How Much Does a Toilet Installation Cost?

Are you planning to install a new toilet in your home? Before you do this, it is good to know the estimated costs that you should be ready to incur. This will allow you to set a suitable budget according to the type of toilet you would like to install. In this guide, we have explained some of the important things you should put into consideration when setting a budget for a new toilet.

You will learn the costs of installing the different types of toilets, like labor costs among other important things. This one is a comprehensive guide and we hope that you will take advantage of the information we have shared. Let us start with the different types of toilets and their differences.

Toilet Installation Costs

While prices can vary wildly, the average total cost of installing a toilet is about $425. This includes the average price of a toilet, which is $300, and one hour of plumber time based on the median hourly rate. This comes to $125 ($125 x 1 hour).

Toilet in bathroom

Toilets are not hard to install, but the pipe should be in good condition. During installation, you will be required to set a new wax ring around the pipe and then place the toilet. You should ensure that you have connected it well to the water supply. The whole process may take 1-2 hours at a rate of $45-$200 per hour.

This means that the plumber’s fees would cost between $45-$400. However, you need to note that these costs do not cater to the valves and the supply lines. Assuming you don’t have any complications with pipes needing to be installed, you can usually negotiate a flat rate with a plumber to install the toilet. For them, it isn’t a big job, and they already have a good idea of how long it will take.

You should follow the following steps during installation.

  • Turn the water off
  • Drain the existing toilet and then disconnect
  • Replace the wax ring seal
  • Inspect the flange for wear or damage
  • Set and connect the new toilet

However, you need to be very careful because the following problems may occur during installation. These problems can be prevented by hiring a professional plumber:

Waste Pipe Installation – In some instances, the waste pipe of an existing toilet may have some problems, which means that you have to replace it. In other instances, you may require to relocate the waste pipe to a new location. As a result, the installation costs may be a bit high. Installation takes 6-8 hours at a cost of $45-$200 per hour. The pipe costs $150, which means that you will need a total cost of $420-$1750.

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How Location of Your Toilet Will Impact Cost

The average price to install a toilet is $425, but it may vary depending on the location you reside in and the area of the house you’ll install it in. It also takes into account the totality of work required and the additional labor needed to complete the installation process. 

  • Cost to Install Toilet in Basement: The basement requires the entire plumbing and water supply lines to be fitted in to initiate the process of installing the toilet. This installation process costs around an average of $1695. Generally, the cost ranges from $1070 to $2400 considering the cost of the plumbing and toilet. If you already have a plumbing network set up in the basement, you’ll have to pay the normal average cost.
  • Extra Labor Cost: A lot of additional work is required after the installation process has begun. Additional labor can add to the costs by $800. 

Problems like leakages, clogging of the toilet, floor damages, cracks in the porcelain of the toilet bowl, faulty caulking, and gaps under the toilet that cause wobbling, etc, can increase your installation costs by a huge margin. Installers can often charge an extra fee of $50-$200 for carrying heavy toilets up long staircases. So, if you’re getting toilets installed in your second-story bathrooms, keep this in mind.

Cost To Move Toilet

Moving a toilet can cost up to $3000. Many homeowners pay from $2500 to $3500 to undertake the difficult process of shifting a toilet. Many plumbers take a huge fee as they’re the ones who will navigate the floor plan and move the drain and water supply lines.

Picking the Right Plumber for Installation

Choosing the right plumber is extremely important for the toilet installation process. If you choose well, you’ll pay a reasonable price, and the job will be done well with the necessary protections in place (like insurance) if something goes wrong.

If you choose poorly, you could not only pay an unfair rate, but incompetence could lead to damage to your home.

Ensure that the plumber you have chosen meets the following requirements if you want to get the right combination of value and protection:

  • Must have a license
  • Should have experience in installing toilets and doing repairs
  • Agrees to sign a contract with terms
  • Offers a warranty on their work

Most plumbers normally charge per hour but the price varies in different cities in the USA as explained below.

Average Plumber Hourly Rate by State 2021

These numbers reflect the average price of what plumbers make per hour, not what they charge. That’s a very important distinction to keep in mind.

That said, this should give you a good barometer of what plumbers make, and thus, what they will be charging.

How Much Do Popular Toilet Brands Cost?

Some toilet brands provide durability, advanced features, and performance with every toilet they manufacture. They’re very popular among residential applications, and we’re going to provide you with their price ranges and features.

1. Toto: These come in different designs. They also come with eco-friendly options and advanced flush technology. Their prices range from $200-$1000.

2. American Standard: Toilets from this company come in different colors. They also come with different flush technology. Their costs range from $170-$1600.

3. Kohler: These toilets are available in different suites. They also come in different designs and colors. Their prices range from $100-$800.

4. Eljer: These toilets are available in different colors and have advanced flush technology. You can also get corner toilets from this company. Their price ranges from $100-300.

5. Saniflo: Saniflo specializes in compact toilets that are eco-friendly and offers many designs as well. Their toilets range from a price of $300 to $1200.

