The 8 Best Toilet Seats of 2020 – Elongates, Rounded & Padded

Toilets seats provide finishing touch to the toilet bowl and your bathroom. They are available in different colors, sizes, and materials and make sure you buy only one which fits perfectly on the bowl. Choosing any replacement toilet seat is not easy and you need to consider so many different factors for toilet seats like shape, mounting option, material, and style.

Other than looking for the specifications of each seat, first, you need to choose from the round or oval (elongated), wooden or plastic seat. It all depends on what kind of toilet you have and it should complement your bathroom too. Read below about each factor in detail and find the best toilet seat for you.

We have picked these 8 best toilet seats as the most spectacular once. You most certainly, won’t be disappointed after purchasing any item from the list mentioned below. As a result of the hard work and time invested in the selection of these products, it can be assured that you won’t have to go through any stress while deciding which product to purchase.

8 Best Toilet Seats of 2020

1. Bath Royale BR606-00 Premium Elongated Toilet Seat

Bath Royale premium is one of the best soft closing toilet seats with a 5-star rating by 82% of the customers. Most customers prefer it because it’s simple and easy to install design and it fits with almost every known and commonly used brand such as Kohler, Toto, and American Standard. It is extremely easy to clean and won’t stain due to its non-absorbent and stain-resistant properties.

This stain resistant toilet seat comes with a “one-touch quick release”. It means that the removal of the seat is very easy, you just need to unlock the hinges thus making it easy to clean.

The toilet seat comes with a slow close feature that avoids the loud noise that comes when you are opening or closing the lid/seat of the toilet. All you need to do is lightly tap the lid and it will slowly close without making any unnecessary noise. This seat is available for both round and elongated toilets.

This product comes with a warranty of 2 years. It is made of polypropylene, light, & relatively soft plastic that makes the seat stay still. Polypropylene makes the seat more durable and peels resistant. The colour of the seat is solid and doesn’t fade away very easily.

  • Quick release seat
  • Soft close
  • Cleaning is a breeze
  • Some users complained about it sliding sideways

2. Bio Bidet Supreme BB-1000 – Best Hygienic Toilet Seat

BioBidet supreme toilet provides cleanliness and hygiene at it’s best if that’s what you need. With these types of seats, you don’t have to use toilet paper anymore, instead of that, a nozzle helps in the removal of waste and cleansing with its maximum reach. 

The BioBidet Supreme BB-1000 is accommodated with various advanced features like adjustable warm water and has a self-cleaning technology to avoid the unnecessary wastage of water. It is controllable by wireless remote control which keeps your hand free and you can maintain the hygiene. Water is stored in the built-in which is a heated reservoir which makes the installation easy and quick. 

Besides all the amazing features, it is eco-friendly too as it is enabled with a power-saving mode. If you want a full list of the best bidet seats, read this guide.

  • Quality construction
  • Easy installation
  • Loaded with features
  • Easy to use remote
  • Two Economy modes which help lowers the electric bills
  • Easily reachable and convenient controls
  • Smaller opening on a round toilet

3. Brondell L60-EW LumaWarm – Best Heated Toilet Seat

Brondell lumawarm is the best choice if you are looking for a little luxury in your toilet seat. This seat is meant for elongated toilets and is popular for its heated toilet seat feature. This toilet seat not only provides the ultimate experience in bathroom hygiene but also promotes a green eco-friendly lifestyle by reducing the usage of toilet paper and flushable wipes.

People have a false idea that a model so advanced is hard to install but you will be amazed to know that this model is extremely easy to install. This seat comes with four-seat heat settings to heat the seat accordingly & lights up the bowl with a blue light at night. This gentle blue glow illuminates, allowing you to see without blinding yourself out with those bright lights of the bathroom at night. 

The heated seat and light are controlled by a panel located on the seat. The seat comes with a soft close technology, so you just have to give a touch and it will get close slowly preventing the annoying slamming sound. 

The Brondell toilet seat is also available in round form and has various colours allowing you to choose the best match for your bathroom.

  • Does warm well and the light works
  • Sturdy enough
  • Closes silently
  • Lid does not seem heavy duty
  • May need to use an extension cord

4. Kohler K-4636-0 Cachet – Best Inexpensive White Toilet Seat

Kohler K-4636-0

Kohler K-4636-0 is yet another quiet toilet that comes with a Grip-tight bumper. The purpose of this bumper is to hold the seat and the attached lid together firmly so that it doesn’t move. This model comes in various sizes that you can choose according to your needs.

One of the important features of this toilet is the Quick release hinges mechanism which helps in cleaning as you can quickly unhinge the seat and clean the toilet with a proper view. There is no need to use some other tool to unhinge the seat. The hinges of this seat are made of plastic and matched with the colour of the seat. This quick release ability also ensures that your toilet seat closes with a minimal touch which prevents the slamming sound and any damage due to this. You just give a light touch to the seat and it closes slowly without any noise. The minimal contact to the toilet seat assures more hygiene. 

