Gerber Toilet Reviews – Full Comparisons

Last updated: 3/24/2022

The toilet is one of the most essential pieces of sanitary hardware. Besides helping to prevent the spread of infections and dramatically improving indoor air quality, it can also enhance an area’s aesthetics.

But with numerous toilets available, finding the right one can be difficult. So to narrow down the choice, we’ll review five Gerber models and recommend the best one.

Gerber Toilets

We’ll focus on the following Gerber toilets:

  1. Avalanche
  2. Viper
  3. Maxwell
  4. Ultra Flush
  5. Logan Square

Comparison Chart

Toilet ModelToilet TypeWater UsageDimensions (in.)MaterialSeat HeightWeight
AvalancheTwo-piece, Elongated1.28 GPF29x17x29Vitreous china15 inches81.3 lbs
ViperTwo-piece, Elongated1.28 GPF30x17x29Vitreous china17 inches80.1 lbs
MaxwellTwo-piece, Elongated1.28 GPF30x17x28Vitreous china16 inches73.3lbs
Ultra FlushTwo-piece, Elongated1.0 GPF30x20x29Vitreous china17 inches102.5 lbs
Logan SquareTwo-piece, Elongated1.28 GPF28x18x28Vitreous china18 inches105.4 lbs

Gerber Avalanche

Easy installation + power.

Toilet TypeWater UsageDimensions (in.)MaterialSeat HeightWeight
Two-piece, Elongated1.28 GPF29x17x29Vitreous china15 inches81.3 lbs

The Gerber Avalanche is a two-piece toilet that operates conservatively (1.28 GPF/4.8 LPF) and delivers a solid performance. In addition, it comes with several high-quality components, such as a large water surface and a three-inch flush valve.

The manufacturer opted for the Fluidmaster 400A fill valve. It’s a durable solution that enables easy replacement.

The flapper is another Fluidmaster product. It can also last for quite a while and can be replaced relatively quickly.

Avalanche uses a double-nut tank-to-bowl mounting system for effortless installation. It doesn’t require any special tools and can be mounted extremely fast.

As previously mentioned, the toilet features a massive water surface (8×6 inches). Therefore, you can thoroughly rinse the bowl with each flush.

The Avalanche does have a notable flaw. Namely, it works great for flushing fluids, but solid objects may cause issues because the exit hole on the siphon tube has a small diameter and necks down at the flange. As a consequence, you may experience frequent clogs.

Gerber Avalanche GWS21812 pictured

Pros and Cons of the Avalanche

  • Durable fill valve
  • Double-nut tank to facilitate installation
  • Large water surface
  • Industry-leading flush valve to increase flushing power
  • Solid waste may bring about frequent clogs
  • The toilet seat is purchased separately
how to choose a toilet image

Gerber Viper

An all around winner.

Toilet TypeWater UsageDimensions (in.)MaterialSeat HeightWeight
Two-piece, Elongated1.28 GPF30x17x29Vitreous china17 inches80.1 lbs

The Gerber Viper is another excellent two-piece toilet. It comes with a dual-fed siphon jet to boost flushing force, thoroughly cleaning the inside of your bowl.

With a 16 and 3/8-inch ErgoHeight bowl, sitting on the toilet is easy and comfortable. The 12-inch rough-in model also has a three-inch flushing valve to improve the flow rate and flushing power.

It uses the same fill valve as the Avalanche. This Fluidmaster component facilitates reliable application and smooth replacement.

Regarding the flush rate, each one delivers 1.6 gallons of water. At this rate, you can lower your household’s water consumption and save money.

The metal tank lever is color-matched and features a sturdy brass arm. The item looks great and can complement virtually any décor.

All that said, the Viper has a couple of disadvantages. Primarily, the paint has a tendancy to chip off sooner than most other products. So within two years, you might see a chunk fall off the toilet.

In addition, the inner surface under the waterline isn’t ideal, as it allows solids to frequently stick. So, despite the excellent flushing power, you may need to clean this area regularly to prevent buildup.

Gerber Viper GWS21518 pictured

Pros and Cons of the Viper

  • Dual-fed siphon jet for greater flushing force
  • Comfortable seating due to ErgoHeight design
  • Three-inch flushing valve for enhanced flushing power and flow rate
  • Excellent fill valve and color-matched tank lever
  • Low-quality paint
  • Sticky underwater area

Gerber Maxwell

Light as a feather.

Toilet TypeWater UsageDimensions (in.)MaterialSeat HeightWeight
Two-piece, Elongated1.28 GPF30x17x28Vitreous china16 inches73.3 lbs

The Gerber Maxwell is one of the lightest toilets on the market. The bowl and the tank weigh just over 70 pounds, facilitating quick installation.

You also get a front-mounted tank lever that matches the color of the rest of the toilet. As a result, it should blend in nicely with other sanitary hardware.

Like the previous entry, the Maxwell toilet offers an ErgoHeight elongated bowl. In addition, it provides comfortable and accessible seating.

Furthermore, the Gerber delivers an excellent MaP score with this toilet. It stands at 600, meaning it performs well when removing solid waste.

Complementing the outstanding MaP rating is a polished trapway. The item is fully glazed to ensure clog-free waste removal and reduce the risk of backflow.

