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Welcome to ToiletsMan.com, your main source for all things toilet. Whether you need help choosing the best toilet for a renovation or want to troubleshoot a leaky toilet.

Our team uses a process that goes through 18 different checkpoints when we are reviewing these toilets. These factors include things like MaP flush score, whether they’re one piece or two piece, or whether they’re elongated or round.

ToiletsMan is managed by a team of editors that are passionate about toilets, and how to help homeowners choose what kind of toilets that would be best for their individual situation.

We hope you enjoy our reviews, as well as informational and instructional content. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@toiletsman.com.

– Jared Carrizales

ToiletsMan Team

Jared Carrizales

Chief editor and researcher

Jared has worked in construction and home building environments for several years before venturing into testing and researching toilets for ToiletsMan.

Erin Mobley

Chief researcher

Our “Toilets In The Wild” Photos

Showing product photos is great and all, but that doesn’t always accurately represent what a toilet will look like in its natural environment. For this reason, we often include “In The Wild” images of the toilets we review. These photos could be from homes, apartments, hotels, or even restaurants. Check out the photos below for examples of these photos.

Kohler Cimarron in hotel bathroom
American Standard Cadet 3 in restaurant
Duravit Wall Hung Toilet
Kohler wall-mounted toilet