Toto Aquia IV – Full Toilet Review

The Toto Aquia IV is a cutting-edge example of a high-end two-piece toilet unit that brings a wealth of design and function innovation to the bathroom. Not only does it have eco-friendly aspects, a simple installation process, and comfort features but there are a number of advanced cleaning, performance, and longevity improvements that have been made over the previous iteration of Toto’s Aquia product line.

Toto Aquia IV

I think we chose the perfect mix between luxury and affordability with the Aquia IV.

-M. Jensen

What the Reviews Are Saying

When we look at the online reviews from recent sales of the Toto Aquia IV, we see a ton of positive comments and glowing endorsements for the Aquia. Now, sure, we like a bit of confirmation bias ourselves, but reading them from worst to best gives us a much better picture of the valid complaints. 

Nearly all of the lowest reviews were similar misunderstandings of the basics of the product listing. The rest of the reviews rave about not only the functionality but the shape and the water savings.

What We Like About the Toto Aquia IV

Toto has a lot of toilet models and version variations, so what exactly is it that makes the Toto Aquia IV such a great toilet? There are a number of qualities that are common to any toilet while some may differ significantly. We look at the functionality, first and foremost. Does it do the job? With all other qualities being equal, if the toilet fails to get rid of wastes efficiently, then it doesn’t perform adequately.

Then, we look at the height, the weight (if warranted), the construction, whether it is a one-piece or a two-piece toilet, the bowl shape, any additional bells and whistles that the model or product line might have, and finally, price. We’ve also included any downsides of the item so that you can weigh both sides before making a purchase.


In terms of the dimensions, there isn’t anything out of the ordinary or remarkable about the Toto Aquia IV. Here are the hard numbers:

  • Rough-in: 12 inches (10-inch and 14-inch rough-in adapters are also available)
  • Bowl rim height: 16 ⅛ inches
  • Trapway: 2 ⅛ inches 
  • Depth: 29.56 inches
  • Width: 15.56 inches
  • Height: 27.56 inches
  • Weight: 119 pounds


The installation of a Toto Aquia IV is not for the inexperienced. While it isn’t overly complex, it is every bit of a 16-step procedure, and there are likely to be many opportunities for those unfamiliar with toilet installations to have problems or difficulties during the process.

It begins with the rough-in (See: Toilet Rough-In Dimensions and How to Measure it?) and placing the flange with the alignment of the bowl coming in around step 5. Following this, parts will need to be screwed and bolted together with the connection of the water supply occurring after that. Then, the tank will finally be lowered and guided onto the bowl. 

Once the tank is attached and the nuts have been tightened, the water supply hoses will need to be attached to the inner tank workings of the Toto Aquia IV. After that, the action rods that are moved with the flush button operation can be sized appropriately, and the tank top can be replaced. The toilet seat (not included) can then be installed and tested.

Flush Strength and Trapway Size

The flush strength of the Toto Aquia IV is incredible and can move a significant mass even with the lower flush volume. This is due in part to the use of twin nozzles to clean the bowl instead of the traditional series of small holes that encircle the bowl under the rim. 

This feature gives it a head start for getting through the just-slightly-larger-than-standard trapway. While this might present a problem in other models, the unique tornadic motion of the Toto Aquia IV Dynamax Tornado dual flush sends things down without issue. The customized floor flange that is installed over the rough-in also plays a significant role in ensuring waste is evacuated easily and quickly.


The Toto Aquia IV is available in both a standard height of just over 15 inches and what they call their Universal Height of just over 16 inches from the floor, providing an ADA-compliant toilet without any additional modifications beyond a seat. The standard height falls short of the 17-inch minimum height set forth in the ADA, by only coming to 16.5 inches with a seat.

Construction Simplicity

The Toto Aquia IV has a simple and clean look that conceals its rather complicated inner workings and a dual flush mechanism that delivers a solid performance. This unit is fully shrouded, so the rear of the bowl acts as an enclosure for all of the plumbing connections and other hardware. The bowl and shroud are all one piece, and the tank is a separate piece that needs to be attached.

Bowl Shape

The elongated bowl always seems to be the best choice in our opinion. Not only does it produce a larger area to catch and dispose of waste but the elongated seat is considered much more comfortable for many people. The downside to the elongated bowl, though, is that they are a bad choice for those that are working in confined or “cozy” bathrooms. These are situations where round bowls may be more advantageous.

The advantages of the bowl shape for the Toto Aquia IV also extend to the physical shape of the waste cavity in the bowl. The bowl interior has been designed to allow solids to smoothly slide out when the powerful flush activates.


The CEFIONTECT coating is a super-smooth ceramic glaze that makes it extraordinarily difficult for the toilet surface to accumulate dirt or bacteria. The ion barrier created helps the unit stay cleaner overall, lessening the need for stronger chemicals to clean it and thereby protecting both the toilet surface and the environment.

Dual Flush Functionality

The unit’s dual flush functionality allows the user the option to use either a minuscule 0.8 gallons or a full 1.28 gallons for any given flush. This can lead to savings of up to ten gallons of water per day, depending on the household and their water use.

Dynamax Tornado Flush

The Dynamax Tornado Flush sends all of the waiting flush water through the rim, resulting in a stronger flush that is able to move more waste out despite using less water to flush. The Toto Aquia IV bowl is also designed to reduce turbulence, so not only is each flush more effective but it’s also quieter.

Front And Rear Warm Water Cleansing

The Toto Aquia IV also includes a front and rear warm water cleansing system that essentially functions as a bidet. You can not only adjust the temperature of the water cleansing function but also the water pressure. 

Heated Seat

Like many other units in this class, the Toto Aquia IV offers the ability to maintain a heated seat. This will often require the purchase of additional items since the Toto Aquia IV does not initially ship with a seat at all. In most situations, the seat will be something that you purchase at the same time as the toilet, so then would be the perfect time to decide if you want it heated.

Universally Permitted and Certified

The Toto Aquia IV is certified for sale in all 50 states without the need for modifications or alternate versions. It is WaterSense Certified and meets all EPA water efficiency and performance standards set by the federal government. It also is classified as CAL Green and is safe under Proposition 65. It can be bought without restriction in every state, including California and Texas.

Bells and Whistles

The Toto Aquia IV comes with some great features that you won’t see in other brands or models. These include the automatic air deodorizer and a unique Premist feature that wets the inside of the bowl before use.


When it comes to price, the Toto Aquia IV is incredibly affordable compared to other units in its class and is often found for between $400 and $500. This price is very difficult to beat when considering the propriety technology included and sturdiness in the brand itself.

Where the Toto Aquia IV Could Be Improved

The Toto Aquia IV doesn’t leave you wanting in many areas at all. The Toto Aquia IV is fully shrouded, meaning there are no exposed plumbing or supply lines. This keeps everything contained and closed off and helps maintain an overall cleaner and sleeker appearance. The downside, however, is that it may be slightly challenging to get everything lined up for installation, and connecting a bidet requires an additional adaptive kit.

The Final Word

When it comes down to it, the Toto Aquia IV is a really amazing unit. It functions flawlessly, looks stunning in the process, and won’t push your toilet budget into the 4-digit category. The dual flush options perfectly enhance the already prudent and ecologically-minded water consumption. This toilet’s many fantastic features, including the tornado flush and the ultra-smooth ceramic glaze applied to enhance cleanliness, all add up to make it one of the best-valued toilets on the market.

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