Kohler Kathryn – Full Toilet Review

The Kathryn is one of the few toilets that can actually make a bathroom. Used tastefully and intelligently, the addition of this toilet can show off some serious design chops.

The Kathryn can be a bit on the high end of budgets, but when considering that it’s a one-piece toilet that is easy to install and clean, it’s still a big favorite among Kohler models.

Kohler Kathryn

What the Reviews are Saying

You can’t please everyone when it comes to the characteristics of a toilet, no matter how small. But the Kohler Kathryn gets pretty close. 

What People Like

The aesthetics and the powerful flush are by far the big winners as far as the customers are concerned. Among the aesthetically-pleasing characteristics were the hexagonal tile floor, and polished nickel accents.

What People Don’t Like

During our research, we saw some complaints about minor issues with the finish, but from what we can tell these are likely rare events that occur in the factory.

Others mentioned the price as a sticking point as well. It’s understandable, given that it costs more than most other one piece toilets out there.

What We Like About the Kohler Kathryn

Without question, the Kathryn stands out among many other models because of the design. In fact, homeowners of classic homes will often install the Kathryn during remodels. This allows them to retain the feel and personality of the home, while still getting the technology that comes with it.

The Dimensions

Originally, there was also a two-piece version available, but this version has recently been discontinued, leaving the one-piece elongated version to stand on its own.

  • Rough-in: 12 inches
  • Seat height: 16 ⅜ inches
  • Trapway: 2 ⅛ inches
  • Flush valve: AquaPiston Single 360 Gravity Flush
  • Depth: 28 inches
  • Width: 17 ½ inches
  • Height: 28 ⅝inches
  • Weight: 105 pounds

Flush Strength and Water Pressure

The Kathryn scored a magnificent 1000 MaP flushing score. There are a variety of factors that contribute to this score.

  • AquaPiston® canister
  • 360 degree water flush into the bowl around the rim
  • The flush valve’s 3:2 ratio, it maximizes flush performance and helps prevent warping and deterioration

Put all of these together and you have a toilet with an impressive amount of flushing power that’s unlikely to leave any debris behind after use.


At 16 ⅜ inches high (seat), the Kathryn is ADA compliant. This will come in especially handy for anyone that is elderly or disabled.

Even with an ADA compliant seat height, the total height is still under 30 inches, so it will likely work with smaller bathrooms as well.  


Most of the Kathryn owners have had their contractors or hired plumbers to install the toilet. As a 105 pound one-piece toilet, it isn’t the easiest to manage.

That said, it isn’t an impossible task. With the exception of the water supply line, it comes with the tools you will need to install it yourself. One thing to note, however, you may need to purchase a seat separately depending on where you buy the Kathryn from.

Bowl Shape

The Kohler Kathryn comes in elongated and compact elongated models (image below). The regular elongated is more popular, but we have seen many people excited about the compact version because of the small bathrooms that they have.

This makes sense when considering that many of the homes that this toilet is bought for are much older, and bathrooms were considerably smaller at that time.

Water Consumption

Unlike other toilets that have dual flush options, or one extremely low GPF (0.8, 1.0, 1.1, etc), the Kathryn simplifies everything and just has a flat 1.28 GPF. This further shows how impressive the 1000 MaP score is, as it’s able to still get a perfect score with a low GPF rate.

At 1.28 GPF, the Kathryn is also WaterSense certified. Meaning it uses 20% less water than current regulations require. So not only is it strong at flushing, but can save on your water bill.

Bells and Whistles

The really like the Quick-Release function for the seat. This is another great advantage that the Kathryn has over many other toilets. This makes for much easier cleaning.

Additionally, compared to many other toilets, it comes in many different colors. The Kathryn comes in black, biscuit, dune, and even two different shades of grey.


If the Kohler Kathryn has a significant disadvantage, it would be the price. It stretches into the four figures in most places online. It’s a bit pricy for a toilet, but given that the design is one-of-a-kind that will work for much older homes, it could be very worth it depending on what you’re trying to accomplish.  

Where the Kohler Kathryn Could Be Improved

As we mentioned under the ‘Price’ heading above, the price is likely the biggest drawback for most.

However, there have also been instances that we’ve seen where the toilet would sweat in warm weather. The Kathryn doesn’t come with an insulated tank, so if you’re planning on installing this model in an area of your home that gets warm in the summer, you may need to keep this in mind.

One option to combat a sweaty tank is to buy a no sweat valve. This can be a good option that will still make this a toilet doable.

The Final Word

The Kohler Kathryn is a truly unique a worthy toilet. The design and product specs are top notch. That said, the price is quite high for what you get in the toilet itself.

If you’re specifically going for the historical and classic look to extend to your bathroom, the price is absolutely worth it. But short of that, this might be a tough price to justify. If nothing else, you have the great Kohler name to fall back on and have confidence in your purchase.

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