Kohler k-4636-0 is made from polypropylene which makes it durable and resistant to stains, chips, fade, and scratches. Due to this material, it looks like a new seat for many years. Its ergonomic design gives optimum comfort while sitting. 

 It also comes with a warranty of 1 year that protects against manufacturer’s defects. 

  • Easy to remove for cleaning
  • Seat closes slowly and works great
  • Simple to install
  • Inexpensive
  • Lid feels cheap
  • Flimsy Mounting hardware leaving a loose seat

5. Mayfair 48SLOWA – Best Round Toilet Seat

Mayfair 48SLOWA

This particular model is twice as nice as any ordinary seat because it comes with a slow close feature, firmly sticks to the toilet without unnecessary movement. The seat is easily detachable which makes the cleaning easy. It comes in 3 different colours i.e., biscuit/line, bone and white colour.

This toilet seat has a whisper close feature. Whisper close prevents the slamming of the seat and seat cover. All you have to do is slightly tap the seat cover and both the seat and cover close slowly without making any noise. Since you don’t have to close the seat all the way down to the bowl, it removes the risk of pinched fingers.

The quality of the seat is very good making it super durable and is resistant against scratching and chipping. The hinges attached to the seat come in various materials that you can choose according to your bathroom decor.

  • Sturdy & heavy duty
  • Closes quietly as promised
  • Has a quick remove feature
  • Tricky to install

6. Mayfair 41EC-047 – Best Wooden Toilet Seat

Mayfair 41EC-047

If you don’t want a standard white looking toilet seat and want something unique then Mayfair 41EC-047 is a great choice. It is an extremely affordable toilet seat that comes in various color options. You can also choose the shape; elongated or round toilet seat according to the dimensions of your toilet. 

It has a molded wood material that provides durability and it’s high gloss finish resists chipping and scratching and also gives a modern look to the seat. It’s easy to clean and change this toilet seat. 

For changing the seat, just twist the hinge cap, and lift the toilet seat to thoroughly clean the seat and also the bowl. Installing the seat is also very easy. Mayfair toilet seat comes with colour-matched bumpers and hinges. 

  • Easy to pop it off for toilet cleaning
  • Paint chips after some time
  • Not for Heavy People

7. Kohler K-4775-0 Brevia – Most Affordable Toilet Seat

This model has been rated 5 stars by 68% of the customers. It is one of the most affordable toilet seats. People often have the impression that expensive products are better but this model contradicts that. Besides value for money, some of the amazing features of this toilet seat are: it’s strong resistance against chipping, staining, and fading which adds to more durability. The plastic quick hinges of this product are colour matched which gives the toilet seat a nice look. The grip tight bumpers hold the seat firmly which leads to the great stability and prevents shifting of the toilet seat. 

It fits a round-closed front for one-piece and two-piece toilets. The hardware installation is quick and easy. The seat is contoured and has an ergonomic design which makes it extra comfortable. 

The brevia toilet seat has a 1-year limited warranty that gives more assurance of the product to the customers.

  • Low cost
  • Easy to clean under the hinges
  • Non-absorbent & discoloring
  • Doesn’t last very long

8. CHURCH 585EC – Best Elongated Toilet Seat

The Church Wood toilet seat is a great option if you want to add a dramatic yet elegant look to your toilet. With a molded wood construction and high gloss finish, this toilet becomes durable and resistant to staining, chipping and scratching which also makes it easy to clean. The glossy looks provide a modern style to your bathroom. 

Church wood also has this model in round shape along with various color options. You can unhinge the seat very easily for cleaning purposes and can hinge it again. This feature makes the installation of the toilet very easy. It also includes colour matched bumpers and hinges. 

Along with the purchasing of this seat, you will get a 1-year limited warranty to cover up any damages to the seat over time.

  • Looks Solid
  • Does not shift
  • fairly easy to clean
  • Not the easiest to install

What to Look for in a Toilet Seat – Buying Guide

There are many things to consider before buying a toilet seat. The style, shape, material are some of the main factors. The best toilet seat is one which is comfortable and which complements your bathroom.

Before making any decision, you should have an idea about the different factors which can improve your choice for a toilet seat. 

Determine which shape of toilet you have

Toilet seats come two different shapes viz; elongated and rounded, which fits according to the shape of the bowl. As the round toilet bowl is more common in residential spaces so you will find round toilet seats more often. Elongated toilet seats are becoming more popular nowadays. It’s important to know which toilet you have in the bathroom.

Elongated toilet seats are generally considered to be more comfortable to sit on in comparison to a round seat. This may vary from person to person. 

Elongated Toilet Seats: As the name suggests, It is oval in shape, extending several inches more in comparison to a traditional round toilet. It is more comfortable but can cost a bit more. 

Round Toilet Seats: They have a shape closer to a true circle and are shorter in comparison to elongated seats. This is a common type of toilet seat you will come across while finding the best toilet seat for you. Usually, it will cost you less than the elongated seats. The dimension of a round seat is about 16.5 inches which covers less space. 

