Best Smart Toilets

We live in the digital age. Smart technology has come to the forefront of how we live our lives.

We have home assistants that can turn on our music, change our calendars, call our friends, and find recipes and videos that cater to our personal preferences. 

In a world where everything is personalized, technologically advanced, and digitized, it may not surprise you that you can purchase smart toilets, too! 

As with all smart devices, smart toilets are purposely designed for your convenience. You can customize your smart toilet to improve your bathroom experience dramatically.

You can preselect flushing preferences, turn on LED lights, or play your favorite songs – all in the comfort of your own bathroom.

The Smart Selection

Finding new amenities for your home is a boring task. Not to worry — we got to the bottom of this and found the best smart toilets on the market today.

Step into the digital age with our comprehensive guide to the best smart toilets. 

The Woodbridge Deluxe has wiped out the competition with the best smart toilet in the game. Woodbridge has been on a roll with its toilet products, and this smart toilet is no different.

This toilet has its own sensors that gauge when you are near and will open and close the lid without the need for you to touch it.

With automatic flushing and bidet functions, this toilet will flush and clean up so that you can use it completely hands-free!

Adjust the settings with the remote for full control over water pressure, pulsating wash, and intimate wash settings. If you are ever feeling a little flushed, this toilet will remove any embarrassing odors, so no one will know why you have been in the restroom for so long.

Have the best bathroom experience with a heated seat that contours to the shape of your bottom, warm air dryers, and different heat settings for your comfort.

Never again will you have to struggle to find the toilet at night with its impressive LED light technology that illuminates the way. This smart toilet is a game changer! 

Our Top 5 Best Smart Toilets Reviews

1. Woodbridge Deluxe Smart Toilet

WOODBRIDGE B0960S Auto Flush,...

The Woodbridge Deluxe Smart Toilet is one of the best in the game. With an automatic flush and sensors in the seat, this toilet will activate the bidet spray and flush functions after use for hands-free operation. 

This product ensures you are completely hygienic by utilizing a pulsating wash and adjustable water pressure, and it is suitable for feminine use. It even has an automatic open and close function that senses movement and opens before you even get to the toilet. 

This smart toilet comes equipped with a deodorizer to purify the air and remove any bad smells or odors. The high-efficiency flush is quiet and powerful whilst reducing your water consumption.

This toilet is specially designed with a warm air dryer for your comfort and warming functions on a seat that contours to your behind. 

  • Deodorizer
  • Auto open and close function
  • Adjustable pressure
  • Bidet and warm air functions
  • High efficiency
  • Remote control
  • Night light
  • Easy to install
  • Dual flush
  • Bidet water pressure could be higher

2. Woodbridge White Luxury Smart Toilet

WOODBRIDGE B0973S One Piece...

For modern design, luxury style, and an impressive smart toilet, try the Woodbridge White Smart Toilet.

This product includes a one-piece toilet and luxury bidet seat. Its sleek, skirted profile adds class to any bathroom.

With high water efficiency and bidet functions suited for a posterior, feminine, or pulsating wash, you can adjust the water pressure for your comfort and hygiene. 

This smart toilet comes with a water heater, warm air dryer, and warm water in the bidet seat. You can choose powerful or gentle massage functions on the seat with energy-saving modes, on/off sensors, and self-cleaning properties. 

This is a must-have addition to your bathroom.

  • Easy to install
  • Five heat settings on seat heater
  • Dual flush system
  • Comes with remote control
  • Cheaper than competitors
  • Bidet functions
  • Adjustable water pressure
  • Energy saving modes
    • Low water pressure
  • 3. Toto Washlet Dual Flush

    TOTO MW4463046CEMG#01 WASHLET+...

    For an impressively customizable bathroom experience, purchase the Toto Washlet Smart Toilet.

    This product has a bidet seat and toilet that is specially designed to conceal its water supply and power cord for seamless integration in your bathroom. 

    The Toto Washlet offers Tornado dual flush technology that is both powerful and quiet when in use. This smart toilet has 360-degree misting features that reach every part of the bowl for ultra cleanliness. 

    With front and rear warm water washing and five adjustable temperatures and pressures, this bidet can be used in oscillating or pulsating stream options.

    This toilet also has its own heated seat and air deodorizer for maximum comfort.

