Idaho –The costs of installing a toilet in Idaho is around $450.

Mississauga– The average of installing a toilet in this city is around $179.

Irrespective of your city, the total costs of instating a toilet in USA are as follows.

  • National average cost- $355
  • Average – $255-$399
  • Maximum cost -$1000
  • Minimum cost -$120

Popular Toilet Brands

Best Trusted Toilet Brands in the Market
You can learn more about Toilet Brands in USA

1. Toto – These ones comes in different designs. They also come with eco-friendly options and an advanced flush technology. Their prices range from $200-$1000.

2. American standard – Toilets from this company come in different colors. They also come with different flush technology. Their costs range from $100-$400.

3. Kohler – These toilets are available in different suites. They also come in different designs and colors. Their prices range from $100-$800.

4. Eljer –These toilets are available in different colors and advanced flush technology. You can also get corner toilets from this company. Their price range from $100-300.

Enhancements You May Need To Add

  • Self-cleaning toilet – These are very easy to clean but they are a bit expensive. You can get them at a cost of $500.
  • Heated toilet – These ones fit perfectly in many toilets. They may come with extra features like self-closing lids and bidet wash. They are very affordable and you can get them at a price of $100.
  • Smart toilet – These toilets come with advanced features such as MP3 players, inbuilt bidet and self-closing lids. Smart toilets cost about $1000.
  • Urinal – A urinal is a great addition to your bathroom. A urinal costs about $200.
  • Bidet– A bidet is installed together with the toilet. It is a great accessory which allows you to use the toilet water without efficiently. Bidet costs about $1000.

Types of Toilets

Toilets may look similar but they are different types of toilets as explained below.

1. Gravity fed toilet ($100)

These ones are the most common types of toilets. As their name suggests, they use gravity and lots of water to pull waste through the pipes. They use about 1-6 gallon of water per every flush.


  • They are affordable
  • They do not use a stack line
  • Ideal in upper floors


  • Requires lots of water
  • Not friendly to the environment
  • Not suitable for use on the basement or ground floor

2. Vented toilets ($100)

These ones are also known as vacuum assist toilets. They push a gust of air through the vent pipe before opening for the waste. The gush of air then creates a vacuum which pulls the waste through the pipe. They are the best to install on the first floor. For them to work effectively, you need to install a slack line and it must exceed the height of the roof by at least 2 feet.


  • They are cheap
  • Does not use a lot of water
  • Very effective


  • Needs a slack line
  • Not very effective in the basement

3. Pressure assisted toilet ($250)

These types of toilets usually use street-pressurized water which pushes the waste through the pipe. They are used in areas where water must travel up such as in basements. If you prefer a quiet toilet, these ones are not the best because they are a bit noisy.


  • Efficient
  • Ideal for basements


  • Very noisy
  • Requires a wide tank
  • Not friendly to the environment

4. Dual Flush toilets ($180)

If you want to save water in your home toilet, this type is the best. These toilets normally use a standard flush for solid waste and water-saving flush for liquids. They use two buttons instead of a lever. You can find the two buttons at the top of the tank and this allows you to select the type of flush you would prefer. 


  • Eco-friendly
  • Provides different flushing options


  • Not many styles to choose from

5. Waterless toilet ($900)

These ones are unique toilets in that unlike the rest which uses water, these ones normally use organic compounds to remove the waste which you can use to fertilize non-edible plants. These toilets are very common in outdoor areas and RVs. They are suitable for homeowners who prefer a greener option.


  • You can install it anywhere
  • Eco-friendly


  • Not easy to maintain
  • Expensive

6. Macerating toilets ($600)

These ones are the best in areas where you don’t have a traditional waste pipe. Unlike others, macerating toilets cuts the waste into small pieces and after that, they push them away. You can install them anywhere and use pipes or tubes on the wall instead of using a standard waste pipe.


  • Doesn’t require a waste pipe
  • You can install it anywhere


  • Expensive
  • Few styles

7. Double-cyclone toilet ($500)

These ones are also known as the self-cleaning toilets. They normally use a jet which rotates the water through the bowl in a cyclone movement. The water cleans the bowl and then it pushes everything towards the exit. However, they are not easy to find.


  • Ensures that the bowl is always clean
  • Reliable flushing action


  • Expensive
  • Only few styles available

Shape of the Bowl

Toilets come with different types of bowls. It is worth mentioning that the comfort of the user may depend on the type of bowl. This may also determine whether the toilet will fit well on its space. Below are the common types of toilet bowls.

