Best Tankless Toilets 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

When you are looking for a compact, economical yet fashionable looking toilet that doesn’t take much space, the tankless toilet is one to install. These toilets make your bathroom very spacious, even for small bathrooms.

When you think about remodeling your bathroom, think twice and consider getting a tankless toilet instead of a traditional one. This interesting invention certainly has a lot of advantages. The most important features of the tankless toilet is the waste disposal system and a different kind of flushing system.

Tankless toilet in bathroom

Most of the present tankless toilets in the market use the force of water to flush, instead of a tank that stores water for flushing purpose. In high rises or when there is a low force of supply water, a pump is generally used to increase the force.

7 Best Tankless Toilets 2021 – Reviews

Bio Bidet IB835 Fully Integrated

Bio Bidet IB835 Fully Integrated Tankless Toilet

Comfort and convenience.

  • Oscillating wide clean and pulsating system with bubble infusion
  • The material helps it to stay clean for a long time
  • Temperature adjustable heated seat
  • Intelligent body sensor that turns on and off to movement
  • Automatic open and closing seat lid
  • Continuous release of warm water while cleaning
  • Trouble-free operation
  • Dual nozzle provides two kinds of washing system for him and her
  • Compact and refined design

This is such a classy, sleek and traditional looking piece of the toilet which takes your bathroom visit to the next level. It is designed as a toilet and a bidet in one. It has a dual nozzle which provides two kinds of washes for him and her separately. The oscillating wide clean and pulsating technology cleans with warm water, which gives you a comfortable experience every time you use the Bio Bidet Toilet. This eco-friendly toilet has an intelligent body sensor technology that turns on all the functions of the toilet and bidet when it senses any movement and turns off when you are done using it. It comes with 3 years of limited warranty.

Overall, this is a great bidet toilet for anyone who wants all the bells and whistles for comfort and cleaning.

Bio Bidet IB835 Fully Integrated

Saniflo 023 SANICOMPACT 48 Tankless Toilet

Environmentally conscious and compact.

  • The water can be pumped 9 feet vertically and 100 feet horizontally
  • It connects seamlessly to the sink
  • The stylish toilet seat includes chrome hinges
  • Affordable price
  • This builds a half bathroom for residential applications
  • It uses 1 gallon per flush of water and saves energy

The tankless toilets were restricted for only public facilities previously, but these are now an essential part of daily life. This tankless, seamless contemporary design is stylish and comfortable to use every day. They have chrome hinges and are compact as well, making it an option for smaller bathrooms. These toilets are designed for residential homes and for them who love to use a convenient bathroom setting. Perhaps especially appealing to the environmentally friendly crowd, is that the toilet uses only one gallon per flush.

Bio Bidet IB835 Fully Integrated

Toto CT418FG 01 Tankless Toilet

Environmentally conscious and compact.

  • Automatic Tornado flushing system
  • Automatic lid opening and closing
  • Heated seat with temperature control
  • Air deodorizer
  • Universal height of 19 inches
  • Uses 0.9 gallons per low flush gravity of water
  • ADA and WaterSense compliant

This tankless toilet from TOTO is an advanced technology and eco-friendly bidet washlet. This is a remarkable combination of ecology and luxury. It fulfills all the universal design needs, and is also suitable for people of all ages and abilities. Enjoy this innovation by using TOTO’s Tornado flushing system, eWater+ technology, remote control, spray modes which include ‘water spin’ and wonder wave.

It also has automatic flushing and CeFiONtect, CeFiONtect which ensures super smooth permanent glazing that keeps the toilet free from debris sticking around it, all while using less amount of water. It is an extraordinary smooth ion barrier surface that helps to keep the toilet bowl clean for a long time.

Bio Bidet IB835 Fully Integrated

KOHLER K-5401-0 Veil Tankless Toilet

Minimal, yet luxurious.