    What we like most about this toilet is its automatic misting function that cleans the bowl and wand after every use. This means it's simple to maintain and keep clean.

    • Self-closing seat
    • Tornado powerful and quiet flush
    • Self-cleansing technology
    • Hands-free use
    • Odor neutralizing
    • Adjustable bidet functions
    • Remote control
    • Air dryer
    • Adjustable water pressure
    • Items needed for installation sold separately
    • More expensive than competitors
  • 4. Toto Neorest

    Toto MS992CUMFG#01 Neorest...

    The Toto Neorest toilet offers a double cyclone flushing system, a decorative one-piece design, an elongated bowl, and a SoftSlose seat lid. 

    This is an ultra-high-efficiency flushing system, with a hands-free automatic flush and an included remote control.

    Be sure to stay comfortable and hygienic with this heated seat equipped with complete temperature control, gentle water spray wash, and pulsating technology.

    This toilet is designed to give the user unrivaled levels of comfort. The E-water technology keeps the bowl clean and hygienic with a spray and warm air dryer to keep you feeling refreshed and cleansed.

    • One piece smooth design
    • Water efficient
    • Night light included
    • Remote control
    • Easy to clean
    • Heated seat
    • Automated flush
    • Auto-close lid
    • Highest end of price range
    • Hard to install

    5. Mecor Intelligent Smart Toilet

    Mecor Intelligent Smart...

    This smart toilet from Mecor is a combination of a toilet and a bidet with a strong automatic flush that you can adjust to suit your needs. Utilize the many cleaning options, such as rear and front wash, massage wash, or female care wash, to get a thorough, hands-free cleaning.

    This toilet also uses a dual valve water flushing system, resulting in a quiet flush.

    One of the most unique features of this toilet is the LED Night Light. You won’t have to worry about stumbling in the dark and waking up the whole house during those late-night bathroom trips!

    This smart toilet comes with a built-in deodorizer that uses a powerful air filter to eliminate any embarrassing odors and decompose bacteria. The included remote control can adjust the water pressure and temperature, dryer temperature, and seat temperature.

    Not only does this Mecor smart toilet come with all of these unique features, but it will also bring a modern feel to your bathroom with its sleek, tankless design that will save you space as well.

    • Strong auto flush
    • Quiet
    • LED Night Light
    • Bidet adjustable functions
    • Deodorizer
    • Auto-cleansing technology
    • Sleek design
    • Remote control
    • Difficult to install yourself
  • 6. Bio Bidet Bliss Smart Toilet Seat

    Bio Bidet Bliss BB2000...

    If you are not quite ready to take the plunge with a full smart toilet, why not try a smart toilet seat first? The Bio Bidet Smart Seat is a great middle-man.

    You can have all the functions of a smart toilet without paying the high price tag of installing a brand new toilet in your bathroom. Simply fit the seat to your existing toilet. 

    This product can be purchased in both elongated and round styles, with a 3-in-1 stainless steel nozzle for posterior, feminine, and intimate washes for complete hygiene.

    The smart seat is streamlined with your comfort at the heart of its design. You can adjust the heat and the water pressure. 

    With a slow-closing lid, you'll be sure to never leave the seat up again! This eco-friendly toilet seat has energy-saving modes and reduces your electricity consumption. 

    What is interesting about this smart seat is that it can be integrated into your home assistant technology! You may feel a little cheeky asking Alexa to wash your behind, but hey, it’s an innovative feature that will surely impress your guests!

    • 3 in 1 bidet nozzle
    • Streamlined design
    • Adjustable water pressure
    • Eco-friendly
    • Supports home assistants
    • Remote control
    • Easy to install
    • Just the seat, toilet purchased separately
    • Small seat as bidet is included
  • Best Smart Toilets Buying Guide 

    Why You Need a Smart Toilet

    In an age where the environment is at the forefront of our minds, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our lives in an environmentally friendly way.

    Smart toilets have significantly improved on traditional toilets, as they have a multitude of impressive technologies that can help improve your water consumption. 

    These toilets are designed to save water as best as they can whilst still providing you the comfort and hygiene that you need in the bathroom.

    Other smart toilets offer flush sensors that can tell how much water you require. Similarly, you can manually select a full or half flush function to cut back on your water usage. 

