The Best Mansfield Plumbing Toilets – Full Reviews

Mansfield Plumbing is known for its high-quality bathroom fixtures, including toilets. You may already be familiar with the brand; it’s available at popular home improvement stores and designer showrooms in more than 4,000 locations in North America. Since its establishment in 1929, Mansfield Plumbing Products has been regarded as the brand of choice for residential, commercial and industrial toilets.

The company has been a leader in toilet manufacturing for almost a century. Mansfield has continually developed new products to keep up with the changes in technology and the marketplace. In addition to a commitment to product development, the brand has a solid reputation and offers high quality at competitive prices.

Mansfield Plumbing Toilets

For this round-up, we’ll be reviewing four Mansfield toilets:

  1. Brentwood
  2. Summit
  3. Denali
  4. Vanquish


Eco-friendly and comfortable.

Toilet TypeWater UsageDimensions (in.)MaterialSeat HeightWeight
Two-piece, Elongated1.28 GPF29¾ x 18⅜ x 33Vitreous china16⅝ inches91 lbs

Many toilet descriptions claim that the fixture is smooth and sleek. Don’t all ceramic toilets have a lustrous finish? Once you start shopping around for a new toilet, you’ll notice all kinds of details that enhance a toilet’s aesthetics and functionality.

For example, many traditional and budget toilets have an apparent trapway. This is the s-shaped drainage tubing through which the water from the bowl evacuates. Although the trapway is covered with ceramic, it still creates nooks and crannies that can trap dirt, dust and grime.

The Brentwood toilet has a concealed trapway and skirting around the bowl. This gives it a straightforward silhouette that is easy to clean. Plus, the architectural details at the top of the tank and base of the toilet give the fixture a high-end look that complements any bathroom. Even the chrome flush lever is decorative.

In addition to its attractive design, the Brentwood offers eco-friendly functionality. The high-efficiency toilet uses 20% less water than the federal standard. Even though the Brentwood uses only 1.28 gallons per flush, or GPF, its 3-inch flush valve and MagnaFlush technology make it a high-performance toilet.

This toilet carries a WaterSense label, which certifies its efficiency and performance. By replacing an older toilet with a WaterSense model, you could save about 13,000 gallons of water annually.

If you’re concerned about safety and ease of use, the Brentwood toilet gives you peace of mind. The ADA-compliant model offers a SmartHeight bowl with a seat height of 16 5/8 inches. The elongated front allows for extra space next to the toilet and helps to create a perfect fit.

The pilot-operated, anti-siphon fill valve provides consistent filling regardless of the amount of water pressure. It helps to maintain an optimal water level in the toilet.

The Brentwood weighs less than many two-piece toilets, making installation easy. It requires a 12-inch rough-in, which is standard.

Our Verdict on the Mansfield Brentwood

This toilet offers a universally attractive look and plenty of features that make it desirable. We’re especially fond of the concealed trapway, which is a must if you are a parent of boys.


Universal parts, and affordable price.

Toilet TypeWater UsageDimensions (in.)MaterialSeat HeightWeight
Two-piece, Elongated1.28 GPF29⅝ x 19⅜ x 32¾Vitreous china16⅝ inches95 lbs

The Summit toilet offers convenience and excellent performance (check out our full review of the Mansfield Summit here). One standout benefit is that it comes as a complete toilet kit. Some standard toilets don’t include a seat. However, the Summit comes with a seat that matches the elongated bowl perfectly. The included slow-close lid prevents injury. Plus, it lasts longer because it doesn’t slam down after every use.

The package also includes the base, tank, wax ring, floor bolts, caps and instruction manual. The SmartFasten three-bolt tank-to-bowl connection provides security and reduces the risk of leaks. The only accessories that you have to purchase separately are the water supply hardware pieces.

This model features a sleek design with clean lines and minimal detailing. The toilet is like a blank canvas and blends in with any bathroom décor. While the trapway is not hidden by a skirt, it is glazed with the same finish as the rest of the toilet. Therefore, it has an elegant feel. Moreover, the PuraClean glaze makes the entire toilet easy to clean.

Like the Brentwood, the Summit is a high-efficiency toilet. It uses 1.28 GPF and features MagnaFlush technology, which can handle toy cars and golf balls without wasting water. Also, the 3-inch rigid flapper valve makes flushing effortless and consistent.

