Comfort Height vs Standard Toilet – Pro, Cons, Installation

Toilets may have a similar appearance but you need to know that there are different types of toilets. The common types are comfort height and standard toilets. When buying, you need to ensure that you know exactly what you are looking for since toilets are made for people with different demands.

For example, tall people and physically challenged may not use ordinary toilets comfortably. What is the difference between comfort height and standard toilets and which one should you choose? Check out the article for more details.

Comfort Height

comfort height model


  • They are compliant with ADA for height
  • They are suitable for the handicapped and the elderly
  • Some are affordable
  • Easy to install


  • They can lead to constipation
  • Only suitable for tall people
  • Very uncomfortable for children

Standard Height Toilets



  • Suitable for everyone including the short people
  • Prevents constipation
  • Ideal for children


  • Not the best for the physically challenged or the elderly
  • Expensive

Comparisons and Costs

1. Use

Comfort height- These toilets are the best for physically challenged people. Due to their height, they allow the user to sit and stand comfortably. They also allow you to rest your feet flat on the floor. Check out the comfort height toilets.

Standard toilets– These ones are ideal for children or short people. They may not be comfortable for tall people.

2. Height

Comfort height – These toilets are also referred to as ADA which means American with Disabilities Act toilets. Their height must be compliant with the ADA regulations. The required height is between 17 to 19 Inches tall Toilets from the floor to the seat just like the height of a shower chair.

Standard toilets – They have a height of about 15 inches from the floor. Standard height are the best for home use since their height is comfortable for all members of your family.

3. Appearance

Both the standard and chair height toilets are available in different designs and colors. White color toilets are the most common in many homes. These toilets come in either one-piece or two-piece design.

The one-piece design has a sleek look and it is easier to clean. However, it is more expensive. The two-piece design is affordable and has a traditional look. You can apply bidet functionality to the two toilets.

4. Constipation problems

Comfort height– These ones are not suitable for people with constipation problems since they don’t allow squatting.

Standard toilets– These ones are the best those who may be suffering from constipation. Bowel movements are enhanced when your hips are positioned below the knees. This position also prevents hemorrhoids. 

5. Installation

Both chair height vs standard toilet is installed in the same way. However, you need to look for a professional plumber to help you during the installation. The connection between the bowl and the seat should be very tight. You also need to confirm whether the flusher valve is working well. Also, ensure that there is no water leakage.

6. Cost

Comfort height – Some of these toilets costs less than $100 though they are of low quality. A good toilet costs between $150-$300. The best brands you should consider if you are searching for a chair height toilet are Kohler, Toto and American Standard.

Standard toilets – These toilets are more expensive than the comfort height. Most of the standard toilets range from $220 to $370. The best brands of toilets are the American standard, Drake, and Toto. Toilets from these brands cost between $279-$376.

The bottom line

If you have been thinking of upgrading your home toilet, we hope that this has enlightened you on the one you should look for.

Before installing a toilet, just ask yourself whether it will meet the demands of everyone in your home. The good news is that you can even install different toilets in your home to cater for people with different demands. However, this might be a bit expensive.

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