Best Expensive Toilets [EVERYTHING You Need to Know]

If a man’s home is his castle, then surely the toilet is the throne room.

As king or queen of your proverbial castle, you deserve to have a throne befitting your royal posterior — a throne that will warm your cockles while showing your devotion to the porcelain god in the grandest way possible.

For those willing to splash the extra cash, there is a world of sleek and stylish porcelain, heated seats, and high-tech extras to help you be as comfortable as possible while you are… ummm… checking Twitter.

We’ve listed our picks below of the five best high-end toilets on the market today as well as a handy buyer’s guide to help you get the best expensive toilet for your needs. 

In a Hurry?

Here’s our top pick so you can deck out your bathroom in style. 

Out top toilet is the TOTO Washlet G400. 

Futuristic and stylish, the G400 boasts a host of innovative features to make your time on the toilet as luxurious and pleasurable as possible.

This high-end toilet features automatic opening and closing, Premist, and CEFIONTECT ceramic glazing, which makes particles less likely to stick to the toilet.

It also comes with an automatic deodorizer to dispel unpleasant smells, an adjustable self-cleaning wand for effortless clean-up, and automatic flushing, which employs three powerful nozzles and uses less than a gallon of water per flush.

The G400 is undoubtedly one of the best expensive toilets on the market and well worth the investment.  

Best Expensive Toilets – 2020

1. TOTO Washlet G400

Toto MS920CEMFG#01...

The G400 is best described not so much as a mere bathroom appliance but rather as an experience

As you approach the toilet, the lid automatically opens, inviting you to sit upon its sleek and seductive curves while lubricating the inside of the CEFIONTECT toilet bowl with Premist to ensure no particles get stuck on the bowl. 

This Premist and CEFIONTECT ceramic glazing also reduce the amount of water, chemicals, and time needed to clean the toilet. 

The seat then warms itself to one of five settings chosen by you. As you feel the heat of the seat beneath you, the automatic air deodorizer kicks in to remove any unpleasant smells.

You can use the illuminated remote control to utilize the self-cleaning wand to clean your private area. Then, the air dryer kicks in, leaving you clean, dry, and fresh as a daisy.

Cleaning programs include front cleanse, soft rear cleanse, rear cleanse, oscillating cleanse, or pulsating cleanse, and the temperature and pressure of the water can also be adjusted to suit your needs and give you the best clean possible.

The two-user memory feature lets you save your preferences for future use.

As you rise from the toilet, the automatic flush activates, using three powerful nozzles to create a cyclone of water that not only drains but also helps to clean the bowl while using only 1.25 gallons of water during a heavy flush.

Finally, the lid automatically closes behind you, leaving you feeling content, lighter, and ready to face the challenges the world throws at you.

  • Heated seat and Premist
  • Automatic open/close and deodorizer
  • Economical – using only 1.28 gallons of water on a heavy flush
  • No seat light

2.  TOTO Washlet+ Carlyle II


Toto has a reputation for making some of the finest luxury toilets on the market, and the Washlet+ Carlyle II is one of their most popular toilets.

Aesthetically pleasing and fitted with plenty of high-tech features, the TOTO Carlyle II and Washlet+ work together to create a feeling of unrivaled satisfaction.

The installation process for the toilet is quick and easy. All plumbing connections are hidden, resulting in a cleaner, more inviting look.

The Washlet+ welcomes you with its heated seat that automatically opens. It can be set to either raise the lid or both the seat and lid together.

The toilet is also incredibly easy to clean thanks to a combination of Premist, a CEFIONTECT ceramic glaze that prevents debris from sticking to the bowl, and EWATER+ technology, which uses electrolyzed water to clean the inside of the bowl after each use. These features reduce the amount of routine cleaning needed and keep the bowl fresher for longer.

Other features, such as the heated seat and automatic deodorizer, help turn a mundane trip to the toilet into a spa-like experience. 

Once you have done your business, you can experience a comfortable, warm water cleansing at the touch of a button, which provides an exceptionally clean feeling. The automatic dryer then finishes the job, leaving you feeling refreshed.

When you get up, the lid automatically closes as the Tornado flush system empties and cleans the bowl while using only 1.28 gallons of water per flush — 20 percent less water than a standard 1.68 GPF toilet.

It also features a night light for those late-night trips to the restroom, with a gentle glow powerful enough so that you don’t need to turn on the bathroom light.

Feature-rich, economical, and easy to install, the Washlet+ Carlyle II is the luxury upgrade every bathroom deserves.

  • Electrolyzed water system helps maintain a cleaner toilet
  • Uses 20 percent less water per flush than a standard toilet
  • Handy night light
  • Can’t be cleaned with detergents with coarse particles.

3.  KOHLER K-5401-0

KOHLER K-5401-0 Veil Skirted 1...

With its flowing, immaculate curves, the Kohler K-5401-0 is the epitome of minimalist ergonomic design.

This design is combined with a suite of features tailored to offer optimum hygiene and ultimate comfort to create a toilet that perfectly caters to your every bathroom need.

Made from vitreous china, this toilet features an elongated bowl for added room and comfort and an automatic lid that gently opens and closes.

The K-5401-0 also features a heated seat with adjustable temperature settings, ideal for cold winter nights, and an automated deodorization system to instantly dispel any unpleasant smells.

The toilet has an integrated bidet that uses a stainless steel wand. This can be adjusted in just about every way you can imagine: by position, water pressure, temperature, or spray shape. There are even pulsate and oscillate functions!

After you’re done, the toilet’s warm air drying system activates, drying your privates and leaving you feeling fresh and clean.

As the lid closes, the K-5401-0’s automatic dual flush system and self-cleaning functions activate, using electrified water and UV light to cleanse the inside of the ball and bidet wand. This is all controlled via a simple touchscreen LCD remote.

