Kohler Wellworth – Full Toilet Review

Kohler has been producing quality plumbing and bathroom products for decades. The Wellworth is one of their more affordable toilets, without the fancy features of high-end designer toilets. However, the Kohler Wellworth has the reliable functionality you expect from Kohler, along with some of the most essential features and options to fit your bathroom and your lifestyle. 

The Kohler Wellworth 3998 is a two-piece toilet with innovative flushing technology for more powerful flushing with less water. It’s powerful, efficient, and affordable, making it an excellent choice for many homes and bathrooms. 

Kohler Wellworth

What the Reviews are Saying

No toilet is perfect for everyone, so it’s essential to consider the personal experiences of people who have experienced the Kohler Wellworth for themselves. 

What People Like

It’s no surprise that many people choose the Wellworth for its price, and most reviewers consider it an excellent value for the money. Some people also like that it comes in black because the unique color option can match distinctive bathroom decor choices. The Kohler Wellworth also has a short, 14.5-inch seat height, which some people love. 

What People Don’t Like

The porcelain of the Wellworth is untreated, so it is prone to retaining some streaks and debris despite the power of the flush. Some people also report that it is prone to leaking due to cracks during shipping or developing over time. 

What We Like About the Kohler Wellworth

Modern toilets have become increasingly intelligent, with fancy features like heated seats, music players, and user profiles. Of course, you won’t find anything like that in the Wellworth, but not every bathroom needs that kind of functionality. 

The great thing about the Wellworth is the features options, so you can choose the perfect Wellworth for your needs. 

The Wellworth comes in the classic with 1.6 or 1.28 GPF models or comes in a dual-flush model. You can choose either a round or elongated bowl, depending on your space and preference. And it’s available in white, black, biscuit, or almond colors, all at a great price. 

So, for a fairly basic Kohler toilet model, the Wellworth still offers all the most important options for your household. This is, arguably, the biggest benefit that the Wellworth offers: options.

The Dimensions

Because there are so many options in the Wellworth, there are slightly different dimensions for each model. 

Round Seat 1.28 GPF Model

  • 28¼” high
  • 19⅝” wide
  • 27½” deep
  • 14½” rim height

Elongated Seat 1.28 GPF Model (pictured above)

  • 28¼” high
  • 19⅝” wide
  • 30” deep
  • 14½” rim height

Round Seat Dual-Flush Model

  • 29¼” high
  • 18″ wide
  • 27¾” deep
  • 14½” rim height

It’s also available with 10, 12, or 14 inch rough-in. 

Flush Strength and Water Pressure

The Kohler Wellworth uses Kohler’s Class 5 technology for a more powerful flush with less water. Class 5 technology uses a much larger flushing valve (3.25 inches in diameter, unlike conventional toilets with valves smaller than 3 inches in diameter), which uses gravity to create a more powerful water flow out of the toilet. Class 5 also uses an additional rim jet to create a more powerful cyclonic action. 

The large valve and additional jet combination give Class 5 flushing more speed and power to prevent clogging and reduce residue inside the bowl. These toilets are also eco-friendly, meeting LEED and Green Building certification standards. 


The Kohler Wellworth has a low rim height of just 14½ inches. While some people prefer higher “seat height” toilets, and they are required for ADA compliance, there are still some good reasons to choose a toilet with a lower rim. Here are some of the main reasons why people prefer lower seats on toilets.

  • Easier and More Accessible for Children

A low toilet seat is more comfortable and accessible for children and can make bathroom time easier for them. 

  • More Comfortable for Shorter People

Some people who aren’t very tall can find seat-height toilets uncomfortable and awkward to use. 

  • More Natural Body Position

Many people use stools and other devices to achieve a more natural body position on a high toilet. A lower toilet seat simplifies this process and keeps your body in a more natural, functional posture. 

Remember that this toilet does not come with a seat, and your final seat height will probably be closer to 15½ inches depending on the toilet seat you choose. 


Many people simply find classic two-piece toilets easier to install, and the Kohler Wellworth has a simple standard installation boosted by the Kohler Drylock system. The Drylock system prevents leaks and creates fast, foolproof installation. All you need is a socket wrench to secure the tank to the bowl. Because there are no bolt holes in the tank, the system reduces leaks and provides more stability. 

Bowl Shape

The Kohler Wellworth has round and elongated bowl versions. Round bowls are an excellent option for bathrooms with limited space since the toilet only protrudes 27½ inches from the wall. However, many people find elongated bowls more elegant and more comfortable, and the Wellworth has you covered there as well, with an elongated bowl that protrudes 30 inches from the wall. 

Water Consumption

Many people prefer the greater power and ease of cleaning a 1.6 GPF toilet, and the Kohler Wellworth provides that option. However, for those who want to save water, consider choosing the 1.28 GPF model, which still has a great flush, thanks to Kohler’s Class 5 Flushing Technology. 

For even more water conservation, you might also choose the Kohler Wellworth dual-flush model, with a two-tone lever that lets you choose 1.1 or 1.6 GPF. A dual-flush Wellworth can reduce water usage by up to 30% or an estimated potential water savings of over 4,000 gallons of water per year. 

Bells and Whistles

The Kohler Wellworth is low on bells and whistles but does come in a great choice of colors, whether you prefer classic white or stylish black or more neutral shades of biscuit or almond. 


The Kohler Wellworth has a very attractive price for a stylish, functional toilet. Unfortunately, it does not come with a toilet seat or supply lines. 

Where the Kohler Wellworth Could Be Improved

The biggest drawback to the Kohler Wellworth is the fact that the ceramic isn’t coated. Many modern toilets have a glazing or coating layer that sheets water and helps prevent dirt, lime, or residue from sticking to the inside of the bowl. Unfortunately, because the Wellworth doesn’t have a protective layer, it does need to be cleaned more often than toilets with a surface treatment. 

Many people also have to adjust the Wellworth’s bowl’s water level to prevent residue and cleanliness problems. This isn’t difficult to do since you can adjust the bowl’s water level with an adjustment inside the tank, but it may cause the problem to appear worse than it really is. 

Finally, a surprising number of people have reported leaks or cracks in their Wellworth toilets, although this may be due to problems during shipping or installation. This toilet is backed by a one-year warranty, but people should be vigilant about potential cracks and leaks. 

The Final Word

The Kohler Wellworth is an excellent toilet for the price. We love that you can enjoy the classic style and shape of this two-piece toilet while still choosing the rough-in, bowl shape, flush style, and color that works best for your needs. We wish it had an anti-stick coating, but it does have excellent flushing action and outstanding performance for a toilet in this price category.

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