  1. Elongated bowls – These ones contain an extended oval shaped bowl. They are the most comfortable to sit on but they require more space.
  2. Round bowls – These ones have a round front and they do not extend far. They are not very comfortable but suitable for bathrooms with a limited space.
  3. Compact elongated bowls –These ones are not easy to find. They are smaller than the elongated bowls. They are suitable for small bathrooms.

Different Styles of Toilets

Toilets are available in different styles and colors to match the aesthetics of your bathroom. Below are the most common styles available.

1. One-Piece toilet – This one is a single molded piece which connects the bowl and the tank. It has a contemporary look and a shorter back.  One of the best things about one-piece toilets is that they are easy to clean and install.

2. Wall-hung toilets – These ones feature a carrier which is installed inside the wall where they hung. They have a contemporary design and their tank is normally concealed. These toilets are suitable for small bathrooms and contemporary spaces.

3. Corner toilet – These toilets come with a bowl but the tank normally extends to the corner. This allows you to install it in the corner to create space.

4. Stainless steel toilets– Just like the corner toilets these ones are not easy to find. Unlike others, this toilet is purely made of stainless steel to give your bathroom a modern appearance.  They are very easy to clean and maintain.

5. Plated toilets– These ones have a gold coating or any other precious metal coating. They are the most expensive but they give your bathroom a fantastic look.

Height of the Toilet

The height of the toilet refers to the height of the seat. The height of the back of the toilet or that of the tank depends with personal preferences. The three common toilets heights include the following;

Standard toilets – These usually have a height of 15 inches from the floor to the seat. They are the most common in many homes.

Comfort height toilets – These ones are the best for people with disabilities or the tall people who cannot use the standard height comfortably. Comfort height toilets are taller than the rest and they allow you to sit and stand comfortably. They come with a height of 17 inches.

Short toilets– These are normally for kids though they are not common. They have a height of about 12 inches.

Flushing System

Toilets usually flush in different ways.

Flapper system – This one functions by pulling a chain to lift the flap. This allows water to get into the bowl to remove waste.

Tower systems – This one use an enclosed mechanism which is very powerful when flushing.

Dual-flush systems -This one is operated by a pair of buttons which enables you to customize the flush.

Touchless flush system – These ones use two methods. The first one uses a sensor to detect the movements and activities. It opens the flush valve automatically once you stand up. The other method flushes the waste once you have closed the lid. This method doesn’t require a lever or an additional valve.

Toilet Installation Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Q: How much do plumbers charge to install a toilet?

Ans: A plumber will take 1-2 hours to install a toilet. Most of them normally charge $45-$65 per hour which means that the total costs would be $45-$130.

Q: How much do you require to move a toilet?

Ans: You will require about 8 hours to move a toilet especially when you need to install a new waste pipe. The total costs for the whole process would be around $12,000.

Q: How far should you place the toilet from the stack?

Ans: If your toilet requires a stack to vent, you should place it in line with the stack. You can also have place the bathroom beneath the line.

Q: Is it possible to re-use a toilet?

Ans: You can re-use a toilet if it does not have any leaks or if it is in good condition.

Q: Is it possible to remove a toilet temporarily?

Ans: You just need to loosen the bolts as you hold the flange on one side. Turn off the water supply and then disconnect. Remember to drain the toilet by flushing and then uncouple the bolts. You can now lift the toilet from the pipe. Put a rag into the pipe to prevent sewer gasses.

Q: How much does lowes charge to install a toilet?

If you are searching for a company that can help you to install a toilet in your home, Lowes is one of the best. The cost of installing a new toilet ranges from $425-$782 per toilet. However, this normally depends on the conditions of the site.

Q: Cost to replace a toilet rather than new install

The cost of installing a toilet is higher than that of replacing. This means that if it is possible to replace your toilet instead of purchasing a new one, you can save a lot of money. The price of replacing a toilet varies from $218 to $370. Experienced plumbers are a bit expensive.

Q: Home depot toilet installation cost

Home Depot is a well known company when it comes to installation of toilets. If you would like to use their services, you should be ready to pay a price of $125-$260 for traditional toilets. However, this price does not cover the price of the new toilet.

Q: How much does it cost to repair a toilet?

In most cases, a plumber will charge you between $50-$150 to replace a fill valve or a flapper. Replacing the shut off valve can cost you between $25-$50. You should also be ready to pay $50-$200 to get the wax ring fixed. The price will be a bit higher if additional repairs are needed.

The Bottom Line

We hope that after going through the article, you are aware of the costs you should be ready to incur when installing a toilet. It is advisable to look for a professional plumber who will not charge you a lot of money. However, the plumber must meet all the necessary requirements and must be certified for the job as we had mentioned earlier.

You also need to ensure that you are installing a high quality toilet. Failure to do this might lead to some serious problems during installation which might be caused by the poor quality of the toilet.

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