Best Corner Toilets [To Fit ANY Room]

Renovating a bathroom can give you a fresh start feeling, rivaling that of New Years Day. However, that feeling can very quickly start to sour when space constraints begin to get in the way of our bathroom dreams. 

Thankfully, many bathroom products have been developed to help you make the most of small spaces. One of these is the corner toilet.

These porcelain thrones come with angled tanks that allow them to slot into the corner of a room, or sometimes they have no tank at all. Not only does this mean saved space, but they also provide you extra storage service! 

So, you’ve just discovered the corner toilet, and now you’re desperately wondering where you can possibly find one for yourself and how you’ll know if it’s any good… This article is here to help you out of that tight corner.

In this article, we’ll be talking you through the pros and cons of the five best corner toilets available. We have also put together a buyer’s guide to help you understand what the perfect corner toilet looks like for you, and we’ve gathered up and answered all of your burning FAQs about the subject.

In a Hurry? Here’s our top pick!

Renovators Supply Manufacturing Sheffield Corner two-piece elongated – check price here

Our top pick is the Sheffield Corner two-piece from Renovators Supply Manufacturing.

This is a very good looking corner toilet that comes with a glossy finish. However, there are two main things that let it down in the looks department: it is not as porcelain-colored in real life as it looks in photos and the bolts used on the exterior are plastic and look much cheaper than the rest of the toilet.

The toilet bowl itself comes with a scratch-resistant and stain-preventing coating that works incredibly well.

This toilet is a slightly unusual shape, but this enables it to provide a lot more surface area whilst taking up less space than the normal toilet. The Sheffield Corner has an elongated seat and base, it is slim, and the seat rests at 16 inches, which is higher than the average toilet. This height has mixed reviews from customers.

The toilet is well designed and easy to install – it will take two people under half an hour to get it up and running.

The Sheffield Corner comes with a dual flush feature that allows the user to flush with either 0.8 or 1.6 gallons. This is a great water-saving feature that can still provide you with some power during a sticky situation.

The main flaw of the Sheffield Corner is that its gasket is slightly too small, and a few people have experienced it breaking and causing water damage.

Top 5 Best Corner Toilets

1. Renovators Supply Manufacturing Sheffield Corner Two-Piece Elongated

Renovators Supply Sheffield...

This corner toilet has earned itself the top spot on our list due to a few clever design tweaks that allow it to take up less space without sacrificing surface area. 

First things first, the Sheffield Corner looks good. Its exterior is sleek, with a glossy finish that makes it gleam. It is slightly darker in person than the pictures make it seem, but we think it looks better in real life. 

The toilet bowl is fitted with an anti-stain coating which means less scrubbing for you (oh yes!). It is also coated with scratch-resistant paint, allowing it to cope with day-to-day use without picking up any damage. 

Our favorite thing about the Sheffield Corner is its measurements. Although it looks like a regularly shaped toilet, the Sheffield Corner is far from that. Not only is it taller than the average toilet (by over an inch), but it is also slimmer.

 You may be thinking that a slimmer toilet sounds like a disaster, particularly if you have to aim. The Sheffield Corner, however, is elongated at both the base and toilet seat points.

Because of this, the toilet seat isn’t any smaller, but your unit is taking up less space. The taller toilet balances out the unusual measurements in other places. 

A few customers have raised issues about the toilet being too tall. This will be more of an issue for those of you of shorter stature. Definitely keep this fact in mind before purchasing. 

Another highlight of the Sheffield Corner is its dual flush capability. This option allows the user to choose between a half flush and a small flush. This is a great method of water-saving, as you can use less water unless there is an emergency that requires more flushing power. 

The Sheffield Corner is really simple to set up. If you’re doing it yourself, it’s going to take you and a friend under half an hour to get this hooked up. 

However, we have two problems with the Sheffield Corner. 

Firstly, the bolts that are supplied to fix the toilet together are an ugly juxtaposition to the classiness of the rest of the Sheffield. This product would be greatly improved if the company had spent a bit more money on these bolts. They look really cheap and don’t fit with the rest of the toilet very well. 

Secondly, multiple people have reported having problems with the gasket. This is quite a common issue with corner toilets, so we’re not holding it that personally against the Sheffield Corner. However, we have seen a handful of reviews complain of water damage because the gasket isn’t the right size and keeps breaking down. 