You don’t have to worry about ADA compliance with this model. The SmartHeight seat is accessible and comfortable for people with mobility problems and tall folks.

Our Verdict on the Mansfield Summit

If we had to choose a non-skirted toilet, this one would be at the top of the list. It’s affordable and easy to incorporate into any bathroom layout. We’re fans of its eco-friendliness and high performance. Although it’s extremely durable, it is subject to the same wear and tear as any toilet. Fortunately, parts for the Summit are universal and easy to replace.

Mansfield Plumbing Summit 4385CTK pictured above


A space-saver at a great price.

Toilet TypeWater UsageDimensions (in.)MaterialSeat HeightWeight
Two-piece, Elongated1.28 GPF28⅝ x 20 x 31¼Vitreous china16⅝ inches91 lbs

If your space is limited, but still prefer to get a Mansfield toilet, you might opt for the Denali model. It features a more compact silhouette than other Mansfield models but retains comfort and convenience features, such as an elongated front, SmartHeight bowl and slow-close seat.

The glazed trapway is obscured by the ample size of the front of the base. Like the Summit, the Denali features a PuraClean glaze, which resists stains and wipes clean without scrubbing.

Even though this model has only two bolts connecting the base to the tank, it fastens securely and resists rocking or leaking. It also features MagnaFlush technology, which offers Mansfield’s best flushing performance. Like the Summit, the Denali has a 3-inch rigid flapper flush valve.

It also comes with many other Mansfield standard features. You get a complete toilet kit, which you can install yourself if you have experience with home improvement and DIY projects. The high-performance technology wastes less water than older standard toilets, and the fixture is made in the U.S.

Our Verdict on the Mansfield Denali

The Denali offers many of the same features as the Summit, which are some of the best that Mansfield has to offer. Choosing between the two models may come down to your preference or size specifications. Having said that, if space is a concern, then we would definitely recommend the Denali.

Mansfield Plumbing Denali 5916 pictured at top


Easier to clean, and very affordable.

Toilet TypeWater UsageDimensions (in.)MaterialSeat HeightWeight
Two-piece, Elongated1.28 GPF29 x 18 x 32¾Vitreous china16⅝ inches94 lbs

With a name like Vanquish, you can imagine what this toilet does to waste. It has the same strong and efficient flushing mechanism as the other Mansfield Plumbing Products on this page.

The Vanquish toilet also has some standout features that enhance its performance and convenience. One of those is the revolutionary side-hinge design on the seat. Instead of connecting to the bowl on the top surface, the toilet seat and lid have hinges that attach to the sides of the bowl near the tank. The hinges rotate easily and reduce the hidden corners that trap filth.

Making toilet-cleaning duty even easier, the PuraClean glaze releases dirt effortlessly. What’s more, every flush delivers a jet of water to wash beneath the rim. Is it too good to be true to think that your toilet can get cleaner with every use? Plus, this toilet doesn’t make much noise when flushing and refilling, which is good for those midnight bathroom runs.

Our Verdict on the Mansfield Vanquish

This might be one of the best Mansfield toilets to clean. It’s also packed with the other features that make Mansfield toilets so reliable. We appreciate the simple design, which leaves no crevices to collect drips and dirt.

Mansfield Plumbing Vanquish 5988 pictured at top

The ToiletsMan Verdict

When you compare these models, you realize that they all contain similar features that make Mansfield Plumbing Products perfect for many homeowners. They are all available as complete toilet kits, which provide everything but the tools. All of them are ADA compliant, with spacious, SmartHeight seats.

There is not much variation between the designs. The Summit and Denali are comparable standard models. The Vanquish features a similar streamlined look as the Summit and Denali, but it comes with a greater variety of features to help it stay clean.

Although the Brentwood doesn’t offer the same clean-jet technology as the Vanquish, it has a concealed trapway design, which wipes down effortlessly. Therefore, it’s another excellent choice for property owners who want a low-maintenance commode.

If you’re looking for a toilet with visual features that go beyond basic sleekness and has comparable specs, the Brentwood will do you nicely. This is the only model in these Mansfield toilet reviews that has some architectural flair.

When you consider that an average toilet lasts about 15 years, you may decide to splurge for the model with the most bells and whistles. The toilet is one of the most frequently used fixtures in the home. It might be worth spending more to install one that makes your life easier.

Whichever option you opt to buy, they will all get the job done, and all have a great price point.

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