When it comes to the downsides, most have to do with the visuals. Even though the manufacturer describes Maxwell as white, the tone is slightly darker than most other white toilets. Thus, it may not create the desired aesthetic effect.

Another problem is the flushing performance. The flush valve is two inches wide, meaning it might take multiple flushes to remove solid waste.

Gerber Maxwell GWS21118 pictured

Pros and Cons of the Maxwell

  • Lightweight design to accelerate the mounting process
  • Glazed trap way to lower the chances of backflow
  • Front-mounted matching lever
  • Slightly darker than white exterior
  • Two-inch flush valve

Gerber Ultra Flush

Stable and long-lasting.

Toilet TypeWater UsageDimensions (in.)MaterialSeat HeightWeight
Two-piece, Elongated1.0 GPF30x20x29Vitreous china17 inches102.5 lbs

If you’re looking for exceptional durability, you can’t go wrong with Gerber’s Ultra Flush. The toilet is made of vitreous china and boasts a long lifespan that helps you avoid premature replacements. The material is also easy to clean.

Unlike most elongated bowls, this 12-inch model sticks out slightly in the back to provide you with convenient rear access. Even though it’s not wall-mounted, the toilet doesn’t take up too much space, as it’s 30 inches long and 20 inches wide.

Another great thing about this toilet is its stability. It’s connected to the tank via six attachments and can be tightened without tools.

Furthermore, you get an excellent flushing mechanism and plumbing system. The ultra-flush technique operates at 1.0 GPF and delivers the waste into a three-inch glazed trapway. Therefore, each flush should provide a clean bowl without clogging the hardware.

Additionally, Ultra Flush includes a non-sweating insulated tank. The tank has a lining to help prevent condensation during hot, humid summers due to cold water inside the item.

Although the toilet is an excellent all-around product, it would be even better if it included a seat. Instead, you’ll need to purchase the component separately.

Gerber Ultra Flush 21372 pictured

Pros and Cons of the Ultra Flush

  • Easily accessible to most people
  • Three-inch trapway to remove waste
  • Insulated tank to prevent condensation
  • The toilet seat isn’t included

The Gerber Ultra Flush “Toilets In The Wild” (learn about “In The Wild” photos here). This photo was taken in a coffee shop bathroom.

“In The Wild”

Gerber Ultra Flush

Gerber Logan Square

Performance and ascetics in one toilet.

Toilet TypeWater UsageDimensions (in.)MaterialSeat HeightWeight
Two-piece, Elongated1.28 GPF28x18x28Vitreous china18 inches105.4 lbs

The final toilet on the list also has a lot to offer. The Logan Square boasts rectangular layered angles to deliver a finish that can complement most sinks. In addition, the toilet is WaterSense-certified, guaranteeing optimal efficiency and performance (1.28 GPF/4.8 LPF).

Once installed, the toilet doesn’t require any modifications or extra components. It comes with a toilet seat to save you the hassle of buying it separately.

Regarding the rough-in, you get a standard 12-inch solution, and the toilet is ErgoHeight elongated. Like other toilets using this technology, it ensures top-notch comfort.

There are also sizeable dual-fed siphon jets to increase the flushing speed. They help ensure a cleaner bowl with each flush. Plus, the three-inch flush valve maximizes power and water flow.

A corrosion-resistant flapper is another nice touch. This Fluidmaster element helps prolong efficient operation and is easy to replace. Coupled with a two-inch glazed trapway, it dramatically lowers the risk of malfunction.

In addition, the toilet is pretty robust because it’s made of vitreous china. However, it’s rather heavy (around 105 pounds), which can complicate the installation. If you’re willing to pay a little extra, you can always opt for a plumber to install the toilet instead.

Gerber Logan Square HE-21-532 Bowl with HE-28-530 Tank pictured

Pros and Cons of the Logan Square

  • ErgoHeight adjustment to improve comfort
  • Ships with a toilet seat
  • WaterSense certified
  • Dual-fed siphon jet
  • Three-inch flush valve
  • On the heavier side

Gerber Standout Features

Gerber may not offer all premium toilets, but their models can be an excellent addition to your house. Not only are they budget-friendly, their products are made of reliable materials (e.g., vitreous china), meaning they’ll last for many years to come.

Even if you face some mechanical issues, they should be covered by the warranty. Of course, the number of years under your warranty varies, but Gerber guarantees most of their toilets will operate perfectly for 5-10 years. 

Another reason why you should consider Gerber is their ADA approval. The height of the bowls has been adjusted to accommodate all individuals, including people with disabilities. Their toilets also go easier on muscles and joints, increasing comfort.

Combine all of this with the reliability and reasonable price, you have a toilet brand that should put your mind at ease when purchasing.

Our Top Pick

All these Gerber toilets can be great picks for your home, but the final entry on our list is our favorite.

The Logan Square is built to last, featuring vitreous china and an anti-corrosion flapper to reduce malfunction. The flushing power is exceptional, and you get the ErgoHeight adjustment to maximize comfort. Plus, it’s shipped with a toilet seat, so you have all the components out of the box. The toilet is on the heavy side, but this shouldn’t be a significant setback.


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