    In some models, you can utilize bidet technology, which will massively reduce your toilet paper usage. These toilets generally tend to be low maintenance and only require some minimal cleaning. 

    These toilets offer a range of interesting and innovative features such as Bluetooth technology to play your favorite songs whilst nature calls. You can even select to heat your seat for cold winter evenings or add an LED light feature.

    As with any smart technology, you can connect it to your other smart devices and even add your smart toilet to your home assistant to use voice control!

    Smart toilets are often at the top of the price range and have unique specifications and attractive designs that will add a great deal of interest to your bathroom. 

    What To Look For in a Smart Toilet

    Smart toilets are at the higher end of the price spectrum, so it is vital that you invest in the right smart toilet for you.

    You should consider the shape, size, specifications, controls, and usage when purchasing a smart toilet to make sure that it is the right fit for you. 

    The great thing about smart toilets is that they are customizable and personalizable to your needs. Many come with their own remotes for optimal levels of control. This way you can activate or deactivate functions to suit your needs.

    Smart toilets often feature dual controls when it comes to flushing. Many will have their own sensors that control how much water is used depending on the amount of waste produced. This will help you save on your water bills greatly.

    Similarly, others have manual buttons that can provide full or half flush depending on your needs.

    You may like a smart toilet that has seat sensors that will recognize when you have moved off the toilet seat and automatically flush for you. This reduces the touchpoints in your bathroom for better hygiene. Auto-flush features also prevent anyone from forgetting to flush. 

    Bathrooms can be full of bacteria, and studies show that waste particles can rise up from the toilet during flushing if the seat is left open. Smart toilets counteract this with automatic toilet lid functions.

    Once you approach the toilet it will open for you so that you do not have to touch the surface, and it will in turn close when you are done.  

    You may benefit from a toilet with LED light technology for those late-night trips to the bathroom. If you are the type of person that wakes through the night for a quick toilet trip, then you will love the light features on smart toilets.

    There is no need to search in the dark for the light switch when you are half asleep — let the toilet lead the way. 

    Some models also have handy deodorizing functions. This is a lifesaver for preventing that embarrassment of someone coming to use the bathroom right after you have been in there, er, for a little while. The smart toilet can spray quickly in between uses to neutralize bad smells. 

    Finally, smart toilets often have a bidet function that will help you reduce your toilet paper usage and improve your hygiene. Bidets are great for flushing away any dirt or mess without wasting toilet paper.

    Other toilets have self-cleaning properties to remove any bacteria from the bowl and seat for your convenience. 

    Frequently Asked Questions 

    What does a smart toilet do?

    Smart toilets are the newest additions to the toilet game. They are extra hygienic, convenient, and sometimes eco-friendly.

    They are not just a unique and interesting addition to your bathroom, but they do everything they say on the label; they are smart.

    With a multitude of functions, you can tailor your use, experience, and needs to this type of toilet. Some even have air drying, bidet functions, and automatic flush sensors.

    Our favorite thing about smart toilets is that some have LED light technology to make those late-night trips in the dark so much easier.

    No more fumbling around the walls looking for the lights when you are desperate for the restroom.

    Do smart toilets use more water?

    The simple answer to whether smart toilets use more water is no.

    If you decide to purchase a smart toilet, then it is likely that you will save water. These toilets are extremely energy efficient and will help you save water in the long run. 

    Many of these toilets have settings that will sense the right amount of water needed per flush, reducing the amount of water you use.

    On many devices, you can select whether you need a full or half flush to help reduce your water usage. 

    Do smart toilets use electricity?

    Just like any other smart device, smart toilets will use electricity to utilize their special functions.

    Electricity can be powered through your smart toilet either by a plug socket or from batteries.

    This should be considered when purchasing as you may not have a nearby outlet in your bathroom. 

    How do I maintain a smart toilet?

    Smart toilets sort of work in the same way as normal toilets. They just require some regular cleaning to remove any stains or odors that may build up.

    Generally, they can be cleaned or fixed at home. For example, if your bidet is clogged, it can be cleaned with warm water by yourself. 

    However, if there is an electrical issue, then we recommend that you call in a professional to ensure nothing gets broken or goes wrong. 

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