Enhancements You May Want To Add

  • Self-Cleaning Toilet – These are very easy to clean, but they are a bit expensive. You can get them at a cost of $500.
  • Heated Toilet – These toilets fit perfectly in many homes. They may come with extra features like self-closing lids and bidet wash. They are very affordable, and you can get them at a price of $100.
  • Smart Toilet – These toilets come with advanced features such as MP3 players, inbuilt bidets, and self-closing lids. Smart toilets cost about $1000.
  • Bidet– A bidet is installed together with the toilet. It is a great accessory that allows you to use the toilet water efficiently. Bidets cost about $1000.

New Toilet Cost

A new toilet can be as inexpensive as $90 on the extremely cheap side, but it can go up to an astonishing $1500. Some standard toilets cost much less since they don’t provide the variety of features an expensive toilet might offer. Options in the market range from a normal two-piece toilet with a 12-inch rough-in to a superior toilet with a bidet and dual-flush technologies.

Cost of Toilet by Type


The different types of toilets on the market have contrasting prices. We’ve come up with the costs of the types of toilets that are popular among most residential and commercial applications.

  • Low-Flow: This toilet averagely costs around $510. It ranges from a price of $380 to $620.
  • Upflush: This toilet averagely costs about $950 and ranges from $600 to $1300.
  • Wall-hung/Mounted: This toilet’s average cost is $675 and ranges from $150 to $1200.
  • Dual Flush: This toilet averagely costs about $350 and ranges from $200 to $500.

The average cost includes the parts needed and the labor costs as well.

Toilet Bowl Cost

Generally, toilet brands offer bowl selections too. A number of toilet bowl selections are available on the market nowadays. Toilet bowls come in three bowl selections:

  • Round Bowls: Toilets with a round bowl fit perfectly in small bathrooms and en-suites. These toilet bowls are shorter in the front and not as comfortable as elongated bowls. A standard toilet with a round bowl costs about $100 to $300. 
  • Elongated Bowls: Elongated bowls are incredibly comfortable to sit on and have an oval-shaped bowl that extends longer and provides you with more room. They don’t fit perfectly in bathrooms with limited space. Instead, they need a big bathroom to function efficiently. Toilets attached to an elongated bowl are slightly more costly than normal toilets, so their cost ranges from $150 to $400.
  • Compact Elongated Bowls: A compact elongated bowl is a mixture of the bowl types discussed above and is a little difficult to find. It comes with the advantages of an elongated bowl, but it extends slightly less to provide more flexibility in small bathrooms as well. The price for a toilet with a compact elongated bowl ranges from $150 to $400.

DIY Toilet Installation vs Hiring a Plumber

You can save a little money by installing the toilet yourself instead of hiring a plumber to do the job, but this will require a lot of patience, strength, and knowledge about plumbing and fixing the supply lines.

Yes, it does cost more to hire a plumber, but it also ensures that the toilet is safely installed, and you don’t have to worry about leaks or damages happening any soon. Installing the toilet by yourself can lead to breakages and floor damage that will just add to your expenses.

Toilet Installation – FAQ

How much does a plumber charge to replace a toilet?

A plumber can charge up to $350-$375 to replace a toilet, which includes draining, disconnecting, and discarding the toilet. The cost also depends upon the location and how hard it is to install the toilet. Some plumbers charge an hourly rate fee, which can add to the expenses.

How much do plumbers charge to install a toilet?

A plumber will take 1-2 hours to install a toilet. Most of them normally charge $45-$200 per hour which means that the total costs would be $45-$400.

Is it possible to remove a toilet temporarily?

You just need to loosen the bolts as you hold the flange on one side. Turn off the water supply and then disconnect. Remember to drain the toilet by flushing and then uncouple the bolts. You can now lift the toilet from the pipe. Put a rag into the pipe to prevent sewer gasses.

How much does Lowes charge to install a toilet?

If you are searching for a company that can help you to install a toilet in your home, Lowes is one of the best. The cost of installing a new toilet ranges from $425-$782 per toilet. However, this normally depends on the conditions of the site.

What is the cost to replace a toilet rather than installing a new one?

The cost of installing a toilet is higher than replacing one. This means that if it is possible to replace your toilet instead of purchasing a new one, you can save a lot of money. The price of replacing a toilet varies from $218 to $370. Experienced plumbers are a bit expensive.

How much does Home Depot charge to install a toilet?

Home Depot is a well-known company when it comes to the installation of toilets. If you would like to use their services, you should be ready to pay a price of $125-$260 for traditional toilets. However, this price does not cover the price of the new toilet.

How much does it cost to repair a toilet?

In most cases, a plumber will charge you between $50-$150 to replace a fill valve or a flapper. Replacing the shut-off valve can cost you between $25-$50. You should also be ready to pay $50-$200 to get the wax ring fixed. The price will be a bit higher if additional repairs are needed.

Can a handyman install a toilet?

Only for extremely easy-to-install toilets. However, it isn’t really worth it to go this route because it’s likely that the same toilets that a handyman can install, you can too.

The Bottom Line

We hope that after going through this article you are aware of the costs you may incur when installing a toilet. It is advisable to look for a professional plumber who will not charge you a lot of money. However, the plumber must meet all the necessary requirements and must be certified for the job, as we mentioned earlier.

You also need to ensure that you are installing a high-quality toilet. Failure to do this might lead to some serious problems during installation, which might be caused by the poor quality of the toilet.

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