Kohler Highline Comfort Height: Full Toilet Review

Many people don’t take toilets too seriously. They know a toilet is something they must have, but then they barely pay attention to it. After all, “One toilet is as good as the next.” Well, we are here to tell you that this statement is not true. There are a wide variety of toilets on the market with significant differences. A good number of these toilets are made by Kohler, a brand known for its expertise in the production of bathroom fixtures.

Just like every toilet brand, Kohler has a number of toilet models to its name, and each one is different from the next. One of their best units is the Kohler Highline, a unit that boasts a combination of a powerful flushing system, a sleek design, and a comfortable height. In this article, we will look through every significant detail of this unit and show you why we think this toilet might be great for you.

Kohler Highline Comfort Height

It was refreshing to find a toilet that fit every need and want that our family was looking for.

-P. Ratsmun

The Highline also comes in versions that are round instead of elongated, like the two versions seen here.

What The Reviews Are Saying

Despite years of relevance in the bathroom engineering industry, Kohler never ceases to make impressive products. The Kohler Highline Comfort Height is more proof that the brand always delivers. With the generous amount of reviews we found online, it is clear that this toilet is a hit.

With the number of users enthusiastic about the height, the Kohler Highline might just be the best toilet Kohler has in terms of height so far. But, that’s not all there is to it. The unit also offers a powerful flush force as well as a rare feature: a compact, elongated design.

What We Like About The Kohler Highline

Kohler isn’t new to the toilet thing. They’ve been in the market for decades with many classic releases. So what makes the Kohler Highline special? What distinguishes it from the rest? To find the answer, we examined the details of the unit. For starters, we look at the functionality. For any toilet to be considered excellent, it has to do its job well, right? 

Another factor we consider is the construction of the unit. We look at the height, the design, the bowl shape, and sometimes the weight. Every product detail is checked as each one can impact a purchase decision. Because pros and cons walk together, we have also included the downsides of the item. Hopefully, this will help you weigh both sides and avoid any shock before making a purchase. 

The Dimensions

The standout factor in the dimensions of this model is the high, elongated seat. With a total height of 31 inches, it really is the ideal Comfort Height toilet. Seeing the chair height and knowing how much comfort a user can get using it, we can only say that it’s worth all the rave. Here are the numbers:

  • Rough-in: 12 inches
  • Bowl rim height: 17 inches
  • Flush valve:
  • Height: 31 inches
  • Depth: 29 inches
  • Width: 18 inches
  • Weight: 93 pounds

Flush Strength and Water Pressure

The flushing mechanism of the Highline Comfort Height is a bit different from many other toilets, but it does the trick nevertheless. The toilet incorporates a Class Five flush system. Wonder what the Class Five system is? Well, it’s a flush system that delivers water with greater force than a standard gravity-fed flush. As if that’s not enough, this powerful flush system uses a large canister flush valve that ensures complete coverage of the bowl.

The Highline toilet also uses a water pressure of 1.28 GPF. While this pressure isn’t as powerful as that of older 1.6 GPF toilets, it is enough to provide the powerful flush you need. When the Highline is flushed, water is swept around the bowl in a heavy torrent that clears all solids from the bowl. 


One of the biggest flexes of Kohler’s Highline toilets is the height. If you didn’t know before, a Highline toilet has a Chair Height sitting system. Toilets like this are engineered so that the user experiences maximum comfort. When seated, the user feels minimal discomfort, and less strain is put on the body when he or she stands. With this toilet, you can do your business without stressing at all.

Embodied in a seat that is 17 inches off the floor, this Kohler Highline unit is designed for comfort and ease of use. It is called the best height toilet for a reason. It perfectly meets the ADA’s requirements for public toilets too, proving that its higher stance is an excellent option for a wide range of people.


When buying toilets, many people try to avoid those that require a very complex installation process. Heavy ones are avoided too, as nobody wants to hire a pair of extra hands just to carry a toilet around. Toilets that can be installed with a few quick DIY instructions are preferred even by those who bring in professionals.

The Kohler Highline toilet’s easy installation process is one of the advantages customers mentioned repeatedly. It can easily be fixed by one man, and its weight of 93 pounds won’t be difficult for the average person to carry.

Construction Simplicity

We know traditional two-piece toilets are usually made with style, but the Kohler Highline is super sleek. The elongated design of this unit makes for a very minimal structure. This is a big draw for people who do not limit their decor style to their living rooms and bedrooms. The compact elongated shape adds a strong touch of beauty to bathrooms.

The construction advantage of the Kohler Highline doesn’t stop at aesthetics but also provides extra space and comfort. Elongated toilets also have larger holes, leading to less risk of accidents and spills.

Bowl Shape

The Kohler Highline toilet comes with an elongated bowl. Many customers seem to like the large bowl size and the fact that it is high enough to sit on easily. The bowl also features a large hole that ensures quick and complete flushing.

However, while elongated bowls are known to consume a lot of space as they stretch further out, this unit manages to be compact. It is designed in such a way that it has a large opening but doesn’t use as much space as many toilets with elongated bowls. With this Kohler unit, you get to have your cake and eat it too — imagine enjoying the benefits that come with an elongated structure without sacrificing space and comfort!

Water Consumption

Wasting water is definitely not cool. While many people know this and try not to fall into the habit of wasting water, their toilet doesn’t exactly let them have much control over its water usage. Some toilets, especially the round types, use excessive amounts of water per flush. The Kohler Highline elongated toilet, on the other hand, uses a water-conserving 1.28 GPF flush. It’s not as wasteful and powerful as toilets with 1.6 GPF and above, but with the aid the canister provides, it packs a heavy punch.

Bells and Whistles

Aside from the features mentioned already, the Kohler Highline toilet offers features that are not easily found in many models. The most notable is its easy-to-clean nature. The canister flush is an effective system built to ensure water flushes solids off of the whole bowl as well as all marks. Each time the toilet is flushed all waste and stains are removed, and the unit looks and smells fresher. Also, let’s not forget about the pipes — every bit of dirt, grime, and waste is flushed away, leaving no room for buildup.

Not only does this total cleaning system leave you with minimal routine cleaning to do, but it also protects the bowl from permanent stains and long-term damage. Another noteworthy advantage of this unit is the left-hand lever flush. This gives you an easy reach to the trip lever so you can flush when you want to — even while sitting on the toilet.


The Kohler Highline toilet is not an outrageously priced toilet unit. Depending on where you’re buying it from, it retails anywhere between $350 to $475. That’s not cheap, but when you put the price tag beside all the features and pros that come with the package, it’s not hard to see that it is reasonably priced and a great investment. Click here to see the latest price.

Where The Kohler Highline Could Be Improved

After checking out the Kohler Highline, we didn’t find any significant flaws. The only downside we noticed in the model is that it does not include a seat or wax ring. But do not worry! You can always buy those separately. Toilets rarely come with seats anyway, so if you decide to write this model off because of the no-seat factor, chances are the next good toilet you find won’t be sold with a seat either.       

The Final Word

Whether you’re looking for a toilet for an ensuite bathroom or add-on, choosing a good toilet is important. When it comes to good toilets, the Kohler Highline Comfort Height pretty much makes the list. It uses an effective flushing mechanism that delivers a very powerful flush as well as an ADA-compliant seat height that provides a great dose of comfort. These come together to ensure that it is a fitting addition to any bathroom generally.

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