Duravit Toilet Reviews – Full Comparison

Last Updated: 3/21/2022

Duravit has been making high-quality toilets in Germany and around the world for more than 200 years. The company is famous for collaborating with many of the world’s best designers to make bathroom fittings, fixtures, and furniture with incredible style and craftsmanship. Duravit is on a mission to create beautiful, functional, comfortable, sustainable bathrooms that will ensure your enjoyment and wellbeing for years to come.

The company’s toilets combine intelligent design and engineering, with incredible performance for the home bathroom and commercial and healthcare facilities.

Duravit is covered with their proprietary WonderGliss coating, a surface treatment baked into the ceramic and makes it resistant to dirt and limescale.

WonderGliss makes the surface smoother and more durable, so dirt and residue rinse away and make these toilets sanitary and easy to clean.

Duravit Toilet Comparisons

We’ll be focusing on four popular toilets from Duravit:

  1. DuraStyle One-piece toilet (2157010005)
  2. D-Code One-piece Toilet (011301)
  3. D-Code Wall-Mounted Toilet
  4. Starck 3 Wall-Mounted Toilet

Duravit DuraStyle

Sophisticated and skirted.

Toilet TypeWater UsageDimensions (in.)MaterialSeat HeightWeight
One-piece, Elongated1.6/0.8 GPF14⅝ x 28⅜ x 29Ceramic15¾ inches121 lbs

Designed by Matteo Thun & Antonio Rodriguez, the DuraStyle series expresses individuality without calling attention to itself. Instead, the DuraStyle toilet creates an ambiance, leaving space for your own expression, and blending harmoniously into nearly any space. 

The DuraStyle 2157001 one-piece toilet has a dual-flush capability, with a wide, long toilet bowl that is exceptionally comfortable. In addition, the WonderGliss surface finish keeps the toilet clean, sanitary, and attractive-looking for longer.

The Duravit’s DuraStyle one-piece toilet has internal connections, making the outside sleek and easy to clean, making installation slightly more complex than traditional 2-piece toilets. It comes in alpine white and does not come with a toilet seat. However, they are easy to find on the Duravit website, or Amazon.

An additional potential downside is that the toilet is a little big. Not just presenting a challenge for space, but smaller sized people may find it slightly uncomfortable.

Duravit DuraStyle 2157010005 pictured

Pros and Cons of the Durastyle

  • WonderGliss surface coating resists dirt and residue.
  • WaterSense certified.
  • Made with dual flush capabilities.
  • Skirted design gives off a wonderful, clean aesthetic.
  • Might be uncomfortable for very small individuals.
  • Installation is difficult, and will need either a professional installation, or two people that know what they’re doing.

D-Code (011301)

Simple, functional, modern.

Toilet TypeWater UsageDimensions (in.)MaterialSeat HeightWeight
One-piece, Elongated1.28 GPF28⅞ x 14 x 29⅛Ceramic16½ inches87 lbs

Duravit’s D-code series by Sieger design combines timelessly modern design with the highest functionality for people of all ability levels. This line of bathroom products can be used in private homes with a classic aesthetic or in medical and care facilities where care must be taken for sanitation and ease of access.

The D-code 011301 one-piece toilet has a large size that is easy to access, has an ADA-compliant seat height, and is available with Duravit’s antibacterial ceramic HygieneGlaze. 

HygieneGlaze coating is baked into the ceramic and prevents the growth of bacteria in and around the toilet. After 24 hours, 99.9% of bacterial growth is inhibited, making this an excellent option for people who need a cleaner, more sanitary bathroom. 

Duravit’s D-code 011301 one-piece toilet is spacious, comfortable, and classic. Unfortunately, it comes in alpine white and does not have a toilet seat or mounting kit, both of which need to be ordered separately from Duravit.

Duravit D-Code 011301 pictured

Pros and Cons of the D-code

  • WonderGliss surface coating resists dirt and residue.
  • WaterSense certified, and ADA compliant.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Light weight compared to many other toilet models.
  • Might be too large for certain bathrooms.

D-Code (wall-hung)

Minimal and suitable for DIY installation.

Toilet TypeWater UsageDimensions (in.)MaterialSeat HeightWeight
One-piece, Elongated 1.6/0.8 GPF15¾ x 21½ x 14CeramicUp to 19 inches44 lbs

If you prefer the ease, accessibility, and simplicity of the D-Code line in a wall-mounted toilet, consider the D-Code 253509 toilet. The wall-mounted version of the D-code line is compact, easy to clean, and even more sanitary with the optional HygieneGlaze that automatically reduces germs and bacteria on the toilet surface. 

In addition, the D-Code is a dual-flush, WaterSense certified toilet that saves water saves money, and is better for the environment. 

The Duravit D-Code toilet doesn’t come with the in-wall tank & carrier and actuator plate, but those can be easily found and purchased (tank, and actuator plate). You may also consider adding Duravit’s noise-reducing gasket for wall-mounted toilets.

Additionally, as is the case with most wall-mounted toilets, the D-Code is ADA compliant when mounted at that height. This models can accommodate a seat height of 19 inches.