  • Integrated stainless steel bidet
  • Dual flush technology with 0.8 gallons or 1.28 gallons per flush
  • Adjustable warm air drying system
  • LED lights illuminate the bowl and serves as a nightlight
  • LCD remote with two programmable users presets
  • Quiet close seat
  • Motion-activated opening and closing lid
  • Compact design

This toilet has a beautiful curve which looks elegant. Kohler is one of the leaders of the production and it provides superior bathroom fixtures. This is a one-piece toilet that provides all the essential features you may want in your bathroom amenities. It has a self-cleaning and stainless steel bidet wand that uses an electrolyzed water system and sanitizes the wand and the surface. This leaves the toilet bowl clean and disinfected.

But that’s far from the only features that this futuristic toilet has to offer. Employing a quiet close seat, and a nightlight, it’s truly a dream for a modern bathroom. As if that wasn’t enough, this is a bidet tankless toilet that’s also eco-friendly. Only 0.8 gallons per flush!

Bio Bidet IB835 Fully Integrated

Ove Decor Ecosmart Tankless Toilet

Minimal, yet luxurious.

  • Manual flush with adjustable features in the remote control
  • Bidet with a spray nozzle
  • Bidet dryer with adjustable temperature
  • Multifunctional remote control
  • It consumes 1.28 gallons of water per flush
  • Adjustable features include water pressure, water temperature, dryer temperature, and heated seat

Probably the smartest tankless toilet on our list. This ceramic beauty has a concealed trapway, has a remote control, and is elongated for extra comfort. It will certainly change your bathroom experience for the better.

The Ecosmart has both automatic and manual flush function and comes with a variety of features for you to adjust via the remote control. As if that wasn’t enough, this toilet has a bidet that can change the temperatures as well. It is a truly luxurious experience, yet with no tank and full features and affordably priced.

Bio Bidet IB835 Fully Integrated

TOTO CT418F-01 Aquia Tankless Toilet

Best bang for your buck.

  • Affordable price
  • Easy to clean and convenient to use
  • Dual max flushing system
  • Universal height of 19 inches
  • Can be paired with the TOTO in-wall tanks system
  • Only uses 1.6 gallons per flush of water

If you are considering a tankless toilet with all the basic features and excellent working conditions for a long time (yet without being bankrupt!), this is the perfect toilet for you. This affordable system fits your wall, yet leaves plenty of space. It has a contemporary design that is both stylish and convenient.

The Aquia tankless toilet is a good fit for both classic and contemporary homes because of its well thought-out design. Unlike many tankless toilets, it is easy to install and works quite well with the TOTO in-wall water supplies. The hidden hardware gives a seamless approach to the toilet. In the smallest room, it takes the least room.

Bio Bidet IB835 Fully Integrated

Dyconn Faucet Aqua Tankless Combo Toilet

Contemporary and pleasant.

  • Uses 1.8 gallons of water per flush
  • Soft closing lid technology
  • Built-in LED light for nighttime guidance
  • Warm water cleaning bidet system
  • Smart sensor heated seat
  • Easy installation and seamless design
  • Replaceable dual wand nozzles
  • Built-in backup battery

Dyconn adds an element of convenience to the seamlessly contemporary décor of your bathroom. It gives your everyday visit to the bathroom a real charm. This one-piece toilet does not have a tank to worry about and the process of installation is easy too, unlike many tankless toilets. It has both a toilet and a bidet system. It has added an appeal to the modern feature.

Buying Guide

Power Supply

Take a look if you have a reliable supply of electricity, as the toilet can stop functioning without power. If your home or building has a common power outage problem, avoid this toilet unless you have a power backup generator.


If you are installing the toilet without a tank in place of your old toilet system, then leakage might be a problem at times.

If you are constructing a new home, check to see if the drainage system in the current building is supportive enough. Check to make sure that the pipes of your home or building can withstand the water pressure. The pipes should be at least 1” in size. They might be a little expensive, but serves quite well in small bathrooms as they take very low maintenance support.

How Do Tankless Toilets Work?

