Convenient Height Toilet Review – Is this the tallest toilet you can buy?

Are you battling with your current toilet because it’s not comfortable enough? The possible reason is that your standard height toilet is not the right one for you. In this case, a convenient height toilet will the perfect choice for you. The comfort design with the right width of the bowl is ideal for taller people or the elderly and those with limited mobility.

Convenient Height Company from Massachusetts is the world’s first toilet engineering industry, which produces 20″ toilet bowl. This leading company makes the tallest toilets in the U.S. with 20 inches to 21-inch bowl height and powerful flushing capacity. The convenient height makes it easier to sit down and stand up. Plus, it is a good-looking toilet which complements every bathroom.

20 Inch Convenient Height Toilet Review

The 20-inch comfortable height compared to any standard height toilet of 15 inches is perfect if you’re taller, disabled, or sick. An ADA compliant toilet will have its seat height set at anything from 17 inches to 19 inches which means, the Convenient height toilet is taller than the tallest ADA Toilet. This extra height makes it a good choice for seniors and those who struggle with sitting and standing.

Convenient Height Tall, 20 Inch Toilet, is a two-piece toilet that is water-saving because it uses only 1.28 GPF for solids and 0.9 GPF for liquids. With its compact and robust design, it can fit in any bathroom quickly regardless of its size. Similar to any other types of two-piece toilets, the installation of a convenient height toilet is also easy.

One thing you may not like about it is that it is available only in one color, i.e., white. However, this basic and elegant color can complement any bathroom decor easily.

  • Excellent choice for tall people, people with disabilities, or those who find it hard to bend for short or long time
  • Durable in nature due to corrosion-resistant plastics
  • The water-saving toilet as it uses less than 1.28 gallons per flush
  • Canister flush valve results in a powerful flush
  • Slow close seat prevents slamming noise
  • Installation is easy with 12-inch rough-in
  • Broad and high elevation trapway make sure that the bulky mass is removed with great easiness.
  • Comes with a warranty of three years
  • Not suitable for kids or small stature people
  • The handle is of plastic which may not last as long as a sturdy metal handle
  • Available only in white color

Features Of Convenient Height Tall 20 Inch Toilet

Choosing an extra tall toilet is a great way to transform one of your home’s most important parts to match your essential needs. Your toilet is where you can relax and revitalize and where your daily routine begins and ends. By saying that, let’s have a look at this toilet’s features.

Safe & compact

This is a compactly constructed toilet, and the measurements are 27-inch length x 15-inch width x 36-inch tall. Due to its size, it fits every residential toilet perfectly as it requires less space to fit. More than that, this is a safe and easy-to-use toilet as it removes the inconveniences caused by low toilets.

Superior design

The sleek structure with a white finish design perfectly matches the modern bathrooms.

Comfortable height toilet

This convenient height toilet is not like your standard height toilet on which you feel uncomfortable while sitting and standing. It’s best for people with a tall height, old age, or disabilities as this 20 inches high toilet offers you more comfort than a 15, 17, or 19-inch toilet. So, you will not get any more strains while sitting on your toilet. Also, after you add the toilet seat, the height increases by an inch.

convenient vs standard toilet height comparison

A super-efficient siphonic flushing system

Nobody wants to deal with flushing problems while sitting on a toilet. Well, installing a convenient height toilet will be a perfect idea. This toilet comprises of a powerful siphonic flushing system with a canister flush valve cleans the waste completely in one flush.

Large trapway

With the large trapway, the removal of waste becomes very efficient and comfortable. This large trapway makes the solid and large mass gets flushed with great ease and prevents the toilet from clogging, which can occur in most the standard height toilets.

Dual-flush mechanism

Another great feature is the dual flush mechanism, which also makes this toilet water efficient. It gives two choices for flushing, 1.28 Gallons per flush for a full flush for solids and 0.9 Gallons per flush for a partial flush for liquid waste. You can flush it according to your preference.

convenient height toilet

Slow-close seat

Now no more annoying and disturbing slamming noise of the toilet seat. Slamming days are over once you install the convenient height toilet, which comes with the slow-close seat. It is an ideal choice who wants to install this toilet in the bedroom or a busy place. With this heavy-duty and soft closing seat, you have to give a little tap, and the seat will get close smoothly and silently.

Corrosion-free plastics

Along with the sturdy construction, this toilet consists of a durable corrosion-resistant handle. These handles are of plastic and are long-lasting. However, along with a high-quality toilet, it would be better if the handles were made from metal rather than plastic as it is more durable.

Easy installation and 12-inch rough-in

If you are a DIY-Enthusiast and want to do the installation by yourself, it will be straightforward. As it is a two-piece toilet so begin with installing the bowl and after that the tank. This toilet has a 12-inch rough-in and is a standard feature of most of the toilets. Another good thing is that its toilet seat comes with the purchase, so you don’t have to buy it separately.

Convenient Height

3-year warranty

A convenient height toilet is a leading and most trusted company which provides you with a warranty for three years. This assures you to recover any damage happens to your toilet over time.


Who does not wants to feel comfortable and relaxed while sitting on their toilet? You will get exactly this with a Convenient Height Tall 20 Inch Toilet. It’s a fantastic option for taller, sick or disabled people. You will experience a comfortable and relaxed time while using this. A convenient height toilet is a great deal with such comfort, performance, and a reasonable price.

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