  • Very powerful dual flush capability
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Easy to install
  • Sleek design with a glossy finish
  • Anti-stain coating
  • A tall toilet that looks more spacious
  • Long toilet seat with lots of surface area
  • Taller than the average toilet
  • Toilet darker in person than appears in pictures
  • A few have issues with gasket
  • Plastic bolts look cheap

2. Kohler K-6299-0 Veil Wall-Hung Elongated Toilet Bowl, White

KOHLER K-6300-0 Veil Wall-Hung...

Coming in at second place is the Kohler K-6299-0. This is our top pick of the wall-hung models. 

If a toilet with a large, visible tank doesn't appeal to you, then a wall-hung toilet is a great, more subtle option to consider. They are generally smaller, lower to the ground, and longer. They blend into their surroundings and give the illusion of more space in the bathroom. 

This toilet keeps its cards very close to its chest - everything is hidden, including the mounting fixtures. However, the K-6299-0 has easy-to-remove plastic panels on its sides that provide access to all the important innards of the toilet.

This is a squat, compact toilet that you will find is very durable. The toilet seat is longer than a traditional toilet seat, allowing for more space to sit without it taking up more room in your bathroom. 

Although there is no official back support with this toilet, the lid has been designed to make up for that a little bit. The brackets on the lid allow for enough movement so that it can lean against the wall and provide a little support there.

This toilet can be fitted against a flat wall or corner. However, the K-6299-0 does not come with all the fittings needed to attach it to any wall. This is a little disappointing, as we think these types of self-install toilets should come with everything you need to set them up. 

The other main complaint about the K-6299-0 is that the water line in the toilet bowl lies too low. Although this may not initially sound like an issue, all we'll say is that a low water line will lead to a lot more staining.

  • Efficient use of space
  • Strong steel brackets
  • Well-made and durable
  • Well-shaped and easy to clean
  • Seat functions well
  • Plastic panels provide easy access to pipes
  • You’ll need to buy extra fixtures to mount this
  • Not specifically designed for corners
  • Very little back support
  • The water level in the bowl is very low

3. Renovators Supply Manufacturing Sheffield Corner Two-Piece Round Toilet

Renovators Supply...

Coming in at number three is the Sheffield Round Corner two-piece from Renovators Supply Manufacturing. This is the second of three Renovators Supply Manufacturing toilets on our list, as they are industry leaders in the world of small toilets. 

This is very similar to our first choice except with a round toilet bowl instead of an elongated bowl. The reason we have chosen to put the round bowl in third place — despite being THE model designed by RSM — is that the round bowl makes it a lot more difficult to install in really tight spaces

This model comes with the same dual flush technology as our top model. This dual flush allows the user to choose between flushing with 0.8 and 1.6 gallons of water. 

It comes with the same anti-staining coating and scratch-resistant porcelain body. It has the same glossy, white finish, but it also has the same issue of looking darker in real life than the RSM photos suggest. 

This is another tall and slim toilet that has a high toilet seat (16 inches - about an inch higher than the average American toilet). The other main difference between the elongated Sheffield toilet and the round one is the quality of the toilet seat. Not only does the toilet seat on the round toilet not fit, but it is made of a cheap, brittle plastic that you will probably want to replace straight away. 

Like the other RSM toilets, they are designed with easy installation in mind - if you can fit around this toilet, two people should be able to install it in around half an hour. That being said, due to its shape, it will be more difficult to install than the elongated Sheffield.

  • Dual flush capability, very powerful
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Easy to install
  • Sleek design with a glossy finish
  • Anti-stain coating
  • Taller than the average toilet
  • Toilet is darker in person than appears in pictures
  • Many have issues with gasket
  • Toilet seat doesn’t fit (most standard ones don’t either)
  • The toilet seat is cheap and brittle

4. American Standard 3717B001.020 Cadet 3 FloWise Round

American Standard Cadet 3...

If you're looking for a cheap fix to your tiny bathroom problem, why not take a look at the Cadet 3 FloWise Round by American Standard? This is a great choice that comes at a jaw-droppingly low price. 