Measuring the Size of Toilet Seat

When you plan to buy a toilet seat, one thing which can make you think more is the seat shape. The decision of round versus elongated can be easily made by measuring the length of the toilet. Here are the steps to measure the length accurately. 

  • Take a measuring tape or a long wooden ruler.
  • Locate the bolts at the back of the seat and secure the tape to that point. 
  • Draw the other end of the tape to the tip of the bowl in front. 

Below are the dimensions of an elongated and round toilet seat to determine the shape properly.  

  • Elongated toilet: 18.5 inches
  • Round toilet: 16.5 inches


While sitting on the toilet, all you want is peace and comfort. A lot of factors influence the comfort of a toilet seat. To find yourself a comfortable seat and before buying it, first, ask yourself the questions mentioned below. 

What Material it is Made Of?

Toilet seats are generally made up of plastic or wood, both of which have their own pros and cons. Plastic seats are quite durable and light in weight while wooden seats are heavy but add luxury to the bathroom.

Comfort is also decided by the material. For example, a plastic made toilet seat can be cold and uncomfortable during winters, on the other hand, wooden toilet seats remain warm which may be more preferable by some homeowners.

Do You Want A Soft Seat?

Another important feature of a comfortable toilet seat is how soft it is. A padded toilet seat is not only comfortable to sit on, but it also remains warm. If you are going to spend more time in the bathroom, then a padded toilet seat may be a good choice. 

Will it Wiggle Around When You Sit?

Sitting on a wiggly toilet seat can be really unpleasant and uncomfortable at the same time. You should find a toilet seat that gets completely fixed to the bowl. This will also lead to more lifespan. 

How much does it cost?

If your first priority is the cost of a toilet seat rather than the factors like comfort then here is some good information for you. No matter how much or how less is your budget, you should not have any problems finding options available for about $10 to $15. Of course, you can spend more than this price range on a toilet seat that has all the possible features of a perfect seat. 

However, most of the consumers look for a simple, durable, functional, and most importantly a comfortable seat. And you can find a lot of options in a reasonable range. 

Noise / Soft close:

This is not a common factor in buying a toilet seat but think about it: have you never been annoyed by that slamming sound of a toilet seat? This can be understood clearly when you are sleeping tight and some of the members of your family slam that toilet seat leaving you in a totally cranky mood. 


Nobody wants to change the seat again just after the few months of buying a new toilet seat. And this means you want a toilet seat which lasts for many years! 

A plastic toilet seat is more prone to get cracked if compared to a wooden seat which makes the wooden toilet seat more durable. 

However, there are plenty of options in plastic seats that are more durable than wooden ones. And if you live in a humid environment, then the plastic toilet seat is a perfect choice as a wooden seat tends to absorb moisture. 

Another idea you should opt before buying a toilet seat is to see the customer reviews of a particular toilet seat. You can easily compare which seats are best according to durability. 


Some people don’t care that much about the appearance of a toilet seat, but if you do care then read this section. 

If you do not want that aesthetic look of a toilet seat then White is a colour to go with. But, perhaps you want to sit on a colourful seat then toilet seats come in a wide range from bright to neutral colours.  

Just browse all the colours of a toilet seat and pick the one you like. You don’t have to settle for a toilet seat with a plain look if you prefer something more creative for your bathroom. 


If you are just thinking of replacing your toilet seat, then one important thing you should consider before making any purchase is whether it is compatible enough or not. 

If it doesn’t fit properly there’s no meaning of buying one. The main thing regarding compatibility is the shape of the toilet seats which have already been mentioned above. You should know the right shape (elongated or round) and also the length of your toilet seat. 

In addition, some other features can also contribute to compatibility factors, such as a proper water hookup to include a bidet or any other cleansing attachment. 

Just know the right measurements and fully understand what kind of toilet seat will be appropriate according to you. 

Ease of Installation

A right toilet seat would be really easy to install and will take less than half an hour to get installed. All it takes is just a few bolts with some efforts. Installation can get tricky if you buy a toilet seat with extra features and attachments. 

Again, customer reviews will be beneficial in knowing whether the toilet seat is easy or hard to install. Just go through the reviews before making any purchase. 

Ease of Cleaning

Toilet seats have to be cleaned. It’s not only nice but it’s necessary. This keeps you more hygienic. But if you don’t want to spend much time cleaning and want an easy and fast cleaning process, then you should know about the toilet seats which need fewer efforts to get cleaned. 

Consider these two factors:

Plastic vs wood: Plastic seats are easier to wipe than wooden seats. Also, you can use a variety of cleaning materials to clean a plastic seat, unlike the wooden ones which can lead to stains and damage to the wood. 

Quick-release seat: Another good feature of a toilet seat which makes the cleaning process super easy. This type of design of a seat allows popping the seat off when you need to clean it, and when you are done just reattach the seat. 


A toilet seat may not affect your life that much, but it can definitely make the time you spend on the toilet more pleasant. These small things can really make your life easy going. So, now you can easily choose the perfect toilet seat for you without any more confusion.

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