Duravit D-Code 253509 pictured

Pros and Cons of the D-code

  • Available with HygieneGlaze coating.
  • WaterSense certified, and ADA compliant.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • If you’re handy, this can probably be installed without hiring a plumber.
  • We noticed some complaints about not being able to remove all debris successfully with one flush (even with an 800 MaP flush score).

Starck 3 (wall-hung)

Big technology, small package.

Toilet TypeWater UsageDimensions (in.)MaterialSeat HeightWeight
One-piece, Elongated 1.6/0.8 GPF19⅛ x 14¾ x 15¾CeramicUp to 19 inches53 lbs

Duravit’s decades-long collaboration with French designer Philippe Starck has created iconic bathroom fixtures and spaces. The Starck 3 series is sleek and timeless, focused on affordable designs with minimal space. 

The Starck 3 222709 wall-mounted toilet is compact, comfortable and uses Duravit’s patented Durafix wall-mounted attachment system for fast and easy installation that is completely concealed and invisible. The concealed installation and wall-mounted design make this toilet exceptionally easy to clean, and the compact size is perfect for small spaces.

The Duravit Starck 3 222709 wall-mounted toilet has a dual-flush system that uses less water and is also WaterSense certified and eco-friendly. 

In addition, it is available with Duravit’s optional HygieneGlaze for additional antibacterial power. The DuraFix installation system is included, but a compatible toilet seat needs to be purchased separately. You may also opt for the additional Durafix noise reduction gasket for wall-mounted toilets.

Duravit Starck 3 2226090092 pictured

Pros and Cons of the Starck 3

  • Simple, invisible installation with DuraFix system.
  • WaterSense certified, and ADA compliant.
  • Dual flush saves water and is eco-friendly.
  • DuraFix installation requires final mounting from beneath the bowl, which can be a challenge if it’s mounted low on the wall.
  • There were multiple complaints of debris left after just one flush.

Duravit Toilet Technologies

As with most brands, Duravit toilets use a wide range of proprietary techniques and technologies. Here are some of their standout features.


WonderGliss is a surface finish that is baked into Duravit toilets. The WonderGliss finish provides an extra layer of smooth polish and durability that resists stains, dirt, scale, lime, and residue, helping the toilets rinse clean for longer. WonderGliss also makes toilets easier to clean with a soft cloth and gentle cleanser for scrub-free durable shine. 


HygieneGlaze is an antibacterial surface finish available for Duravit toilets. This surface doesn’t just resist dirt and residue, but it actively inhibits the growth of bacteria over time. Duravit’s HygieneGlaze kills 99.9% of surface bacteria over 24 hours for a more sanitary bathroom with fewer germs and odors. 


Duravit’s DuraFix system is a proprietary installation system for their wall-mounted toilets. The DuraFix system creates concealed, invisible connections inside the toilet bowl for a sleek, seamless finish that is easy to clean and saves space. It also provides incredible reliability and stability in wall-mounted toilets and makes them easier to install. 

While this system is easy to use and simplifies installation, some American plumbers may be less familiar with these types of systems, and it’s a good idea to reference installation instructions and/or the Duravit website for the best installation.

Washout Flushing

Washout technology is designed for European-style toilet bowls with a rear shelf. It focuses on flushing power at the back of the bowl for targeted cleaning. It is most common in healthcare facilities where it is sometimes necessary to collect stool samples. 

Rimless Flushing

Duravit’s new Rimless flushing system has an open design around the inside of the toilet bowl, allowing innovative water flow for perfect flushing results with even less water. In addition, the rimless design creates more effective flushes, saves water, and is easier to clean. 

Duravit Toilet Seats

Because Duravit has designer toilet bowls, they also have designer toilet seats. Every one of their product lines has a unique toilet seat shape, so each toilet requires a matching Duravit toilet seat. Their toilet seats are high quality and easy to install, match the colors and surfaces of other Duravit fixtures in the series, and are available in soft-close options. 

Duravit toilet seats are a bit on the expensive side, and it’s not usually possible to simply replace the hinges − the entire seat needs to be replaced. The fact that they aren’t included in the purchase price is a common complaint with Duravit toilets. 


Duravit makes toilets of incredible quality and functionality, designed by some of the best designers of our time. They are built for style, function, and ease of cleaning and are sure to make your bathroom a more pleasant space for years to come.


Hygieneglaze or Wondergliss?

Both the Hygieneglaze 2.0 and Wondergliss help waste pass easier through the toilet. However, the main difference is that the Hygieneglaze 2.0 actually helps neutralize bacteria on the toilet. The glaze is actually baked into the ceramic, and extends from the interior rim of the bowl. Duravit boasts that after six hours, 90% of the bacteria is killed. After 24 hours, 99.999% of the bacteria is eliminated.

Are Duravit toilets good quality?

Duravit toilets are rare in the sense that they have great designs, but have equal functionality in those same well-designed models. And from a company standpoint, they also have a great deal of experience when it comes to developing winning products across the world. They don’t have as big of a footprint in the United States, but are huge in Europe. Part of this is because a large percentage of their toilets are one-piece wall-hung toilets. These models are quite as common in the U.S. compared to Europe because of the differences in regards to washroom space.

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