This is a small toilet made of real china, with an anti-stain coating on the inside and a glossy finish on the outside.

The china on this toilet is naturally scratch-resistant, but it is better to use silicone-based toilet brushes since they are less abrasive than traditional brushes. 

Customers' main issue with this toilet is that the flush is quiet and cannot cope with more complex or dense… 'toiletry issues.' 

You will also have to source a toilet seat yourself.

  • Compact
  • Anti-stain coating
  • Scratch-resistant
  • High-pressure flushing system
  • Classic design
  • Made of real china
  • Inefficient tank
  • Seat not included

5. Troyt Corner Two-Piece Round Toilet Renovators Supply Manufacturing

Renovators Supply Troyt...

Our fifth choice is another corner toilet with an angled tank. It is the Troyt Corner Two-Piece from Renovator's Supply Manufacturing. 

This is our favorite low-cost corner toilet on the market. You do get what you pay for with corner toilets, so while this isn't the snazziest toilet on our list, you do get a lot for the price. 

Unlike its sibling, the Sheffield Corner, the Troyt's seat rests at a classic height: roughly 15 inches. It isn't as slim as the Sheffield; however, those of you that think the height of our first choice is a little too tall might find this toilet an appealing option. 

This toilet has a high-quality anti-stain coating, and the toilet bowl is made of porcelain, which naturally has high levels of scratch resistance.

However, we have noticed that quite a few people have complained about inconsistencies in the quality of the porcelain throughout the body of the toilet.  

The Troyt also has had reported problems with its gasket, just like the Sheffield. The other main complaint about the Troyt is that the included toilet seat is made of very cheap plastic. This seat is brittle, will break after half a dozen uses, and is too small for the average person to use safely. 

We have also seen complaints of a few people receiving the wrong parts for their toilet. However, the supplier says this was a one-off issue with a single batch and should no longer be an issue. Like the Sheffield Corner, this toilet is easy to install. It should take two people less than 30 minutes to complete the installation.

  • The seat rests at a convenient height
  • Made of anti-stain and scratch-resistant material
  • Great size for small bathrooms
  • The seat is made of cheap, uncomfortable plastic
  • In some parts of the porcelain, quality is poor and brittle
  • A few customers have received the wrong parts in the delivery
  • Problems with the gasket have been recorded

Best Corner Toilet Buyer's Guide 

Picking out the right corner toilet for you can be a tricky task.

We've put together this buyer's guide to talk you through all the key factors you need to consider when working out which corner toilet is right for you. 


Firstly, look at the size of your bathroom. Find the area in which you want to install your corner toilet and determine how much space you have to use. 

If you have very little space, it's a good idea to go with an elongated bowl. They provide the same amount of seat space as a normal toilet but take up less space in your bathroom.  

Wall-Hung or Tank? 

The next choice you need to make is whether or not you want a wall-mounted toilet. Wall-mounted toilets are smaller and make your bathroom look bigger, but they struggle to provide a strong flush.

The alternative is a toilet with an angled tank, which would not be as small, and you can get bigger toilet seats and a fully functioning flush. They are not completely dissimilar to a traditional toilet.  


It is important to take some time to make sure you find a toilet that will match the aesthetics of your bathroom. If it looks out of place, it will make your bathroom look smaller than it already is. 

Functioning Gasket 

Many corner toilets struggle with having a poorly functioning gasket since there is less space to store the behind-the-scenes parts.

You may have to get a new gasket installed when your toilet arrives. 

Flush Power 

If you require a fully functioning flush on your toilet (no judgment from us) then you are better off purchasing a toilet with a tank. They provide a lot more gravitational pressure behind each flush. 

It isn't unheard of for tankless toilets to get clogged easily. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of getting a corner toilet? 

There are two main benefits of installing a corner toilet: 

Space-Saving - If you have a very small bathroom or a small room that you want to convert to a bathroom, then corner toilets can be a lifesaver. 

Water-Saving - With smaller tanks and smaller toilet bowls, corner toilets can help you save on your water bills by using a lot less water. 

Do corner toilets work as well as traditional toilets? 

With smaller tanks, or possibly no tank at all, you'll struggle to find a corner toilet that is able to balance the strength of flush and convenience of size. 

However, there will be exceptions to this rule, so not to worry.

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