In traditional toilets, when the user flushes the toilet,  the water is moved from the tank by gravity.

Traditional toilets need a tank to push the water quickly into the toilet bowl, allowing the water and everything else in the bowl to be pulled into the drain. Most water supply lines do not supply water fast enough to trigger this siphoning effect. The tank is an attempt to fix this problem. It holds water so that when you need to flush, there is a gallon or so of water standing by to be pushed into the toilet. Without the tank, the water would just dribble into the bowl and not produce an actual flush.

They are of a relatively new type of toilet that does not rely on a tank, however. Instead of needing to store water separately, they receive water directly from the supply line at tremendous pressure, allowing them to produce the flush effect. In most cases, this high-pressure is achieved through the use of pumps or other additions. Some commercial buildings and apartment complexes have enough water pressure to skip on this add-on, though.

Tankless toilets need a different approach to the flushing system. It does not store water anywhere but uses the water in the pipes.

Tankless toilets work by using an electric pump to push the water though the toilet, instead of gravity. In other cases, the toilets use a special storage tank supplying water to a whole building. Those pumpless flushing systems require pipes to work properly. The basic principle of this system is that it should create a violent flow that moves the solid waste out of the siphon system at the bottom.

Tankless Toilet Pros and Cons


  • They do not require extra pumps or other pieces of equipment.
  • Produce a more powerful flush due to immense water pressure than a tank toilet.
  • Its increased flushing power keeps your toilet cleaner for longer.
  • Fill up faster and can be flushed again sooner.
  • Takes less space and have more design flexibility.
  • They use less amount of water.
  • It is very much useful for small modern bathrooms.
  • The pipes supplying water of a tankless toilet are mostly inserted under the floor or inside the wall.
  • This is more environmentally friendly because there is no water leakage.
  • Take less time to refill.
  • More sleek and clean in the bathroom and easy to clean.


  • They depend on power. If your power goes out, your toilet is not going to flush.
  • Repairs and installations are complex, requiring you to hire a professional plumber.
  • They are expensive, and only a few companies make them so far, including Kohler and TOTO.
  • Require a relatively wide supply pipeline in the house means you need to install new pipeline otherwise high-pressure from the flush could damage your pipes.

Tankless Toilets: Right for Your Residental Home?

Putting a tankless toilet into a residential home is a little more complicated. Residential homes often do not have a high enough psi (pounds per square inch) for tankless toilets to function without the use of an external pump. You will almost always have to install a pump or other piece of technology for a tankless toilet to flush properly. This can be expensive and requires an expert to install the system.

Sometimes you might need to upgrade your whole plumbing system, which can raise costs substantially. Because these factors depend on your particular house, you should check your psi and whether or not your plumbing meets the requirements of a tankless toilet before moving forward with buying one. 

If you have to install a pump, your tankless toilet will not work without power. If you live in an area that commonly experiences power outages, this type of toilet might not be for you. 

Tankless toilets work best in newer homes and for those with large budgets. If you’re a toilet enthusiast or want your bathroom to have a certain design, a tankless toilet can be useful. They also work best for larger families or those who enjoy hosting large parties. These toilets also work well in smaller spaces.

Bathroom Modifications Needed with Tankless Toilets

Installing a tankless toilet might require absolutely no bathroom modifications. If your psi (pounds per square inch) is high enough, you won’t need to add a pump or anything else. 

But, if your psi is too low, you will have to install an extra pump. This pump can be installed into your wall, so you won’t see it. It will have to be installed by a professional, though. Your plumbing stacks might also need to be relocated if they are in the wrong location. Again, a professional plumber will need to do this.


Although there are so many best tankless toilets in the market according to our research, we think that Bio Bidet IB835 is the top pick. If you are looking for something closer to a lower budget, you can go for Toto CT418FG 01. Tankless toilets can be considered as a blessing to the innovation as it takes a minimum amount of space in your bathroom and comes with a lot of special features. Enjoy the new era of comforts with the tankless toilet systems!