The K-5401-0 also comes with a built-in LED light that illuminates the bowl and serves as a night light for those late-night trips to the toilet.

Sleek and stylish, the K-5401-0 is a luxury toilet that is futuristic enough to justify the price tag.

  • Heated seat with multiple settings
  • Electrified water and UV light keep bowl and wand clean
  • Touchscreen remote
  • Pricey

4. WoodBridge T-0008 Luxury Bidet Toilet

WOODBRIDGEE T-0008 Luxury...

The Woodbridge T-0008 is designed to both please the eye and give the best performance possible. 

The elongated bowl provides a comfortable sitting position and is easier to sit on and get up from than a standard toilet.

This energy-saving toilet is easy to install and designed to hide unsightly plumbing, leaving only a sleek, modern exterior.

The T-0008 also features a soft-closing seat and lid, preventing the user from slamming and potentially breaking it.

This toilet is incredibly comfortable and features a heated seat with five different temperature settings. There is also a bidet wand with several settings including posterior wash, feminine wash, and pulsating wash, all of which can be enjoyed at various pressures.

When you’re done with your business, a hot air dryer gently activates.

The quiet yet powerful flushing system then cleans the bowl. The water used is filtered beforehand, making it more hygienic.

What’s more is the T-0008 is incredibly efficient, using 20 percent less water than a standard toilet.

Finally, it has a night light to make those 2 AM trips to the restroom a lot easier.

The only thing the Woodbridge lacks in comparison to its competitors is an automatic seat. That being said, this is more than made up for by its very competitive price.

  • Expensive, but not too expensive
  • Several bidet wash settings
  • Uses less water than a standard toilet.
  • No automatic lid opening and closing

5.  OVE DECORS Smart Toilet

Ove Decors 735H Bidet Toilet...

The final expensive toilet on our list is the OVE DECORS Smart Toilet.

This elongated, one-piece design has all the bells and whistles you would expect from a modern luxury toilet.

The OVE features a heated seat with four temperature settings and a nifty night light for those late-night trips to the restroom.

It also features a motion-detecting automatic toilet seat that opens as you approach and closes as you stand up and a bidet wand with variable pressure and temperature settings.

There’s even an automatic dryer with four heat settings to make sure you are fresh and clean after every use. 

All of these settings can be adjusted using the toilet’s remote control, ensuring you are as comfortable and clean as you can be every time.  

The Smart Toilet is also more efficient than a standard toilet. As a WaterSense-certified product, it uses only 1.28 gallons of water per flush, which is 20 percent less than a standard toilet. This saves you both water and money.

When you stand up, the toilet will automatically flush and activate its self-cleaning program, leaving a sparkling clean bowl ready for the next user.

The one downside to the OVE DECORS Smart Toilet is that it requires power for its heating functions to work. Although considering how little power it uses, that’s hardly a dealbreaker. 

Stylish and efficient, the Smart Toilet makes for a space-age addition to any new bathroom.

  • WaterSense certified and energy efficient
  • Convienent night light for late night trips to the john
  • Handsfree convenience, automatic lid, bidet, and flushing.
  • Power required for heating functions.

Best Expensive Toilets Buying Guide

Expensive toilets are expensive for a reason.

Unlike traditional toilets, luxury toilets are home to all manners of gadgetry and features, providing a superior level of comfort and satisfaction.

In short, once you have had the best, you simply won’t want to go back.

Superior cComfort

Many expensive toilets feature motion-activated lids that automatically open or close as you approach or stand up.

To help you deal with cold winter mornings, they also frequently have heated seats that are equipped with multiple temperature settings.

Automated Flushing

Unlike standard toilets, which use an average of 1.6 gallons of water every time you flush, expensive toilets usually come with a computer-controlled dual flush system.

The computer will automatically choose the most appropriate flush to dispose of any waste in the bowl – without wasting a single drop of water.

As a result, buying an expensive toilet can ultimately end up saving you money over time, as they use approximately 20 percent less water than a traditional flush.

They do a better job of cleaning the bowl as well, using a combination of powerful water jets and UV lights. Look out for specialized glazes on the porcelain to make sure your toilet bowl remains sparkling and white every time, even after heavy use. 

No More Toilet Roll

Another major function of expensive toilets is the bidet function. Not only is this more hygienic and ultimately cheaper than using toilet paper, but luxury toilets also include a range of settings for you to adjust the pressure, angle, and temperature of the water used.

This is usually accompanied by a fully customizable hot air dryer that gently dries your privates, leaving you feeling fresh and clean.

Night Lights Are a Must

The other thing to look for in a luxury toilet is a night light. It might sound silly, but it really is a godsend when you are busting for the restroom late at night.

Not having to fiddle about trying to find the bathroom light while bleary-eyed and sleepy is one thing, but it’s even better knowing you won’t wake other people up at night with the light or noise.

No More Bad Smells

Another brilliant addition to many expensive toilets is the automatic air deodorizer, which removes any unpleasant smells and keeps your toilet and bathroom smelling fresh. The days where you had to light a match, open a window, or tell the next person to wait a few minutes are gone.

Everything as You Want It at the Touch of a Button

Possibly the best part of an expensive toilet is that every part of the experience, from opening the lid to closing it, can be tailored to your own preferences.

What’s more, most expensive toilets remember your user settings for next time. However, if you did want to change your settings to make that seat just a little warmer, you can do so at the touch of a button.

Easier To Sit On and More Comfortable Too

The last factor to consider is the design. Most expensive toilets do not have a separate tank and, therefore, look more sleek and stylish.

A byproduct of this change in form is that expensive toilets are often more elongated and slightly higher than a conventional toilet, which means sitting down and getting up is more comfortable, making them ideal for the disabled and elderly.

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